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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Riley Sinclair

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Riley Sinclair Played by McKenzie Westmore on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    McKenzie Westmore (John Paschal/NBC)
    Dr. Riley Sinclair

    Actor: McKenzie Westmore

    Who played Dr. Riley Sinclair over the years

    McKenzie Westmore (December 12, 2008 - present)

    Useful information on Dr. Riley Sinclair

    * Dr. Sinclair is Annie's psychiatrist!


    Current: Psychiatrist


    Dr. Sinclair appeared on the scene as Annie's psychiatrist in December of 2008.










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    Thursday, February 19 2009: Annie Fights Back!

    At Oak Haven Annie fights off Dr. Sinclair and then runs to the door but it is locked. She bangs on the door, screaming for help as Sinclair tries to inject her with the substance. Annie fights her off and gets control of the needle as Aidan and the director of the hospital walk in! Aidan takes control as Sinclair collapses. Orderlies rush in and take Sinclair away as Annie explains that Sinclair was trying to kill her.

    David calls someone from the hospital. Then, Sinclair is brought in; he takes charge of her case as Angie rushes to Annie and Aidan. Jesse hurries in and says Annie is going to be charged with another attempted murder! Aidan explains about his investigation at Oak Haven but that doesn't convince Jesse. Tad walks up and sides with Aidan! He tells Jesse about the things he learned about Sinclair and the things she said that day at ConFusion. Both insist to Jesse that Sinclair had a death wish for Annie. David comes out and tells Jesse that Sinclair will live. Jesse goes in to question Sinclair; she admits that Annie is really crazy and she wants Annie dead. "Will I get to see Richie now?" Sinclair asks.

    Wednesday, February 18 2009: A Vow of Revenge!

    At Oak Haven Annie tells Sinclair that she knows all about her past. Aidan returns. He tells Sinclair that Greenlee's accident was just that. Sinclair is crushed; she says that since she can't use the taped confession – because he'll go to the judge - Annie is going to get off free and clear! "Yeah, Annie told me everything," she says. Aidan angers Sinclair by saying Richie tortured people, especially Annie. She insists he was fascinating and loving and Annie deserves to be punished. Aidan says Annie has been punished enough. "If she kills more people – and she will! – that is on you," Sinclair says. She says she'll turn over Annie's case and leave town. Sinclair sneaks into Annie's room and says she is being transferred – to a morgue! She pulls a tire iron from behind her back and asks if Annie feels the way Richie must have felt. She turns Annie around and runs the tire iron up her back – then drops it! Annie turns and yells at her that Richie wasn't capable of loving anyone. Sinclair slugs her and Annie hits her head on the chair. She is knocked out! Annie fights to her feet but Sinclair is waiting. She puts a syringe to Annie's throat and says this will be her last breath!

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