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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler (Past) Played by Adam Mayfield on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Mayfield (Adam Mayfield)

    Real Name: Adam Mayfield
    Height: 6'2"


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    The Chandler Way.

    Monday, June 07 2010

    In the hotel room, Annie undresses when there's a knock at the door, but she is shocked when JR walks in instead of Scott. She quickly puts her robe back on and they taunt each other about their attraction. JR wants her to kiss him to prove she doesn't want him. She does so, but the kiss turns passionate. They stop and Annie tells him to get out, but JR kisses her again. She urges him to leave and he does. Scott finally comes to the hotel and learns JR was there. She says she kicked him out and he wants them to go home. She reminds him JR wants her out of the mansion, but Scott has learned the Chandler way of taking what he wants when he wants. He wants her and kisses her.


    Friday, June 04 2010

    Annie walks in the living room at the mansion and sees JR looking at a magazine with Scott on the cover. She's a little uncomfortable, but an amused JR assures her he won't kiss her again. She's not worried, but asks if he is. Scott walks in and asks Annie out to lunch. She accepts and kisses him on the cheek as she coyly looks at JR.

    Scott and Annie go to The Yacht Club and she bolsters his ego about being in charge of Chandler and his new project. She also expresses how much she enjoys being with him, thinking they are envied by everyone there. They both get a link to a blog on their phones and Annie is aghast at what's being said about her. Annie wonders who would do this to her, as JR looks on from afar. Scott gets up to look into it and JR walks over to Annie who lashes out at him for spilling her past to the blogger. JR says all the information is accurate and it needed to get out there. JR leaves and Scott returns to Annie who tells him it was JR who leaked the story.

    David comes to the mansion to ask Marissa for a new start. She tells him about all the time and energy JR is spending on Annie. He urges her to be more assertive and rein JR in or else he will stray again, as JR returns. David and JR exchange heated words and Marissa defends JR to her father and orders him out. David leaves and Marissa and JR bicker about Annie. Scott comes home to yell at JR for leaking the story about Annie and Marissa leaves the cousins to fight. Scott tells JR all his plans will blow up in his face and cost him the one person who still gives a damn about him.

    All Rules Are Out the Window.

    Thursday, June 03 2010

    Marissa finds Scott in the mansion who pulled an all-nighter. She says she's rooting for him and hopes he succeeds in every way. He notes she's not just talking about business. She thinks he has feelings for Annie and he eventually admits it. Marissa thinks it's a good thing and orders him to take care of Annie because she needs to save her marriage for her son. She says if he doesn't do something, she will.

    As Annie climbs up to grab a crystal vase at the mansion, she falls into JR's arms who calls her a thief. She thinks he could be more grateful that she saved his life, but he hates that she has a hold on him. They argue and Scott and Marissa come in as Scott says he told Annie she could have anything she wanted to decorate her room. Scott and Annie leave and Marissa asks JR if he wants Annie gone because he's worried he will cheat with her again. JR denies it, saying he wants Annie gone so they can be a family again. Marissa isn't convinced and leaves to go to the library. Alone, JR thinks about his tryst with Annie.

    Scott and Annie decide to go for a picnic in the park and Annie strips down to her bikini. She asks him to put lotion on her back and tells him she made a mistake with JR. She has learned her lesson though and she knows what she wants now, which is not JR.

    Scott and Annie return to the mansion and as Scott goes into his office, JR walks in without his shirt on after working out. Annie tells him she has a chance to be happy with Scott, but she can't look at another man without thinking about him. JR says this thing between them will go away and she means nothing to him. She wants him to prove it and he kisses her. He backs away and says, "You see? Nothing." He runs upstairs and Scott returns with flowers for Annie, who is shaken by the kiss.

    Different Approaches.

    Friday, May 28 2010

    Marissa and JR come downstairs at the mansion and find Annie preparing for Emma's party with AJ. JR takes AJ out of the room and Marissa goes off on Annie for using AJ to get them to come to the party. As the women argue, AJ asks JR in the foyer why he and Marissa don't smile at each other anymore. JR says ever since Adam left, nothing is the way it's supposed to be. Scott comes downstairs as JR tells his son whatever happens, he will be taken care of because he is a Chandler. Only people who are born into the family and who are true Chandlers are forever connected by blood and will have each other's backs. He states they will be the last men standing. Ryan and Emma come to the house and Annie excitedly welcomes her daughter to her party. Greenlee then arrives, which does not please Annie. Everyone goes into the main room, as JR heads upstairs. Annie thanks everyone for coming and Emma wants to open presents. Annie grabs her present for Emma, but Emma wants to open Greenlee's present first which is a princess dress. Emma is thrilled and Annie leaves the room to collect herself and heads upstairs. Greenlee asks Emma what her birthday wish is, which is for Erica to be there because, next to Greenlee, she gives the best presents. Emma gets back to her gifts, but the adults tell Emma her mother and JR would want to be there when she opens them, so Marissa goes to find them. She runs into an employee who is not thrilled Annie is in the house. She also adds the plumber fixed the leak in the gatehouse a couple of weeks ago. Marissa tells Scott, but he wants her to stop worrying so much about Annie because she is a fact of life around there and she needs to get used to it.


    Wednesday, May 26 2010

    A drenched Annie comes to the main house to tell Scott the ceiling is leaking in the gatehouse. Scott will handle it after his interview announcing their new product. Annie thinks it's great, but he has qualms over using a stolen invention. JR and Marissa bust in upset that reporters are at the gate because someone leaked a story about Adam being betrayed by one of his own. Colby enters the room to yell at Annie for talking to the press, but she insists it wasn't her. Scott says he will handle it in his interview and says they need to present a united front. Marissa pulls JR aside to suggest they leave the house, but JR is too upset thinking Annie will spread lies about them. Marissa leaves when JR won't. Scott asks Annie if she leaked the story, but she declares she would never hurt him or Chandler because she's too invested. JR and Colby get dressed up for the reporter and meet her with Scott. Annie walks in and they all ham it up for the reporter a bit. Scott then lays out their new computer idea, but the reporter wants to talk about the rumor floating around about Adam being betrayed. JR and Scott try to avoid addressing the issue, but Annie chimes in, saying she was the one who betrayed Adam by developing feelings for Scott, but he never gave in to their attraction.

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