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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Riley Sinclair - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Riley Sinclair Played by McKenzie Westmore on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    McKenzie Westmore (John Paschal/NBC)

    Birthday: April 26, 1977
    Birthplace: Van Nuys, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: McKenzie Westmore
    Height: 5'8"


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    David Gives Up!

    Friday, February 06 2009

    Annie talks to Aidan through the vent at Oakhaven, worried that she'll slip up. Aidan tries to help her keep it together. Aidan tells her to turn the tables and get Dr. Sinclair talking next time! Dr. Sinclair comes in and Annie tells her all of the bad things that Richie did. She refuses to talk about Richie's death but Sinclair keeps pushing. She tells Annie what she believes Richie did and demands that Annie admit what she did. "I remember that Richie was gone and people were happy," Annie says. "My brother was sick and deserved to die!" Dr. Sinclair smacks Annie! She goes into Aidan's room, closes the vent and tells him she is close to cracking Annie. She insists that Annie is manipulating her. "I will make sure she pays," Sinclair says and then warns Aidan to stay out of her way! She apologizes for being so vehement; Aidan says he reacts the same way when he is passionate about something. She hugs him. Aidan comforts her, saying she deserves more than a lunatic like him to talk to. She insists he isn't crazy, he is just heartbroken and she understands exactly how that feels! She tells him to get back to work on Annie; he says he'll have better luck if he can see Annie in person. She lets him go to Annie and watches from the hall. Aidan quietly tells Annie that Sinclair is somehow connected to Richie – and they are going to use that to keep her out of prison! An orderly comes in to take Aidan away. In the hall Sinclair asks Aidan why he didn't push harder.

    Shucked and Fried, Sweetie, Shucked and Fried!

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    At Oakhaven Aidan tells Annie that he is okay now. She wonders if she should give up but he tells her to keep fighting back by not telling Dr. Sinclair anything. She agrees. Dr. Sinclair walks into Aidan's room! She takes him into the hall and demands to know why he wants to keep Annie locked up. Aidan says she is dangerous and asks why Dr. Sinclair is so bent on keeping Annie locked up. She says it is her job but Aidan keeps pushing – he asks what Annie ever did to Dr. Sinclair! "She is only a patient," Dr. Sinclair insists and then asks if Ryan knows he is there. He tells her about his special ops past, saying he told Ryan that he was on a job in D.C. She tells him to get Annie to admit her deceit! Later, Aidan sneaks into Annie's room. He points at the vent so she will know Dr. Sinclair is listening and then says he's kept her secret about Richie's death – so far! He tells her to admit she killed Richie and then makes the 'cut' sign over his neck so she won't say anything. Sinclair listens and starts to cry. Annie says she didn't kill anyone! An orderly finds them and takes Aidan into the hall where Dr. Sinclair is waiting. Annie hides the pictures of Richie under her pillow, very upset.

    Kendall's Awake!

    Friday, January 30 2009

    At Oakhaven the fire alarm keeps Annie from admitting she killed Richie! Dr. Sinclair goes to stop the alarm and Aidan yells at Annie that he is there. Aidan tells her that she did nothing wrong and can't tell Sinclair anything. Just then Dr. Sinclair walks into the room! She demands to know who he was talking to; Aidan says it was the aliens. Annie listens at the vent as Sinclair questions him about the fire alarm – and then pulls a key from his pocket! Two orderlies come in and drug Aidan – with truth serum! Dr. Sinclair questions Aidan about his job as a secret agent. Aidan says his last mission was to save a doctor in Africa; Aidan separates himself from the drug, reminding himself that he has to save Annie. He will only talk about Jake's rescue. Annie holds her hand up to the vent, trying to give Aidan strength. He hesitates and says he is Crush the Great! Dr. Sinclair goes to the vent and demands to know his name. Aidan tells her! She remembers everything from his file but Aidan insists he was helping to protect Emma. Aidan says he is at Oakhaven to ensure Annie stays locked up for life!

    Mamma Drama!

