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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Riley Sinclair - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Riley Sinclair Played by McKenzie Westmore on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    McKenzie Westmore (John Paschal/NBC)

    Birthday: April 26, 1977
    Birthplace: Van Nuys, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: McKenzie Westmore
    Height: 5'8"


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    Greenlee Must Die!

    Tuesday, January 13 2009

    Aidan manages to sneak back into Oak Haven. He realizes the doors to the maximum security wing are open and goes inside! He looks around until he finds Annie but then Dr. Sinclair surprises him. She asks who he really is and what his connection is to Annie. Aidan watches as Annie becomes fidgety on her bed. She is having another nightmare! This time she is in the penthouse with Ryan and Greenlee is there; she watches as Greenlee kills Ryan! Annie wakes, still delusional, and vows to kill Greenlee!

    One Big Mistake!

    Friday, January 02 2009

    Aidan listens at the door as Dr. Sinclair asks if Annie remembers leaving the hospital. She talks about hurting her 'daddy' because he was with 'mean lady'. The doctor asks who the mean lady is and Annie says it is Greenlee! "She needs to be dead," Annie says and demands to be released. The doctor has Annie sedated. They leave to find Aidan sitting alone in a corner of the hall. Dr. Sinclair questions him. Aidan says he is fine but they have to find out how many there are. He pretends to grab people from the air and starts counting. Dr. Sinclair leaves. Aidan picks the lock and goes into Annie's room! He keeps counting and grabbing at the air, making his way around the room until he finds the hidden camera! Aidan leaves and bumps into his psychiatrist who tells him that he has to be more careful or everyone at the hospital will figure out he isn't really a patient. Aidan brings up the camera in Annie's room but before he can explain a nurse comes into the hallway. Aidan sees Dr. Sinclair entering a locked room and watches. Ryan arrives a while later; Dr. Sinclair offers to let him see Annie one last time before she is transferred to a more secure area. Aidan turns away when Ryan leaves and then begins to catch more 'aliens'. Dr. Sinclair exits Annie's room and Aidan says he has finally caught them all. Dr. Sinclair and the orderlies take Annie to the maximum security ward. Dr. Sinclair goes back into the locked area, takes something out and leaves. Aidan goes back to the door.

    I Need Answers!

    Tuesday, December 23 2008

    At Oak Haven Aidan breaks into Annie's room again. He tries to tell her he isn't her father but she thinks he is joking. Dr. Sinclair comes in and Aidan pretends to be the secret agent alien fighter again; he leaves. Annie finds a horde of pills in her pocket and takes them all, thinking the pills are candy.

    Aidan is watching Annie and Dr. Sinclair through a window. He hides as Ryan arrives, livid that Annie was allowed to overdose. Dr. Sinclair says she doesn't know how this happened and then says he was called by mistake! Ryan is livid. Dr. Sinclair says she isn't wrong about Annie's treatment and tells him to leave Annie alone or the next overdose could be fatal! Ryan says he needs concrete answers about Annie's prognosis and progress so he can be honest with Emma. A nurse leaves Annie's room and Aidan hurries inside before the door can close. She looks at him and recognizes him as Aidan! "What are you doing here?" she asks.

    Take Some Responsibility!

    Wednesday, December 17 2008

    Ryan tells Annie that her father is in Chicago and she shoves him and yells. An orderly comes in to sedate her and Ryan hurries into the hall. Aidan slips by him in a hoodie. Dr. Sinclair returns and Ryan tells her what happened. He says he has to fix it; Dr. Sinclair says he can't fix Annie. Ryan says Annie has nothing and he can't leave her; Dr. Sinclair says again that he can't help Annie but Ryan won't listen. "I know you want your wife to be healed but any progress we make is undermined when she sees you," Dr. Sinclair says and then tells Ryan to stay away from the hospital!

    I'm Only Six, Silly!

    Tuesday, December 16 2008

    Aidan hurries into Annie's room at Oak Haven; she wants to leave but he says the fun is just starting! Neither notices the camera in the vent. Aidan mentions the playroom and her doctor. Annie says she doesn't like the doctor and Aidan says if Annie plays a game the doctor will be fine. He tells her to play along with the doctor and then tell him everything that happened after. He hears the doctor in the hall. He hides under the bed as she comes in. Annie talks to her about her 'daddy' and blanket and then the doctor leaves. Annie turns to Aidan and says it is her turn to hide now; he says she has to be careful how much she tells the doctor. Annie hides under the covers while Aidan counts. They play games for a little while and then Aidan turns to go. He tells Annie to play the game with the doctor but when he looks out the door he realizes he has waited too long to leave! Ryan is there. Dr. Sinclair comes up and Ryan shows her the picture of Emma; with Ryan distracted Aidan slips out. The doctor agrees to give Annie the picture and then asks Ryan about Annie's father. She tells him about the blue blanket Annie was rambling about but it doesn't sound familiar to Ryan. She asks about Annie's father and he explains about the strained relationship and says Walter wouldn't visit Annie. Annie comes out of her room, sees Ryan and attacks him. Dr. Sinclair sedates her and takes her back to her room. Ryan isn't sure he should see Annie but the doctor insists that he show Annie the photo. Aidan watches from the hall. She says the picture is of her! Ryan says the picture is Annie's daughter; Dr. Sinclair is called away on an emergency. Annie keeps insisting that the picture is her and then says her dad can prove it because he lives down the hall! She asks Ryan if he wants to meet him!

    I'm A Secret Agent Alien Fighter!

    Friday, December 12 2008

    Annie looks at Aidan and tells him to leave her alone; she says she wants her dad. Aidan says Ryan isn't her dad – he is! "You don't have to be afraid, I'll never leave you," he says! Aidan says he knows her favorite ice cream flavors, how she likes to make up fairytales and calls her 'Princess' just like her father did. Annie still doesn't trust him so Aidan says he'll protect her from the green-meanies and the bad people. She gets cold as they are playing cards so Aidan leaves – and runs into Annie's doctor! He makes up a story about aliens and invasions; she is about to find his psychiatrist when a doctor comes up and says he is Aidan's doctor! She leaves. The doctor tells Aidan to be more careful and then asks why he is really there. Aidan returns to Annie's room and gives her a blanket. He tells her a fairytale – someone records the visit!

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