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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler (Past) Played by Adam Mayfield on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Mayfield (Adam Mayfield)

    Real Name: Adam Mayfield
    Height: 6'2"


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    A State Of Relaxation.

    Friday, September 17 2010

    As Caleb and Marissa study in the park, Scott calls Caleb to say he'd like to discuss his offer further.

    Firing The First Shot.

    Thursday, September 16 2010

    JR talks to AJ on the phone, who wants to stay with Marissa instead of with him. Annie comes in and tries to console an upset JR and hopes they can get back on the path to being friends. Scott comes in and says that will never happen. JR insists he wants peace and for all of them to be a family, but Scott doesn't buy it. JR leaves and Scott gets a call. After he hangs up, Scott says JR just fired the first shot. Apparently JR sent out a press release saying Scott is taking a new position oversees. Annie is furious and wants to go after JR, but Scott reminds her they have to be smart about it because he still has the nanotech project hanging over his head. Annie announces she is ready to play rough with JR and wants to retaliate, but Scott tells her they need to wait it out because in a few days no one will remember the press release. Annie feels stupid for believing that JR wanted to get along. Scott knows she won't make that mistake again and tells her JR can't get to them if they don’t let him.

    Have Some Faith.

    Friday, September 10 2010

    Marissa walks into the mansion and finds JR who tries to comfort her over David. She pushes him away as Scott and Annie come in. Marissa leaves to get AJ and Annie leaves to see Ryan. Scott looks over some papers and tells JR he won't allow him to make a power play for Chandler. He says if it's a war he wants, he's got one. JR says it's not a war, it's more like target practice. They argue and Scott accuses JR of hoping Annie will want him once he's back on top.

    At Krystal's, Marissa talks to AJ about his Grandpa David dying. She starts to cry and AJ tells her he loves her and never wants her to die. She hugs him and promises to never leave him. Scott walks in and Marissa goes to talk to him at the bar. She says it feels odd to be mourning someone she barely knew. Scott knows she'll get through it and help AJ as well. Scott then tells her JR has basically declared war on him, which incenses Marissa. He worries once JR is done with him, he'll go after Annie.

    It's Going To Get Ugly.

    Wednesday, September 08 2010

    On their honeymoon, Scott playfully distracts Annie from turning on the TV, by carrying to their bed, where they talk about how happy they are. Emma walks in heir room and tells them she saw something on TV that scared her. She says there were sirens and lights outside the club in Pine Valley and she wants to talk to her daddy.

    From her and Scott's room, Annie calls JR, who tells her David was murdered. Scott comes in and Annie hangs up to tell him what happened. She wonders why Ryan didn't tell her and thinks maybe they should go home worried about both Ryan and Marissa. Scott asks who was on the phone just now and she tells him someone from the office.

    Back Up Plan.

    Tuesday, August 31 2010

    Annie defends her marriage to JR in the main room at the mansion. She declares she is over him and that he was the worst mistake of her life. Scott walks in wondering what JR did to his wife. Annie tells Scott they were just arguing over who will cover for her while they are gone. JR drips with disdain over their honeymoon and then leaves. Scott gives Annie a dress for when they go away to a private island. He wants to give her the world and for them to be a family forever. She excitedly tells him how much she loves only him. She never thought she'd have the future she always dreamed of for her and Emma. Scott tells her not to be afraid because he has her forever. They kiss and then run upstairs to their bed.

    Krystal returns to the restaurant after JR has left. Marissa tells her mother how it went with AJ and thinks he'll be fine. Marissa starts to cry as she expresses how much she loved JR. Once Krystal has left, Scott comes in and tells Marissa how sorry he is about everything. She assures him she and JR never belonged together in the first place. She vows she'll be happy though because she still has AJ. She notes JR isn't fighting custody and AJ is JR's top priority. Scott wishes he could believe that and thinks Marissa needs to step up and be there for AJ. Marissa says she couldn't save her marriage but she will save her son.

    Prove It!

    Monday, August 30 2010

    JR is on the phone at the mansion and tells the caller that Scott is off work right now and that he’ll be running Nanotech for the moment. Marissa walks in and tells him that she’s filing for a divorce and asks if they can still be friends. He says yes. She suggests they stop fighting in front of AJ. Rather than sharing custody of AJ, JR asks her to live at the mansion. He tells her that Annie and Scott moved out. She wants a clean break from the Chandler family. As she goes to leave, he apologizes for hurting her. She wishes him happiness and runs into Colby as she leaves. Colby asks JR what’s happening. He asks her if she’d like to take a part-time job at the company. She doesn’t want to be part of going after Scott. He says he’s going after what he wants when Scott walks in and asks him what that is. Asher and Damon walk in and witness the altercation. JR and Scott continue to fight over Annie and Marissa then Scott leaves. The young people go into the hallway and Asher tells Colby that perhaps she should take the job so she can keep track of what’s going on. They ask Asher about his family. He says he lost his parents in a car accident. He has no real family. Damon asks her if she wants the job and she says she has always wanted to work for Chandler Enterprises. She thinks she'll take the job.

    Scott kisses Annie awake in her bed at the Yatch Club. He hands her breakfast as she questions him about their honeymoon. He apologizes that she found out about he and Marissa on their wedding day. He promises never to hurt her again. The phone rings. After the call he tells Annie that JR is taking over the company. He says nothing will stop them from having a wonderful honeymoon.

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