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    All My Children CAST - Liza Colby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Liza Colby Played by Jamie Luner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamie Luner (Jamie Luner)

    Birthday: May 12, 1971
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California, USA
    Real Name: Jamie Luner


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    Better Off Dead?

    Wednesday, December 01 2010

    Jack and Ryan gang up on Jesse at the police station demanding he let Erica go. Jesse dismisses them and Ryan leaves to check on Madison. Jack continues to rail at Jesse, but Jesse still has questions for Erica. Jack instructs his client not to answer him. Erica demands either Jesse let her go or arrest her. Jesse tells her she's under arrest. Liza enters and drags Jack away. She tells him his law license has been suspended pending an investigation of his assault on David, so he cannot represent Erica. Jack returns to the interrogation room and demands Jesse treat Erica's arrest with the utmost respect. Jack leaves, as Kendall and Bianca visit with their mother. Erica wants Kendall to go home, but she wants to be there. Erica breaks it to her daughters that she is under arrest, but she will be fine because she has the best lawyer there is.

    Hanging In.

    Monday, November 29 2010

    Liza visits David in the interrogation room at the police station, just as Greenlee walks in. Liza leaves and David tells her he's being transferred to lockup. He tells her he loves her, but she doesn't care. She is disgusted she ever allowed him into her life. David tells her he is happy she is free and safe. Greenlee exits and Liza returns to talk with David about how things went down. She gives him a turkey sandwich and tells him to have a good Thanksgiving. She leaves to work on his papers for transfer and tells the guard not to let David have anymore visitors.

    Jack enters the station and tells the guard he is David's attorney so he is let in. Inside the interrogation room, Jack warns David not to go anywhere near Greenlee again. David gets flippant with Jack, who attacks him. Jesse and a cop break it up and Liza enters to tell David the prison bus is there to take him away. Jesse pulls Jack outside as David is led away.

    Leave Me Alone.

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Jesse brings David to the station where Brot books him. David takes his mug shot and smirks. As Brot continues to process him, Greenlee and Ryan show up so Greenlee can make a statement. David tells her he was moved by what she said at his grave. Greenlee goes off on him, but he pledges his love and devotion. She is incensed saying he doesn’t know what that is. He thinks she should understand him, just like he will always understand her. She is stunned realizing he thinks he can win her back. She reiterates that they are done and that he's delusional if he thinks otherwise. She walks away from David and leaves with Ryan. Liza enters to talk with David to go over the charges against him. He says the only thing he's guilty of is loving his wife. Liza realizes his plan is why he pulled strings with the mayor to get her appointed D.A. He says it pays to have friends in high places. Krystal finds Jack at the station and tells him he did his job and it's time to let it go. Jack won't let it go until he is sure David can never hurt Greenlee again.

    Kendall Gets The Tragic News.

    Monday, November 22 2010

    Jake arrives in court to talk to Greenlee before the trial starts. She thanks him for being there and tells him to go sit with Amanda. Jack talks to Krystal. He wonders how everything went so wrong. Ryan arrives and tells Greenlee that Kendall’s in shock but that Bianca and Erica are with her. He vows to stand by her forever. Court starts and the Judge asks if the jury has reached their verdict. They say they have. Greenlee stands and the foreman reads the verdict. Guilty! There is loud gasp in the courtroom. Jack promises to appeal and fight it. Ryan tells Tad that it’s not over yet. Jack requests that the jury be polled. Jack is told he’s out of order and to sit down. The jury is released. The Judge announces a short recess and she’ll return to sentence Greenlee. Jack protests that he has additional evidence but court is adjourned. He apologizes to Greens. Ryan promises to make it right and hugs Greens. Liza has a sexy daydream about her and Zach. Krystal tells Jack it’s just a setback. All of her friends give Greenlee their support. She tells Ryan she’ll be fine. He tells her they’ll still have a life together. She asks him to take care of Kendall while she’s away. The Judge sentences Greenlee to life in prison for the murder of David Hayward. Ryan rushes to her but she’s led away by guards. He chases her. There is a gasp in the room. Everyone looks up and David is standing in the doorway.

    Mysteries Of The Heart.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010

    At ConFusion, Liza piles on the work for Damon, who just wants to have a life and spend time with Colby. She tells him to go, but he doesn't feel right about leaving her alone, worried she might faint again. She tells him no one would care if she did because everyone hates her. Damon assures her he's on her side. She can't believe she tried so hard to get him out of Colby's life. She admits she underestimated him.

    Damon brings Liza to the hospital because she's falling over from exhaustion. He goes to find a doctor and Tad finds Liza alone. They have words about Greenlee's trial and then Tad tells her about Opal. She feels bad about the fight they had before Opal's heart issues. Tad doesn’t blame her, but Liza says the case is making her edgy and asks Tad to apologize to Opal for her. Tad walks away as Damon returns. Liza tells him she's not staying, but Damon wants her to make sure she's in top form for the trial tomorrow.

    Jack calls Liza, who just got a clean bill of health at the hospital, about the new evidence, but she doesn't think it's even admissible at this point. When she gets of the phone, Tad smiles upon hearing there is new evidence that could clear Greenlee. Whatever happens though, he knows Liza will be fine. She questions this, but he tells her he wants her to be happy.

    Dr. Delicious.

    Tuesday, November 16 2010

    Lisa sees Tad at Krystal's. He asks if there is any word from the jury and Liza says no, but it looks like they will convict and notes that Greenlee took off with Ryan. She thinks Tad knows where they are. They argue about Greenlee's innocence, as Opal joins in on the debate. Things get nasty between Liza and Opal and Liza stalks off. Tad and Opal sit at a table, where Opal continues to get riled up over Liza and has trouble breathing. Tad drags her out of the restaurant to take her to the hospital.

    Not Exactly As Planned.

    Tuesday, November 09 2010

    Zach gets ice cream with the boys at Krystal's as Liza walks in. She expresses concern over how Kendall will handle the jury's verdict based on her track record. Zach pulls her aside and warns her to never come at him again when he's with his boys.

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