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    All My Children CAST - Liza Colby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Liza Colby Played by Jamie Luner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamie Luner (Jamie Luner)

    Birthday: May 12, 1971
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California, USA
    Real Name: Jamie Luner


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    Going For It.

    Monday, March 07 2011

    As Opal and Krystal prepare for Cara's shower at ConFusion, they try to come to terms with Tad's wedding. Opal thinks they need to accept it, but Krystal can't get over how much Tad is giving up for Cara. Opal wonders if Krystal is upset because the marriage means her and Tad are really over. Krystal admits she liked what she and Tad had and she's not ready to give it up. Opal doesn't think anything will change, but Krystal says she will move out. Opal isn't happy about that and says she will never like Tad's new wife half as much as she does his old one. Cara overhears, but says it's okay. She's grateful for the shower and then sees her mother and Griffin. Tad stops by the party and sees Liza. He walks over to the bar with her and she gives him a gift as a peace offering. She hopes he and Cara will be happy together. Kathy walks over and shows Liza the video of Colby on Krystal's phone. Opal also discovers it and they discuss Liza's affair, as well as Tad's affair with Marian, in front of Cara and her mother. Liza storms out, as Opal gets riled up until Tad tells her to put a sock in it. Tad apologizes to Leticia, but Cara tries to smooth it over with her upset mother.

    After Liza calls Colby, they meet in the park. Liza orders her daughter to take the video down, but Colby refuses.

    In The Event Of My Untimely Death.

    Thursday, February 24 2011

    Tad and Cara try to convince Liza at the Martin home that they are getting married. Liza doesn't buy it, so they clumsily try to convince her. Cara gets paged from the hospital and leaves the room to call them. Liza tells Tad she knows when he's lying and questions him about when he fell in love with Cara. Tad responds there was no one moment, but she makes him feel good about himself and he loves her. Cara returns and says she has to go to the hospital. Tad gives her an awkward kiss goodbye. Cara leaves and Liza makes it clear she still isn't convinced, but she's more concerned about Colby at the moment.

    Likes And Dislikes.

    Wednesday, February 23 2011

    Liza tries to explain to Colby how she ended up in bed with Damon, while at the mansion. She breaks down as she tries to convey how sick they both felt afterwards. Colby still doesn't understand, so Liza rambles on about how she never wanted to be like her mother, but she turned out exactly like her. Colby says she's not her mother anymore. She orders her to leave and says she never wants to speak to her again. After Colby slams the door in Liza's face, Asher walks downstairs. He offers to listen to her and Colby chokes out that Damon slept with her mom. She breaks down in his arms, but then he says he has to tell her something. She can't take any more and says not today.

    Liza races over to Tad's and tells him Colby found out and hates her. Tad thinks she just needs to give it some time and things will settle down. Liza doesn’t think so because she still can't look at her own mother without thinking about what she did. Tad tries to reassure her it will get better, but Liza just breaks down because she knows Colby won't ever forgive her. Opal walks in and is not pleased to see her son with Liza. She drops the news of the wedding and leaves, as Cara walks in. Tad introduces Liza to his fiancée, as Liza's jaw drops.

    Did You Sleep With My Boyfriend?

    Tuesday, February 22 2011

    As Liza urges her daughter to forget Damon at ConFusion, Colby wonders why her break up has her so upset. Liza covers with talk of love for her daughter and not wanting her to get hurt by Damon. She also mentions her and her mother's past and how tumultuous things were between them. Colby leaves, but looks confused.

    Colby heads to Krystal's to find Tad, but sees Opal instead. She tells her she's unsettled about Liza, especially since she brought up her and Marian's relationship. Opal can't believe Liza would bring that up and marvels over how a mother could sleep with her daughter's boyfriend. Colby's face falls as she starts to realize what could have happened.

    Colby returns to Fusion to confront Liza. She says she knows Marian slept with Tad all those years ago and asks if Liza slept with her boyfriend. Liza tries to evade, but an emotional Colby sees through it. She cries, as Liza can't deny it, which David happens by and sees. Colby runs out and Liza tries to run after her, but David stops her. She tells him she's lost her daughter for good and David embraces her.

    Take Your Hands Off My Fiancé!

    Monday, February 21 2011

    At ConFusion David sees Liza. He claims how he has turned over a new leaf. Liza doesn’t buy it and goes to leave. She runs into Colby who says she just got a call from Damon. Liza tells her not to get hurt again. Colby is optimistic about them getting back together. Liza says some things never work.

    Bye, Bye Pine Valley.

    Tuesday, February 15 2011

    At the station, David runs into Liza and points out that it's Valentine's Day. He asks her out for drink, unless she already has plans. Liza tells him he will never know and walks away.

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