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    All My Children CAST - Liza Colby

    Full detailed profile on Liza Colby Played by Jamie Luner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamie Luner (Jamie Luner)
    Liza Colby

    Actor: Jamie Luner

    Who played Liza Colby over the years

    Jamie Luner (2009 - Present)
    Marcy Walker (1981 - 1984; Recurring 1995 - January 11, 2005)
    Alice Haining (1984)

    Useful information on Liza Colby

    * Liza has also been known as Ramona Beasley and Linda Crane
    * Liza was raped as a teenager and accused Jesse; she later recanted.
    * She fixed the Miss Junior Pine Valley contest.
    * Committed adultery with Tad.
    * She married and divorced Adam Chandler three times.
    * Liza stole millions from Chandler Enterprises.
    * Made a deal with Jake to father her child, but Adam learned of this and replaced Jake's sperm with his own.
    * Came back to Pine Valley to reconnect with Colby.
    * Had a one-night stand with Zach Slater.
    * Slept with her daughter's boyfriend.
    * The mayor fired her as the D.A. when she couldn't get any dirt on Jesse.


    Current: Lawyer
    Past: Radio station owner
    Past: Partner in Fusion
    Past: Co-CEO of Chandler Enterprises
    Past: Owner of WRCW


    Liza arrived in Pine Valley with her mother in 1982 and immediately began causing trouble. She fixed a beauty pageant so that she would win, became obsessed with Greg and tried to break up his relationship with Jenny and then had an affair with Jenny's brother Tad! She broke things off with Tad when she learned that Tad was also sleeping with her mother, Marian. She later had another affair with Tad, costing him his marriage to Dixie.

    In 1996, Liza was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor; she was cured and made many changes to her life to become a better person. That didn't last long, however, and Liza was soon up to her old tricks - with Adam Chandler! She and Adam conspired to break up Tad and Brooke. To do that they decided to fake a marriage so that either Brooke or Tad would break it up. Neither showed up and when Liza learned that Adam was double-crossing her, she went through with the wedding and tried to get pregnant to get his millions. She soon fell in love with Adam for real.

    When Dmitri tried to steal WRCW from Stuart after a bad business deal Liza stepped in and got control of the radio station.

    Liza eventually divorced Adam.

    Liza desperately wanted and child and Jake Martin, who was secretly in love with her, agreed to father the child through artificial insemination. Adam learned of the plan and stepped in, replacing Jake's sperm with his own. Liza became pregnant and delivered a girl. Adam eventually came clean, breaking Jake's heart. Liza and Adam had remarried and she tried to make things work, for Colby's sake, but when she realized Adam was trying to drive her crazy, she ran from Pine Valley and went into hiding.

    Although Colby came back to Pine Valley as a teenager, Liza remained in hiding until 2009, when she decided to face her past again, and came back to reconnect with Colby. Liza had a one-night stand with Zach Slater and helped out with numerous PV court cases.

    She made a deal with Jake to secretly adopt Amanda's baby, who they were trying to protect from David. She pretended to be pregnant and faked child birth in order to pull off the scam.

    Liza was actually given an a different baby, not Jake and Amanda's. While she bonded with the baby, the birth mother, Bailey, showed up to reclaim her son.

    Bailey left town with her son, but the supposed birth father, Damon (who was later revealed not to be the father) stayed and learned he was actually Tad Martin's son. He also developed a relationship with Colby, which Liza did not approve of.

    Liza did her best to sabotage Colby and Damon's relationship and even tried to seduce him, but nothing worked. It only served to destroy the budding reunion she and Tad were working on, as well as her relationship with her daughter.

    Next, Liza was named District Attorney and her first case was to prosecute Greenlee for David's murder. However, David turned up alive. She focused on building a relationship with Colby, but slept with her boyfriend Damon.

    Liza was unable to get Colby to forgive her so she threw herself into her work and also began sleeping with David.


    Adam Chandler (married and divorced 3 times)


    Dr. David Hayward
    Tad Martin
    Gil Barrett
    Jonathan Kinder
    Jake Martin
    Ryan Lavery


    Larry Colby (father; deceased)
    Marian Colby Chandler (mother)
    Stuart Chandler (step-father)
    Mia Saunders (half-sister)
    William (half-nephew, given up for adoption)


    Colby Chandler (daughter, with Adam)
    Unnamed Child (miscarriage, with Adam)
    Unnamed Child (miscarriage, with Ryan)


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    Friday, September 23 2011: To Pine Valley.

    At the station, Cara and Angie plead David's case to Jesse. Cara tells him second chances are important, especially after David brought loved ones back. Jesse isn't going for it, but Liza shows up and relays that Stuart called his friend the judge to get David out on bail. David shares a nice moment with Angie, who sings his praises about bringing Stuart back. Jesse joins in to give a stunned David credit.

    Monday, September 19 2011: Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her.

    Liza tells Cara at ConFusion that David will be getting out in 18 months due to a plea bargain. Liza doesn’t know what he will have to come back to, but Cara tells her she is carrying his baby. She declares she's raising the baby on her own though. Liza tells her to be careful what she wishes for.

    In the park, Maya wonders to Colby how she could possibly take her daughter back to the Hubbards after taking her away from them. Colby tells her to call Angie because she would love to have them both back. Liza shows up and tells Maya she needs to check in with her about where she goes and when. She will also have a curfew. Maya leaves and a confused Colby asks what's wrong with her mother. Liza tells her nothing. She's just doing the right thing.

    Liza and Colby have a drink at ConFusion where Colby gets a text from Maya saying she's back with Hubbards and Angie got her sight back. Liza cries over Angie and Jesse's happy ending. Colby thinks there's still chance for them too.

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