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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler (Past) Played by Adam Mayfield on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Mayfield (Adam Mayfield)

    Real Name: Adam Mayfield
    Height: 6'2"


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    No Coming Back.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Marissa sees Scott at the Yacht Club as he cancels the wedding plans. He tells her he and Annie are eloping, but he doesn’t sound so thrilled. She asks him what he wants and Scott says all he wants is Annie. She thinks he's one of the most amazing men she's ever met and he deserves every bit of happiness that comes his way.

    Life's Not Just About Revenge.

    Monday, August 02 2010

    At the Yacht Club, Annie thanks JR for standing up for her with Adam. JR won't let Adam blame her for what he did. Scott calls to say he heard Adam sent her the divorce papers. He's happy about the news and asks her to come home so they can celebrate. After they hang up, Annie and JR share a tension filled moment as he tells her she should go. She says Scott is a really good man and she deserves this life. It's what she wants more than anything and she will make sure her marriage to Scott lasts.

    JR finds Scott and Annie downstairs and he agrees to let them use his beach cottage any time. Annie looks uncomfortable recalling her and JR's time there, but agrees to go to the cottage with her fiancé.

    Scott and Annie go upstairs where they make out and she promises to never let him down. He gets a call from Caleb who accepts his dinner invitation.

    What's A Tweet?

    Friday, July 30 2010

    At the mansion, Annie wants to talk to Scott about their honeymoon, but he's too busy worrying about getting busted for the nanotech project. He thinks he needs to reach out to Caleb, but he insists he will give Annie everything she wants. Annie thinks it's time she does something for him.

    Caleb gets frustrated as he tries to set up a home office at Wildwind. Miranda comes to talk to him and then Bianca enters sharing the latest tweet she received from Erica. Caleb tries to look uninterested as Bianca and Miranda look at Erica's photos on the computer. Caleb just wants to know what a tweet is and Miranda explains it to him. He calls her a smart kid and says he doesn’t usually like children. Miranda says she likes him too. Miranda goes to find her doll and Bianca notes how taken her daughter is by him. She also remarks on his desire to get Corlandt back. Caleb thinks it's time someone told the spoiled brat JR 'no' and he intends to bring him down. Bianca tells him about the Nanotech project, as Scott walks in. He tells Caleb he doesn’t agree with JR's tactics. Miranda returns and Bianca leaves the room with her daughter. Scott apologizes for how the deal went down and says he doesn’t want Caleb as an enemy. He extends a peace offering by inviting him to have dinner with him and Annie. Caleb is resistant and then Bianca returns. Scott says he will be in touch and leaves. Bianca thinks if Caleb goes to dinner, he should bring some of his moonshine. He asks what Bianca thinks about Scott and she says he is honest and decent and just wants to make what JR did right. Caleb doesn't think either one of them has what it takes and knows something is going on. Alone Caleb tells the photo of Palmer he's kind of enjoying what's going on. Miranda and Bianca catch him and Bianca notes Palmer and Erica would want him to fight for his legacy.

    Marissa sees Scott at the mansion and makes snide comments about Annie. She apologizes and then tells him about Annie wanting to make amends. Scott says she's trying, but Marissa thinks she might be putting on a good show. He hopes she can find a way to give her the benefit of the doubt because that's the kind of person she is. Marissa doesn't think she's so trusting anymore, but she wants him to be happy.

    Don't Hold Your Breath.

    Friday, July 23 2010

    At the mansion, JR waits for a call from Adam after leaving a message for him about the deal he just made with Cortlandt Electronics. Annie walks in and Scott follows. JR tells his cousin he bought the company without Caleb knowing who it was. Scott doesn't like that he tricked Caleb and they argue. JR tells him he's meeting with a reporter about the sale, but Scott thinks he's playing with fire. He then brings up Marissa, but JR thinks he should worry about his own impending marriage. JR storms off and Scott focuses on his fiancée, saying he has nothing but good things to look forward to, unlike his cousin, because JR will have his hands full once Caleb learns he was duped.

    Still at the mansion after the press conference, Annie tries to console JR after there's still no word from his father. Caleb walks in to accuse JR of stealing the company from him. JR says it wasn't theft, he just arranged for a third party sale on his behalf. He thinks they all benefited from it, but Caleb won't walk away and vows to get the company back. Caleb leaves and JR looks through Palmer's papers of what he was working on before he died. Scott wants to handle that, but JR insists he look them over so he can get up to speed. Annie pulls a worried Scott out into the foyer and he reminds her JR is looking for any reason to take him down, so he can't figure out he stole the nanotech project. He asks Annie to keep a close eye on JR. She wonders if he's testing her, but says she will do whatever it takes to prove herself.

    Wishes Do Come True.

    Thursday, July 22 2010

    Annie excitedly plans discusses having a big wedding at the mansion with Scott, but changes her mind when she sees JR, who is making a deal nearby. Annie says they can just go to Vegas. JR interrupts them with business, but Scott says it can wait. JR walks away and Scott promises to give Annie the wedding of her dreams, as well as the world. They hug, but Annie looks guiltily in JR's direction. They plan to fast track her divorce from Adam and Annie pushes for a date, which Scott questions. She says she just wants to start her life with him as soon as possible.

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