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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler (Past) Played by Adam Mayfield on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adam Mayfield (Adam Mayfield)

    Real Name: Adam Mayfield
    Height: 6'2"


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    A Better Class Of People.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    In jail, Scott tells Annie he has to say goodbye because he's going to prison. She wonders if he is saying goodbye to them. His lawyer comes in and hands Scott some papers. After he leaves Scott informs his wife his non-Chandler lawyer is handling the divorce. Annie protests, but Scott knows they are done and that they need to move on. He urges her to move out of the mansion and never look back. She tearfully agrees and then leaves. Marissa stops by next and Scott explains that he was the only who stole the nanotech plans and that he did it to impress Annie. She thinks he is a good man, but he knows he's not. She tells him Stuart would be proud of him and says he's not alone. He's sorry she got caught up in this mess and muses in another life they would have met somewhere far from there. He makes her promise to take care of AJ. He thinks AJ has a chance, but only if she gives it to him. JR walks in and says Marissa doesn’t need advice on how to raise his son. Marissa leaves and Scott recalls how he wanted to make their family better but he got sucked into the Chandler way. JR tells him one of the Chandler ways is to not get caught. Scott retorts he's looking forward to prison so he can meet a better class of people. Scott doesn't hate him though because JR was raised to be who he is. JR vows to get his son back and save the company Scott put in jeopardy. Scott ribs him over not being able to be with Annie because now that he's free to be with her, it will cost him his son. JR leaves and a guard enters the cell to handcuff Scott.

    Annie makes a few calls in the squad room and learns her accounts and credit cards are frozen. JR walks out from seeing Scott and sees Annie, as he leaves a message for Colby. Scott is then led away past JR and Annie.

    Opening Statements.

    Thursday, October 14 2010

    Opal visits Scott in jail to rail at him for backstabbing Palmer. Scott feels bad, but now he can finally tell Opal about Palmer's last days and how he was planning a trip for the two of them. Once Opal has left, Erica stops by to also ream him out. Scott knows what he did was wrong and he is truly sorry. Erica wonders if he actually was the one to steal from Palmer, assuming at the very least JR knew about it. Scott makes it clear he was the one to steal the idea all on his own. He doesn't appreciate her trying to manipulate him and states he is intent on taking responsibility for his own actions, so he won't change his mind about implicating JR. She assures him she and Caleb are there for him if he needs them. Before she leaves, Scott asks her for one thing.

    Saving Himself.

    Tuesday, October 12 2010

    At the mansion, despite Annie and JR urging him not to, Scott confesses to Caleb about taking Palmer's nanotech project. Caleb tells Scott he will pay for pretending to be his uncle's friend and then screwing him over. Scott regrets what he did, but Caleb doesn't think he's any better than his weasel cousin. JR declares he didn’t steal anything, but Caleb is leery and vows to prove he knew about it. Two FBI agents walk in and Scott announces he called them. Annie begs Scott not to do this, but he is prepared to confess. JR calls him weak but Scott is ready and the feds cuff him. Annie leaves with Scott and Caleb tells JR they are just getting started. Threats are exchanged about AJ and the nanotech project and Caleb walks out.

    Back at the station, Brot asks Jesse about the detective's exam. Jesse reminds him he hasn't been on the force that long and assumes Brot doesn't like being bossed around by Natalia. Brot admires Natalia, but he wants to be where she is. Jesse knows he will one day, but he wonders what will happen to his professional relationship with Natalia if he does get the promotion. Jesse points out that Natalia is competitive and it might be different if they are equals again. Brot thinks it's time he's earned Natalia's respect. Natalia enters the station and talks with Brot privately. They start to discuss their relationship, but then they get word about Scott, as he is brought in. Annie also walks in and heads towards the interrogation room. She asks the feds for a minute alone with her husband, but he wants her to go home. She wonders if he is trying to get back at her by throwing his life away. Scott isn't trying to destroy himself – he's trying to save himself. He stole the nanotech project to prove himself to her, but he's been losing himself ever since then.

    JR heads over to the police station and Scott tells him their family is out of control and he is doing what would make his father proud. Natalia walks in and Scott says he is ready to put his statement in writing. After doing so, Scott assures Annie and JR he didn't implicate them for the sake of their kids. He promises there will be a price though because Chandler will take a huge hit and they will live with the guilt of destroying the family. Annie apologizes to Scott as he is led away. JR tells Annie he will save Chandler and get his son back. He adds now that Scott is gone, Annie doesn’t have any more excuses for them not to be together.

    It Sounds Like Someone Needs A Hug.

    Monday, October 11 2010

    Scott listens on as Annie and JR argue inside the living room at the Chandler mansion. Scott enters and says, "Don't worry. At least this time you both have your clothes on." JR tells Scott that something big has happened and they have to work together. Annie informs Scott that Caleb knows about Scott stealing Palmer's idea. Scott wants cash. He goes to a safe and toys with a gun. Colby interrupts and Scott comes to and tells his loving family that they are on their own before leaving. Colby demands to know what is going on and wants to help. Colby thinks Annie has ruined everything. An angry JR leaves to make phone calls. Annie tells Colby she couldn't make her feel any worse. Colby wants to give it a shot. Colby thinks Annie always plays the victim. Annie reminds her she has a daughter to protect. Colby hopes Scott will throw her out and leaves.

    Scott takes a walk. He flashes back to JR telling him to go back to being Stuart's son, Annie reciting her wedding vows, and finding Annie and JR naked together. He then thinks he hears Stuart's voice telling him he'll always be proud of him. Scott wonders how Stuart can be proud of him after what he has done. He flashes to promising Stuart that he won't change.

    Caleb arrives at the Chandler mansion with a special delivery for JR. He serves JR with papers that grant Marissa temporary custody of AJ. JR realizes Marissa took pictures of the trashed living room. Caleb laughs that Annie can be JR's character witness at the custody trial. JR boasts that he owns Caleb, but Scott enters and tells JR they were supposed to be better than this. Scott tells Caleb he is ready to come clean!

    A Gleam In His Eye.

    Friday, October 08 2010

    After learning from Scott that JR slept with Annie, Colby angrily confronts her brother upstairs in the mansion.

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