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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler (Past) Played by Adam Mayfield on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Mayfield (Adam Mayfield)

    Real Name: Adam Mayfield
    Height: 6'2"


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    Constantly Colliding.

    Monday, July 12 2010

    Annie comes home and kisses Scott as JR walks in. Scott tells JR he worked on the offer for Caleb and then leaves for a meeting. Marissa and AJ come in to find JR and Annie alone. JR leaves with AJ to check out his fort and Marissa lays into Annie for taking a job at Chandler. Caleb then comes to the mansion and has a vision of someone throwing gasoline on the front door. Annie greets him and then JR shows him the offer Scott came up with. Caleb rejects it and picks up a photo of Adam. He asks Annie what would make her want to marry a man like that. JR grabs the photo but it breaks and cuts him. Erica walks in and Caleb says it's a shame the mansion didn't burn to the ground years ago and says they can all go straight to Hell. Erica follows him out to the foyer demanding to know what's made him so upset in Pine Valley. She begs him to talk to her but he just leaves. Alone, Annie tends to JR's cut as they marvel over Caleb's behavior. He says taking on a million Caleb Cooney's would be easier than not being able to touch her.

    Don't Be So Dramatic.

    Friday, July 09 2010

    Scott and JR discuss their plan for Caleb in the mansion, as Annie walks in informing JR she's the new head of PR for Chandler. Scott takes a call out of the room and Annie notes JR hates that she's taking the job, but it means a lot to her. He doesn't think it's a good idea they work together but understand her desire for the position. Krystal walks in disdainful of Annie. She asks her to leaves the room and once she does Krystal wonders what Annie is still doing there. JR assures his mother-in-law he wouldn't endanger his life with Marissa for a meaningless night with Annie. Krystal orders him not to break her daughter's heart again, as Marissa walks in. She apologizes to her mother or the other day and then tells JR she finally moved back into their room and is wearing her ring again. JR is it touched and hugs his wife, as Krystal looks on leery.

    Jack brings Erica to the Yacht Club where he wants their reception to be. He plays some music and they dance, but find they aren't exactly in synch. As they try to find their rhythm, Erica sees Caleb, who sits down with Scott and JR to discuss Cortlandt Electronics. She goes over to them demanding he not sell but he just belittles her. Jack pulls Erica away, as Caleb listens to JR and Scott's pitch. Annie joins them as Erica returns requesting a moment alone with Caleb. He obliges and she says they need to get together and figure out a way to find a suitable buyer. Caleb says them working tighter is not going to happen. He declares he's had it with this town and instructs JR and Scott to prepare a real offer. He leaves and Erica gripes about him to Jack, who doesn't want to hear about it. What he does want to hear about though is what happened between her and Caleb last night.

    Scott comes home and tells Marissa Caleb is close to selling Cortlandt. They discuss how well things are gong in their respective relationship and he thanks her for not tearing his head off for having Annie around.

    A Done Deal.

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    At the mansion, JR tells Annie he's going to the cabin for his family, but she thinks it's to get her out of his system. Scott comes in and smooches Annie, giving JR his cue to leave. Scott tells Annie his idea of buying Cortlandt Electronics so his stealing the nanotech project never gets out.

    After Caleb ignores a call from Erica at Wildwind, Scott and Annie come over to introduce themselves. Caleb isn't very receptive and demands to know what they want, with his gun in hand. Scott tells him he wants to buy Cortlandt Electronics from him. Caleb gets caught up on who Annie and Scott are in relation to Adam and then says he has somewhere he needs to be. Scott leaves his card, which Caleb picks his teeth with. After they're gone, Caleb tells Palmer's photo he always wondered what he'd say to Adam after what he did.

    Back at the mansion, Scott hears the message from Caleb and although excited, he tells Annie he needs JR to sign off on it. Marissa walks in as they bask in their near success and tells them JR went to the cottage. Scott worries Caleb will change his mind and tells Annie he needs to find JR right now. Scott takes a call, as Annie grabs the information on Corltandt and leaves. Marissa returns to find Scott alone who says he just wants the family to get along again. He thinks they should both forgive what Annie and JR have done. He suggests they work together to bring the family back together.

    You've Got To Be Kidding Me.

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    JR and Annie come home and learn Scott is bringing Annie to the reading of Palmer's will. Shocked, JR wonders why Scott was even invited. Scott remains relatively mum, but Annie defends his right to be there. Scott walks away to take a call and Marissa heads upstairs, leaving JR and Annie to go at each other about what happened in the park. Annie points out he reached out to her like a real person, but he assures her it will never happen again.

    Scott and Annie go outside near the memorial Jack and Krystal had commissioned of Palmer. Scott tells her he will check in with Jack and text her if it's okay for her to join everyone. Scott leaves and Annie tells Palmer's photo that he better not have done anything to screw things up for Scott. Marissa catches her talking to herself and says considering her history, that's not a good sign. They bicker about JR and Scott and then Annie gets a text. She says she's being summoned to the Yacht Club, but Marissa doesn’t believe her and tries to grab the phone from her. They struggle and end up knocking Palmer's photo over, breaking it into pieces. They panic and try to repair it.

    Jack sees Opal at the Yacht Club and tells her while others have been notified, this reading of the will is strictly for those living in Pine Valley. Scott and JR meet up and JR questions his cousin's enthusiastic support of the nanotech project. Bianca walks up as they argue to say hello and Erica finds Krystal to ask what she was doing with Jack at the mountain. Krystal assures her she was only there as a friend. Opal approaches as the women continue to make digs at each other. Marissa and Annie walk in and Jack starts the proceedings. Everyone takes a seat and Jack opens the box to pull out Palmer's, presumably, final will. He states the people living outside Pine Valley will receive private letters regarding their inheritances. Jack hands Opal a letter that indicates Palmer was going to propose to her again and includes her engagement ring. Bianca gets the puppets from the shows he put on for Miranda and a letter to remind her how much she and Erica need each other. Bianca tells her mother she will send for the kids and stick around to help plan Erica's wedding. JR receives Dixie's shares of Chandler that Palmer arranged for her when he helped the company financially recover years ago. She refused them, but they still existed. Dixie's shares now make JR and Scott equal partners. Scott gets one of Stuart's paintings of Pigeon Hollow that Palmer owned. There's a break in the action and everyone gathers around Palmer's photo that is pieced back together by gum. Scott assumes Annie and Marissa had something to do with it, but Annie just excuses herself and leaves the room. Across the way, Erica tells Jack she wants to get married as soon as they possibly can.

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