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    All My Children CAST - Brot Monroe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brot Monroe Played by J.R. Martinez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    J.R. Martinez

    Real Name: J.R. Martinez


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    Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her.

    Monday, September 19 2011

    Randi and Frankie want to celebrate Natalia and Brot's engagement at Krystal's, but the happy couple don't want to go overboard when Jesse and Angie lost their babies and Angie still can't see. Jesse shows up and tells the group the wedding should be held at the house, because Angie got her sight back.

    When Jesse returns home, Angie tells him that after seeing the pain in his face today, she realized how selfish she's been by not letting them grieve together. All she could do is think of herself, but she now sees that it was his love that made all the decision he made. She thanks him for that. As they kiss and get cozy on the couch, Maya stops by with Lucy. Angie is overjoyed to actually see the both of them. Angie holds Lucy as Maya indicates that things aren't great with Liza, so Angie invites them to come back. Frankie, Randi, Brot and Natalia enter and Angie cries as she hugs each one of them. Natalia asks Angie to help her pick out wedding invitations and Brot hands them a bottle of champagne to continue the celebration. They toast to their family, which is filled with love.

    Visiting Hours.

    Wednesday, September 14 2011

    Liza visits David at the police department. He assumes she's there as his lawyer, but she declares she's not taking his case. David is taken aback because she's always been there for him, but she tells him she's not that person anymore. She's not giving up on him though. She'll root for him on the sidelines that he'll actually learn something. Dixie and Tad show up as Liza leaves. Dixie pointblank asks if David has Babe. He thinks they are jumping to conclusions. Besides, he doesn't owe them anything. Dixie is grateful for him saving her life and urges him to help save another one: JR. David is unfazed by hearing of JR's problems. Besides, he wouldn't save his daughter just to let JR destroy her again. Tad appeals to him on Babe and Krystal's behalf. David and Tad exchange heated words and Brot enters to tell Dixie and Tad to leave.

    In The Middle Of The Night.

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    Natalia surprises Brot at the station. She wonders what he's working on so late. He responds, "My resignation letter." She can't understand why he would want to do this, but knows something has been bothering him for awhile. He says he can't keep lying. He can't be a cop anymore because he can't pretend he's on the right side of the law. Brot confesses his involvement in Jesse switching babies. He doesn't care about his job. He just wants to make it right. He says this isn't the first time he's made a bad call that cost people. In Iraq, he switched shifts with someone but his friend died during his shift. He wonders why it had to be his friend, who had a family, and not him. Natalia assures him it wasn't his fault. Natalia is grateful Brot was there for Jesse so he didn't have to grieve for Ellie alone. He asks if any of this will make her stop loving him. She tells him she could never stop loving him. They head home where they make love.

    Don't Try So Hard.

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    Zach and Ryan are hauled into the police station, as Brot tries to keep the peace between them.

    Jesse and David stand over Angie in her hospital room as she wakes up. Angie is told the new cells were implanted, now all they have to do is wait. Frankie joins them as David explains how her eyesight should come back slowly. Jesse gets a call from Brot, who says he just pulled Ryan over for reckless driving while Zach was holding a gun on him after finding him breaking into David's lab.

    David shows up at the station after learning about Ryan breaking into his lab. He angrily tells Zach he can't be rocking the boat right now. Besides, that lab is empty anyway. Zach counters that Ryan can't see what's really in there so David needs to press charges to stall him while he cleans it up. David anxiously wonders what Zach did. Zach responds that he's just making sure David can finish his work. David worries about Ryan, but Zach says he will take care of him, whatever it takes. Zach declares his loyalty to David and asks if he trusts him. David appreciates his devotion, but Zach's beef with Ryan is making things more difficult in regards to his other patients. He doesn't want their recovery rushed so he asks Zach to take it down a notch. David asks what he did to Griffin. Zach just says, "Trust," and then asks who else David has stashed away. David tells him there are two people in recovery who are almost ready to be revealed. He pleads with Zach not to screw it up.

    It’s Yours Maya.

    Thursday, September 01 2011

    At the police station, Brot gives Jesse a coffee who admits he told Angie the truth. Angie wants to tell Maya. He could lose everything. Brot offers to cover his story. Jesse won’t hear of it.

    No Drama. No Stress.

    Friday, August 26 2011

    Jesse meets a nervous Brot at confusion. Brot wants Jesse's blessing to marry Natalia. Jesse is happy to welcome Brot to the family. Jesse thanks him for everything. He knows it hasn't been easy, but it looks like their secret will stay a secret. Jesse leaves and Natalia arrives. Brot tells his lady that his life hasn't been the same since he first laid eyes on her. Every day with her in it is better. He asks her to marry him and she excitedly says yes. As they celebrate, Tad arrives. Brot shares the good news and Tad congratulates them. He asks for a minute alone with Brot. Natalia leaves the area and Tad asks him about a baby left in a squad car. Brot stutters a bit, but says he doesn't know anything.

    Time To Grow Up.

    Wednesday, August 03 2011

    Bianca and Marissa confront JR at Krystal's about him driving drunk in Bianca's car. Marissa rails at him about how AJ doesn’t even want to see him. JR thinks Marissa is just filling their son's head with lies. He tells Bianca and Marissa to go off and do what "you people do." Marissa reveals she's gotten a restraining order. Until he goes to rehab and proves he is a responsible parent, she has full custody of AJ. JR becomes enraged and tells the women to get out of his sight. Across the restaurant, Jesse vents to Brot about David letting Angie down. Brot thinks Angie can deal with whatever happens, but Jesse worries about her finding out about Lucy as well. Mookie walks in, which only intensifies Jesse's concerns. Jesse knows it will end badly and declares he needs to tell Angie the truth. Brot doesn’t think it's a good idea. Mookie approaches JR after the women have left and quits his job working on the house. JR doesn't care. Mookie doesn't appreciate the way JR is talking to him. He calls him a drunk ass. JR flips his table over and punches him in the stomach. Jesse and Brot intervene. Jesse notes JR is drunk and offers to take him home to sleep it off. JR pushes Jesse, who tells Brot to cuff him for assaulting a police officer.

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