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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Riley Sinclair - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Riley Sinclair Played by McKenzie Westmore on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    McKenzie Westmore (John Paschal/NBC)

    Birthday: April 26, 1977
    Birthplace: Van Nuys, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: McKenzie Westmore
    Height: 5'8"


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    What The Doctor Wants...

    Monday, January 26 2009

    At Oakhaven, Dr. Sinclair listens as Annie screams about Richie. She comes in and demands to know what Annie is talking to Richie about. Aidan listens at the vent. Annie finally calms down and says Richie is gone. Sinclair questions her over and over about Richie but Annie won't say another word. She goes to the hall and finds Ryan talking to the other doctor. Ryan demands that the doctor do something about Dr. Sinclair. He says his hands are tied and leaves. Dr. Sinclair tells Ryan that her methods are the best way to get Annie to tell the truth so she can be punished. "Your wife is faking her psychosis," Dr. Sinclair says. Ryan doesn't believe her. She walks away.

    In Annie's room she talks to Aidan through the vent, wondering how she could have killed her brother. He says Richie tormented her until she had no choice. She asks if Erica tormented her, too, and Aidan has to admit that she didn't. He makes her promise again not to tell Dr. Sinclair anything. Dr. Sinclair comes into Aidan's room. He pretends to be counting molecules. She announces that she will be his new doctor! Aidan, playing crazy again, says he won't be seduced into forgetting his mission. She says his 'act' is too textbook to be believable! She leaves and Aidan talks to Annie again. She talks about Emma and then sees her dancing across the hospital room. She sadly remembers Emma's recitals. Dr. Sinclair returns to Aidan's room. He demands to see his doctor but she instructs the orderlies with her to hold him – and gives him a shot! "I'm your doctor now," she says.

    I Remember!

    Friday, January 23 2009

    Annie keeps talking to Aidan through the vent. She says she is scared and remembers stabbing Erica. Aidan reminds her not to tell Dr. Sinclair. She asks why she stabbed Erica and Aidan says it was because she was hurting, too. Dr. Sinclair watches Annie from the hall. Aidan tells Annie that Dr. Sinclair doesn't want to help her! Dr. Sinclair comes in and asks who Annie is talking to! She doesn't believe Annie when she says she was talking to herself and angrily tells her that Richie is dead! Annie freaks out. "Not Richie, not Richie, not Richie," she repeats. When Dr. Sinclair is gone Aidan comforts Annie as best he can. She asks if Richie is really dead and Aidan reluctantly admits she killed him. Annie sits in the corner and Aidan repeats that she can't tell Dr. Sinclair anything about Richie. She promises. She asks him to hold her hand. "Hold your hand out with your palm facing up and imagine I'm sitting right next to you," he says sweetly. Annie starts to feel better. She asks if they were ever in love; Aidan says they were only good friends. As they talk about their loves, Aidan gets upset and turns away from the vent. "Why aren't you holding my hand?" Annie asks. Aidan is crying; Annie begs him not to leave her. She gets upset when Aidan doesn't answer her and screams that Richie is there. She hears Richie tell her he'll never leave her alone and then remembers killing him.

    Ryan arrives at Oak Haven. Dr. Sinclair is upset that he didn't bring Greenlee and says they have to get to the bottom of Annie's crimes so she can be punished! Ryan leaves and nearly runs into Aidan, talking to his doctor. Aidan hides. Ryan tells Aidan's doctor that he wants to make a complaint about Dr. Sinclair!

