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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler (Past) Played by Adam Mayfield on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Mayfield (Adam Mayfield)

    Real Name: Adam Mayfield
    Height: 6'2"


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    Tentative Is Better Than Nothing.

    Thursday, September 30 2010

    Scott goes downstairs and tells JR he knows how he can fix things. JR doesn’t want to hear what he has to say, but Annie asks what he thinks. Scott suggests JR prove to Marissa AJ is safe around him. JR is still resistant, but Scott pleads with him to take the first step and to come to the cocktail party so he can prove to the board and Marissa that they are not at each other's throats. Annie thinks it's a great idea and JR accepts.

    Annie and Scott head back upstairs to their bedroom and they talk about JR and Marissa. Scott doesn't like staying there because he hates all the fighting. He is reminded of his father who used to tell him there's more to life than money and power. Family is what it's all about and what's important. He doesn't want to lose that feeling. Annie doesn't either and she tells him she loves him.

    Take A Good Long Look.

    Wednesday, September 29 2010

    Scott wakes Annie up at home from a dream she was having about JR. He tells her he found a house for them, but she doesn’t want to leave the mansion, worried about uprooting Emma again. Annie wants to have a party to celebrate Scott's success and to prove all the society women who thought she was just a trophy wife wrong. He likes the idea but wants to wait. Scott leaves and JR comes to the room looking for his cousin. He finds Annie in a towel instead. She tells him to leave because she has to get dressed. He says, "Don't let me stop you." Annie drops her towel and tells him to take a good long look because it's the last time he'll see her like this again. She puts her robe on as JR says he needs to find Scott to talk about Caleb. She tells him he's at the office and he leaves, as Annie looks a bit flustered.

    Annie and Scott meet up in their room where he tells her she looks stunning all on her own and doesn't need jewelry. He then tells her to go ahead with the cocktail party, which thrills her.

    I Will Blow You Out Of The Water.

    Monday, September 27 2010

    Annie and JR bump into each other at the yacht club. Annie gets nervous, but tells JR life with Scott couldn't be any better. JR dryly says, "If you say so," and walks away. Jake and Amanda enter and Jake again wonders why they are dining with the Chandlers. Amanda thinks Annie is trying to get her life together and it would be nice to hang out with other people. They sit with Annie and Scott and the foursome engage in uncomfortable small talk. Annie looks envious as Jake and Amanda tell them about one of their date night rituals. Annie says life is great at work and with Scott, but she misses having real friends.

    Back at the table in the club, Scott and Jake discuss Caleb and how Scott is doing business with him. Jake wonders what JR thinks, but Scott sya to hell with JR as Annie and Amanda return. Annie tries to downplay Scott's surly attitude, but Jake is ready to get the check.

    In their room, Annie casually mentions to Scott that she bumped into JR before their dinner. He wonders why she didn’t mention it before and she says JR isn't worth it. She tells him he can't let JR get to him and that no one can shake what they have.

    Stop Being A Good Girl.

    Wednesday, September 22 2010

    Caleb sees JR and Scott at the Yacht Club and takes joy in telling JR they are in business together. Scott joins in on the fun of telling his cousin Caleb is investing with them and he already wrote a press release about it. Caleb gives him a report and suggests JR read it and then they can talk. He leaves and JR calls Scott crazy for bringing Caleb in, thinking they will all go to prison. Scott makes it clear he has it all under control and wonders when JR will stop underestimating him. JR knows he did this for reasons other than business.

    A State Of Relaxation.

    Friday, September 17 2010

    Scott and Caleb meet at the Yacht Club where Caleb offers Scott a partnership. He thinks if they team up Scott can get his revenge on JR, but Scott passes.

    Scott comes home and debates his next move regarding JR with Annie. She wants to take action, but he wants to wait, noting he could go to jail if the nanotech thing got out. Annie thinks it's worth the gamble if they beat JR at his own game.

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