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    All My Children CAST - Rebecca Fowler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Fowler Played by Laura Koffman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Laura Koffman (Laura Koffman)

    Birthday: October 29, 1964
    Birthplace: Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Laura Koffman
    Height: 5'5"
    Web site:


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    All My Children 10,000th Episode!

    Wednesday, November 12 2008

    Jesse and Angie read the story and then see Frankie. He is still angry and tells Jesse that he should have been honest from the beginning. Angie listens. Jesse says he did what he did because he loves his family. Angie interrupts to say Rebecca is awake. When Jesse leaves, she tells Frankie that Jesse needed Rebecca and they shouldn't judge him for that. "Jesse had no one. She saved him," she says. Jesse returns and Frankie tells him how hurt and angry he still is. He apologizes for not being more understanding. "I forgive you," he says and they hug. They go into Rebecca's room and join hands as they observe the moment of silence.

    Annie Contacts Ryan!

    Monday, November 10 2008

    Jesse goes to talk to Rebecca and apologizes for leaving her at a time like this. She says she is the one who let him go and now she needs him to let her go! Angie listens. Jesse says he can't walk away because he loved her. Rebecca says he has to focus on Natalia. They talk about a shared sunrise when they were still a family. He holds her hand and she goes to sleep. He leaves her room.

    Is Brot Alive?

    Friday, November 07 2008

    Frankie sees Angie and Jesse with Natalia; he is short with them and walks off. Natalia goes to Rebecca's room; Angie and Jesse break the news of Rebecca's illness. Rebecca says she doesn't want to undergo any kind of therapy because it will take her strength. Jesse says he wants Natalia to be part of his family with Angie and she runs out of the room. Jesse isn't sure what to do. He takes Rebecca's hand and apologizes for not being a better man; he also apologizes to Angie for not telling her the truth sooner. He asks what Rebecca needs. Rebecca has a seizure and Angie calls for help.

    A Ghost in Pine Valley!

    Friday, October 31 2008

    At the hospital, Jesse tries to talk to Frankie but Frankie blows him off. Jesse is in the hall when he sees Angie with Rebecca and Natalia! Jesse is a little freaked out, especially when Angie says she and Rebecca are getting along just fine. Both Rebecca and Angie try to ease Jesse's worries but this only weirds him out more. Natalia tells Jesse that he has to talk to Rebecca about 'their talk'; Rebecca says there is nothing wrong with her but the more she says this, the more Angie wonders if it is true.

    Back in Natalia's room, Rebecca says that Natalia was wrong to come to Pine Valley because she has hurt Jesse and the rest of his family. Angie walks in. Rebecca asks if she can hurry Natalia's release – and then collapses!

    Angie Meets Rebecca!

    Tuesday, October 28 2008

    Angie leaves Natalia's room and bumps into Rebecca. They each recognize the other; Angie tells her Natalia's room number and says she'll be okay.

    Rebecca gets to Natalia's room but refuses to talk to Nat about Jesse when the girl brings him up. Natalia won't drop the subject, which upsets Rebecca. She walks out and runs into Angie. Rebecca apologizes for messing up her life but Angie says this made her see things clearly. Rebecca asks if Jesse is happy; Angie says he is. She says she made the right decision. Angie asks if she plans to see Jesse and Rebecca says she is only in town for Natalia!

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