    The Custody Hearing!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    Through the vent, Aidan says they have to act slowly. Annie doesn't want to stay in Oak Haven; he tells her to keep control of her emotions and gives her advice on how to trick Dr. Sinclair. Annie asks why she hates Greenlee. Aidan tells her that Greenlee stole Ryan from her but reminds her not to talk about her memories with the doctor or she'll never be released from Oak Haven. "If you feel scared or sad, you can tell her that," he says. Annie admits that she loves and hates Ryan all at the same time for leaving her in the mental ward. Dr. Sinclair arrives and asks who Annie is talking to. Annie says she was talking to herself and is feeling better. Dr. Sinclair asks what happened at Ryan's apartment but following Aidan's advice says she can't remember anything except being scared. She says she wants to talk to her family so they won't hate her. Annie remembers all of the fighting between herself and Greenlee but won't tell the doctor, instead she says she is sad. Dr. Sinclair leaves. Annie asks Aidan if she did the right thing. He says she did but she has to keep lying to the doctor. "Tell her you don't feel angry and that you forgive Greenlee and you'll be one step closer to being home with Emma," Aidan says.

    Greenlee goes to Oak Haven to see Dr. Sinclair. She says she is worried about Annie but is more worried because she can't make peace with the past or with Annie's future. Dr. Sinclair takes her to see Annie! Aidan listens at the vent as Annie apologizes to Greenlee and then says she forgives her! Dr. Sinclair takes Greenlee outside and Greenlee rages on that Annie is lying and is going to kill her! Back inside Aidan reminds Annie to stay calm as she rants about Greenlee.

    I Will Make Zach Pay!

    Wednesday, January 14 2009

    Dr. Sinclair takes Aidan into Annie's room; she calls him Ryan and is thankful that Greenlee hasn't killed him yet! Aidan says he isn't Ryan but Annie can't make the connection. She warns Aidan that Greenlee is coming after him; Aidan starts talking nonsense about a computer chip in her head and Dr. Sinclair drags him from the room. Dr. Sinclair has Aidan locked up in solitary confinement, telling him that she doesn't believe his act at all! Aidan's doctor sneaks in and demands to know why Aidan is so intent on helping Annie. Aidan says she is his friend and he wants to help her before Dr. Sinclair messes Annie's entire life up! "I owe her," he says. The doctor gives in and shows Aidan a vent that leads to Annie's room next door. Aidan listens as Annie tells Dr. Sinclair about her dreams – that Greenlee is going to kill Ryan and that she is stealing Emma from her! She remembers the night at the ConFusion party but then screams for Dr. Sinclair to leave. When he is sure they are alone, Aidan talks to Annie through the vent. He swears he will free her.

    Greenlee and Ryan are discussing their wedding plans. Ryan says their love can conquer anything. A deliveryman rings the bell and Ryan makes Greenlee close her eyes – it's a brand new motorcycle. Greens loves the gift. They make love. They both dream of old times, when they took bike rides together and then Greenlee's dream takes a wild turn – Ryan is killed in a bike accident. She wakes up and demands that Ryan get rid of the bike! He says he'll do it. A while later Greenlee decides she was overreacting. Dr. Sinclair arrives – to see Greenlee! She asks them both to contact her if they can think of any ways that she might get through to Annie so that Annie can regain her faculties – and spend the rest of her life in prison!

    Greenlee Must Die!

    Tuesday, January 13 2009

    At Oak Haven Dr. Sinclair watches the secretly taped footage of Annie's room, wondering about the connection between Aidan and Annie. She calls an attendant and demands that Aidan be brought to her immediately. She comes into the hall as Aidan demands that his 'doctor' get him into the maximum security wing. Aidan quickly hides. Dr. Sinclair asks where Aidan is! The doctor continues to cover for Aidan and Dr. Sinclair leaves. Aidan tells the doctor to get him inside.

    In her room at Oak Haven Annie has a nightmare that she is in the penthouse and Ryan is dead! Dr. Sinclair arrives to find Annie in a highly agitated state, rocking on the bed. She calls Annie 'Emma', startling her. Annie asks where she is and the doctor calmly reminds her of the hospital stay; Annie says she doesn't need doctors she needs her husband – Ryan! Dr. Sinclair remains calm and tells Annie about Oak Haven; Annie insists she isn't crazy so the doctor reminds her of the people she hurt. Annie jumps to conclusions, thinking she hurt Ryan because of her dream. Annie becomes more agitated and demands to see her 'friend' who visits her room. Two orderlies come in and drug Annie.

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