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    All My Children CAST - Mary Greenlee Smythe

    Full detailed profile on Mary Greenlee Smythe Played by Anna Stuart on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Anna Stuart (Anna Stuart)
    Mary Greenlee Smythe

    Actor: Anna Stuart

    Who played Mary Greenlee Smythe over the years

    Anna Stuart (2002 - 2004, January 29, 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Mary Greenlee Smythe

    * Greelee's absentee mother.
    * Mary is always chasing a new man, with a lot of money.
    * She has been associated with Palmer Cortlandt and Adam Chandler, among others.


    Past: Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
    Past: Sculptress


    Mary Smythe can be best described as an absentee mother and gold-digger. She left daughter Greenlee to be raised by nannies while she trotted the globe with husband and husband and boyfriend after boyfriend. Never one to hold down a job, Mary jumps from man to man, each one richer than the last. When she is between men, she likes to catch up with her daughter, Greenlee, to play the devoted mother.


    Roger Smythe (divorced - deceased)


    Roger Smythe
    Palmer Cortlandt
    Jack Montgomery
    Adam Chandler


    Woodruff Greenlee (father)
    Millicent Greenlee (mother)


    Greenlee Smythe Lavery (daughter by Jack Montgomery)


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    Thursday, March 05 2009: Reese Is Blind!

    Jack welcomes Jesse and Angie to the memorial as Kendall tells Opal that Ryan won't come. Mary arrives, upset, and Erica comforts her. Opal can't believe Erica is being so civil but Kendall is still worried about Ryan. Opal goes outside and finds Ryan in the hall! He starts to leave but she convinces him to stick around. She says they can try again to reach Greenlee, and that this time they might succeed! David and Krystal arrive. Krystal hugs Jack while David goes straight to the bar where Jake, Frankie and Randi are talking. Krystal keeps the peace by dragging David away. Amanda and JR arrive. Randi pulls Amanda away and then Frankie takes a walk while Jake interrogates JR about his intentions toward Amanda. JR says he isn't as good or bad as Jake thinks! Aidan arrives. Jack calls everyone to attention and begins talking about Greenlee, saying he was never the same once he knew her. Mary hugs Jack and then beats herself up for not being around enough for Greens. Erica talks about how much she and Greenlee fought and then Amanda tells everyone that Greens gave her a chance when no one else would. Jake tells the group that Greenlee was a great friend; Kendall echoes that thought, reminding everyone how their friendship grew out of hatred. She tells everyone to hold on to the people they love and be thankful for every day. Ryan finally comes inside. He remembers the first day he met Greenlee and how they fell in love after their first marriage. Kendall and Angie cry as Ryan says they were fated to be together. He begs for a sign that Greenlee is okay and the lights dim for a moment! Afterward Jake instructs Amanda to go home and rest; JR actually backs him up. At the bar Opal picks up a picture of Greenlee and gets a weird feeling. Krystal and David notice. Opal says Greenlee is in trouble and needs to be rescued. "Really? How terrible," David says almost sarcastically! Ryan and Kendall go into a quiet area. He says no one is going to be able to fix things for him. Kendall reaches out and hugs him.

    Thursday, January 29 2009: Mamma Drama!

    Reese and Bianca are enjoying a quiet morning in bed when Erica arrives and hollers at them that the shower guests will be there soon. Zach arrives and Erica says she has a few surprises in store! She insists the day is about celebration and forgiveness. Bianca and Reese come downstairs and are thrilled at the decorations. Zach makes a quick exit as Amanda and Randi arrive. They offer to help finish setting up. Opal and Colby arrive and the present opening begins. Greenlee arrives and sadly looks at the picture of Kendall. Erica hands her a gift – sexy lingerie! Reese opens another gift as a strange woman arrives – it is Reese's mother, Claire! "Oh, it's just like your last shower," Claire says. Claire joins the party as Erica tells Bianca that this is a good step forward. Binks returns to the party. Greenlee turns to Erica and accuses her of trying to come between Bianca and Reese! Erica calls Greenlee a pot-stirrer and storms off. Bianca offers to introduce Claire to Gabrielle but she declines. More presents are opened as Claire watches the girls judgmentally. One gift is a dress for Gabby; Amanda looks longingly at it. Just then Greenlee's mom, Mary, arrives! Colby wins the first shower game. Seeing Randi and Amanda joking around, Claire asks if they are gay, too! Reese tells Claire that women can be good friends and not be lovers. "Well, excuse me if this lifestyle choice of yours is still confusing for me," Claire says. Reese runs out. Mary asks if she can come to the wedding, informing Greenlee that she is staying in Pine Valley for a while. "Adam's moved on," Erica says snidely but Mary doesn't seem to care. She leaves and soon after Greenlee does. Bianca turns on Claire; Erica tries to play mediator and Bianca says she'll get to her later! She tells Claire to get a grip and get over herself. Reese comes downstairs. Erica pulls Bianca outside so they can talk. "I'm sorry that you don't understand," Reese says. On the terrace Bianca yells at Erica – and then Erica throws snow on her! She says Bianca is getting too hyper. Bianca turns away, saying she has somewhere else to be!

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