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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler (Past) Played by Adam Mayfield on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Mayfield (Adam Mayfield)

    Real Name: Adam Mayfield
    Height: 6'2"


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    A Gleam In His Eye.

    Friday, October 08 2010

    Caleb sees Scott at Krystal's. Caleb knows Scott is trying to do the right thing in his partnership with JR, but he needs to fight for what he wants, which might mean fighting dirtier and harder than JR does. Caleb doesn't think that's his way, but Scott says, "Don't be so sure." Once Caleb has left, Colby sits with Scott who tells her he's going to do something he should have done a long time ago.

    JR returns to the main room and Annie tells him Erica knows that Scott stole something from a dead man. JR says they have to fix this or else he will lose everything. Scott returns and overhears them arguing.

    It's About Belonging.

    Thursday, October 07 2010

    Scott walks in the bedroom and finds Annie and JR in bed together. Annie panics and apologizes, but Scott tell her to get out. JR thinks he and Annie should leave, but Annie tells him to go by himself. JR leaves as Annie continues to grovel. She tries to explain what happened, but Scott remains furious as he rips the sheets off the bed and throws them out of the room. He reminds her he had faith in her and trusted her, but she takes whatever she wants, whenever she wants and to hell with everyone else. He is done with her, but she reminds him she forgave him for sleeping with Marissa. He is unswayed and she walks out, as he slams the door.

    Marissa stops by the mansion for a toy for AJ and finds the living room in disarray. JR joins her wondering what she wants. She explains about AJ's toy and starts to head upstairs, but JR orders her not to go up there. He runs upstairs to get the toy, as Marissa takes photos with her phone of the mess. He returns and she asks what all the yelling was about. JR tells her to leave and she does. Annie walks downstairs and tells JR to stay away from her and leaves the house. Scott finds JR who tells him what happened was inevitable. Scott calls him arrogant, but JR thinks he's just honest because he and Annie are meant to be. Scott thinks he is as delusional as he was and thinks Annie is just a trophy for him. Scott hopes JR enjoyed taking her from him because it's the last win he will get. JR retorts it's about belonging, not winning, and one of them doesn't belong. He smugly asks if Scott knows who that is.

    Scott and JR continue to verbally spar as Caleb arrives at the mansion. Scott tells JR he's not going anywhere because the family and company need him. JR accuses him of putting the company at risk by stealing from a dead man, as Caleb makes his presence known. He wants to talk to Scott about his trip and Scott gives him some reports. Caleb leaves and Scott and JR continue to fight. Scott declares he will make sure JR loses his company and his son – everything he feels he is entitled to.

    Welcome Home.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010

    At the mansion, Annie lashes out at JR for ruining her life. She can't believe she actually cared about him and declares she hates him. JR tries to explain and runs after her when she takes off outside. JR brings Annie back in from the rain, where she tells him he ruined her chance to be someone. The party was going to be her chance for respect and to be seen. She says she is nothing and will always be nothing. Annie's crumples on the stairs in tears and JR sincerely apologizes for hurting her. He was trying to get at Scott, not her. She doesn’t want him to act like he cares, but he explains that everything he's done was because he couldn’t be with her. He wants her to stop fighting it and be with him. He says he knows her and that she needs this as much as he does. He kisses her and then carries her upstairs to the bedroom, as Scott walks in the door downstairs. JR and Annie get passionate on the bed, but after they have sex, she tells him it was wrong. Scott then walks in and finds them naked in bed.

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Friday, October 01 2010

    Scott finds Annie in the main room at the mansion and breaks it to her that he has to go to Europe on business. She's crushed, but he promises to make it back in time for the party. She thanks him for giving her everything she's always wanted. He promises it will only get better. Annie just wants everyone at the party to see the real her. She especially wants Emma to be proud of her. She just doesn’t want anything to mess it up. Scott wonders what could possibly mess it up?

    At Wildwind, Caleb has a memory of someone calling out for help. Krystal interrupts him and says she might not be able to work much longer for him since Jack and Erica are on their way back. She owes him for all he's done for the people she cares about, especially her daughter. Scott stops by to talk with Caleb and tells him he's going out of town before the party. Caleb wonders if he worries about leaving Annie alone with JR. Scott trusts his wife.

    Tentative Is Better Than Nothing.

    Thursday, September 30 2010

    Scott brings Emma to Annie at the mansion with a picture for her. Emma tells her what a great mother she is and Scott says she's a great wife as well. They go downstairs and Annie expresses how happy she is. Alone in the main room, Annie sees JR storm in furious with Marissa for trying to take his son from him. Annie thinks they can work something out, but JR says Marissa hates him. However, Marissa has no idea how much hate he can deliver. Annie lets JR know she would testify on his behalf and declares he won't lose his son. He thinks it's funny she is the one who knows him the best.

    Scott plays a board game with the kids in his bedroom when Marissa comes up to get AJ for the park. She tells Scott about her confrontation with JR. She says their affair will probably come out, as well as JR and Annie's. He knows and understands.

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