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    All My Children CAST - Liza Colby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Liza Colby Played by Jamie Luner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamie Luner (Jamie Luner)

    Birthday: May 12, 1971
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California, USA
    Real Name: Jamie Luner


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    In The Middle Of The Night.

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    When Krystal can't sleep at home, she heads to the restaurant. Liza stops by when she sees the light on. Krystal lets her in even though they're closed. She pours them a drink as they discuss David's arrest. Liza tells her David called her to represent him. She notes she's not happy no matter what side of the law she's on. She envies Krystal, but Krystal counters that she's doing inventory at three in the morning so she doesn’t have to feel so lost. They talk about their daughters and the men they've shared: Adam and Tad. Liza hopes her regrets are proof that she's learned something along the way. Krystal thinks Liza's learned a lot. The women agree they'll be there for each other as friends. Colby shows up and Liza consoles her over leaving the mansion, which Colby considers her home. Krystal looks at a photo of Babe.

    Leave Me Alone With My Baby.

    Wednesday, August 31 2011

    At the Chandler mansion, JR asks Scott to take a look at his computer. It’s a video of Bianca and Marissa having sex. He needs blackmail to get and keep his son. Scott threatens to stop him from using the tape. Colby joins them and Scott suggests she ask JR what they were talking about. Liza comes in and is horrified that there are still copies of the tape around. JR says the deal is off. Colby wants to know what deal. Liza explains the deal is if she helped with AJ, JR would convince Colby to give her mom another chance. Colby is incensed. She and Liza both leave. Scott warns him not to use the tape and leaves. JR is sure his son is coming home.

    Goodbye Princess.

    Wednesday, August 24 2011

    Erica bursts into Krystal's surprising Bianca and Marissa. Opal also sees her friend and Erica gushes about her trip to France. Bianca tries to tell her mother about Marissa, but Erica hands out gifts and rushes out to see Zach. Alone, Bianca tells Marissa she has become more Erica Kane and less mom. She wishes Erica gave her the chance to tell her about the most incredible thing to happen in her life: Marissa. Later, Marissa shows AJ a house online, while Bianca asks Opal about posted real estate listings. Opal suggests she and Marissa take a walk by the park which has several houses for sale. After Marissa and Bianca leave, JR enters, disc in hand. He starts to upload the video of Marissa and Bianca on AJ's laptop, but Liza catches him. She tells him he will lose his son for good if he goes through with that. As they debate his misguided plan and his bigotry, Bianca and Marissa return after looking at houses. Liza points out they are happy, but JR doesn’t think it will last once he gets AJ back.

    It's On.

    Monday, August 22 2011

    At the mansion, JR spits out more hateful things about Marissa and Bianca raising his son. Liza angrily cuts him off and Colby jumps in to defend Marissa and Bianca. Liza tells JR if he continues to act this way he will lose any chance he has at seeing AJ. Through clenched teeth, JR asks what his next move should be. Liza tells him to find another lawyer. Colby pleads with her mother to help JR, as Tad and Dixie rush in. JR doesn’t want their help or judgment. Liza and Colby leave, as Dixie and Tad appeal to JR. They urge him not to make the same mistakes with AJ that Adam made with him. After more pleading, JR says he missed Dixie and hugs her. He promises to make it right. Dixie boxes up all of JR's booze and tells him to grab on to her whenever he needs her. He vows no more distractions. It's all about AJ from now on.

    Liza meets with Colby at ConFusion. Liza agrees to help JR, but only for her.

    Not Everyone Hates You.

    Friday, August 19 2011

    Liza enters the mansion after learning JR had the custody case moved up. Colby joins them and learns Liza is helping JR with AJ. JR informs them he met with the judge and "persuaded" him to favor him in court. Exasperated, Liza thinks the judge will be swayed in the other direction. Liza leaves to try and save his case. Colby badmouths her mother to JR, who defends her. Colby then discovers that JR has spiked his coffee and calls him a selfish drunk. Liza returns and tells JR his plan backfired and he is going to lose his son. JR doesn’t care what he has to do – his son won't be raised by two lesbians.

    You're The One.

    Wednesday, August 17 2011

    JR finds Dixie still at the mansion in the morning. JR remains cold towards his mother and brings up David. She says she doesn’t remember what he did, but she despises David. Tad walks in and JR tells Dixie and Tad if they really want to help him they will testify on his behalf regarding custody of AJ. He declares he's done with alcohol for good and he wants them to vouch for him that he's not drinking. They will stand up for him in court, but they won't lie about the booze. JR leaves to get his son without their help. Once he's gone, Tad tells Dixie they need to talk. JR calls Liza, who stops by much to Colby's irritation. Liza tries to talk to her daughter, but Colby leaves the room. JR tells Liza if she helps him get his kid back, he will help her with Colby.

    Erica's Not Making Sense.

    Friday, July 22 2011

    Tad gathers Krystal, Liza, Opal and Cara at Krystal's to tell them he needs to publicly get rid of the things he's been holding on to connecting him to Dixie. JR silently shows up as Tad recalls how meeting Dixie and JR changed everything for him. He says wants to make sure JR knows he is his son no matter how many mistakes he makes. JR grows pensive and leaves. After more eulogizing, Tad tells Cara she is the reason he can say goodbye to Dixie.

    Sitting Still.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Tad and Cara return home and Liza shows up. She tells him she works for Caleb now and hands him a package from Dixie's father, which contains Dixie's diary.

    Jesse runs into Liza at ConFusion. He tells her he's kind of happy she's not the D.A. anymore, but he doesn't want to be the reason she's out of a job. She knows she's made a lot of mistakes since returning to Pine Valley, but she's definitely paid. She hopes he never has to know the pain of losing a child. Liza is hopeful that if she lives her life right, she will have what Angie and Jesse have right now with Lucy.

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