    Thursday, January 29 2009

    Dr. Sinclair watches Annie rocking on the floor of her room. A nurse reports that Aidan was quiet all night. Tad arrives to say he wants to follow her around for the day. Dr. Sinclair tells him to drop the act because she knows what he wants! She says he won't sway her diagnosis of Annie's psychosis. "She is not insane and I intend to prove it," Dr. Sinclair declares. Tad wonders why she is so adamant; she tells him to back off and brings up Dixie's betrayal and offers to get him in touch with a psychiatrist. Tad walks away. Dr. Sinclair goes into Annie's room and tells her it is time for visualization. She describes the scene the night of Richie's death. Annie hears Aidan's voice reminding her not to tell the doctor anything. Dr. Sinclair tells Annie that she hated her brother and murdered him! She throws a tire iron onto the floor! Annie gets very nervous. Dr. Sinclair tells Annie exactly how she killed Richie but she refuses to admit she did it. Sinclair keeps pushing and accusing until Annie pushes her away – and grabs the tire iron! Annie realizes what she has done and drops the tire iron. Two orderlies come in and drug her! Annie comes around to find Dr. Sinclair sitting on her bed. "I want to help you," the doctor says and brings up the crime scene photos of Richie's murder. Annie tries to turn away but Dr. Sinclair won't let her. She demands that Annie admit she killed Richie. Annie is about to confess when someone sets off the fire alarm!

    Will You Raise My Baby?

    Wednesday, January 28 2009

    Tad just listens to Dr. Sinclair at ConFusion. He asks how she could love her patients; she says there are many different levels of love. She says the key to building a relationship is trust. She sees his wedding ring and asks about his marriage. Tad clams up and then turns off the recorder. "I don't even know why we're married," he says. She psychoanalyzes him, making Tad uncomfortable. He asks if she is ever off the clock; she says no, implying that if she stopped working murderers would get off scot-free! Tad turns the recorder back on and asks why putting away the bad guys is so important. Jesse arrives and asks how they know each other! Dr. Sinclair asks how Jesse knows Tad; Tad says they only know one another through their wives. Dr. Sinclair leaves. Jesse sits down and Tad asks him to help them take down Dr. Sinclair. Jesse doesn't want to do it because he believes Ryan and Greenlee are in grave danger from Annie. Tad insists that Sinclair has ulterior motives. David and Krystal arrive and soon after Angie arrives. She tells Jesse he was right and she should have avoided David. David leaves. Krystal goes to Tad and gives Tad the divorce papers. He signs them and wishes her well. He returns the wedding band to her.

    Dr. Sinclair comes to the penthouse. She questions Ryan about Tad. She knows Tad was using an alias and suggests that Annie get a new doctor! She then threatens that if another doctor is called in, Annie could endanger them both. She leaves. Ryan swears to Greenlee that Annie can't hurt them. Greenlee dreams that Annie escapes, confronts Ryan and kills him!

    Dr. Sinclair returns to Oakhaven and asks an orderly about Aidan. She sneaks into Annie's room as Annie sleeps and says, "He can't save you. No one can!"

    An Uncomfortable Moment...

    Tuesday, January 27 2009

    Dr. Sinclair stops by Ryan's. She tells Ryan and Greenlee, again, that Annie is faking her psychosis, but says not to worry because she is changing the treatment and Annie will go to jail. She leaves. Greenlee calls Tad downstairs. He has been listening and says Sinclair definitely has an agenda! Greenlee leaves for work and Tad starts researching Dr. Sinclair on the Internet! Tad and Ryan find only good news about the doctor at first but then Tad notices a two year gap in her service record. He looks deeper into that area and finds that she suddenly quit her job and when she did go back to work it was in a different state! Tad calls Dr. Sinclair, pretends to be a reporter and asks for an interview!

    At Oakhaven Annie pleads with 'Mr. Stone' to talk to her but the room next door is empty. An orderly comes in and says she doesn't ever have to worry about her friend again. She tries to talk through the vent again – Dr. Sinclair is on the other side! Dr. Sinclair comes into Annie's room but when she remembers everything Aidan said she won't talk to the doctor. Dr. Sinclair questions her about her friend but Annie will only talk about Ryan. Seeing an opening Dr. Sinclair says Ryan wants Annie to work with her. Annie sits down. Dr. Sinclair starts a game of word association but will only say words related to the accident that killed Richie. Annie sees what she is doing and replies with words like 'sister' or 'flat tire'. Dr. Sinclair says, "Stone." Annie clams up but Sinclair keeps pushing her. Finally Annie says they aren't alone – because flying monkeys are in the room! She starts dodging and ducking so Dr. Sinclair leaves. Annie goes back to the vent, begging her friend to talk to her but no one says a word. She looks through the vent and can't see anyone. "What have they done to you?" she wonders.

    Tad meets Dr. Sinclair at ConFusion and begins talking about her specialty in forensic psychology. He pretends to be very impressed with her abilities and asks how she stays sane when she works so closely with insanity. She says it is easy to get into the minds of criminals because she can empathize with them. "When you know where they're coming from you can put judgment aside," she says. Tad keeps up the questions; Dr. Sinclair talks about the bond between a patient and a therapist and says it is almost like being in love!

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