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    All My Children CAST - Rebecca Fowler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca Fowler Played by Laura Koffman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Laura Koffman (Laura Koffman)

    Birthday: October 29, 1964
    Birthplace: Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Laura Koffman
    Height: 5'5"
    Web site:


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    Rebecca's Dying Wish!

    Thursday, February 05 2009

    At the hospital David makes a smarmy comment about shacking up and then advises Amanda to lock up the liquor from JR! Krystal comes over again and asks why he is antagonizing Amanda. He says he was congratulating them and then swears he isn't the baby's father when she asks again. Krystal leaves. Jake comes down the hall a few minutes later and David demands to know what he is doing at the hospital. Jake says he has every right to be in a public place but David disagrees. Frankie sees them and tells Jake he is late for their lunch plans! They walk away and Frankie asks what is up; Jake says he has a plan to save Angie's job and his own! Jake leaves. Frankie continues down the hall and hears Rebecca telling her doctor she doesn't want more chemo. He goes inside and she swears him to silence. She begs him not to tell the family and says she has already had all of the extra time she needed. He finally agrees. Natalia arrives, excited about her first days at the police academy. Rebecca lies, telling her that the chemo is working!

    Angie leaves the apartment. Jake, waiting on the fire escape, is let inside by Jesse. He gives Jesse the pills, says they need to crush them and make new pills to plant on David! Jesse says from this point someone else is going to take over – and Tad walks in! Jesse tells Tad the plan and he jumps on-board. The three of them leave. Angie arrives home with Natalia, Rebecca and Frankie a while later. Rebecca announces that she is going back to Denver for more treatment but when Natalia offers to come along, she refuses. Angie gets suspicious. Rebecca manages to get rid of the kids and starts to cry. She asks Angie to tell Jesse goodbye and then walks out the door.

    Wedding Plans!

    Tuesday, January 06 2009

    At the casino party Reese tells Zach about Erica's accusations. He can't believe that but Reese says because of that she wants to move out of Zach's home. Bianca hears them and says she wants to stay at Zach's despite Erica's accusations. "We just have to tune her out," Binks says. Zach decides to talk to Erica himself. Opal tells Greenlee that the Tarot reading was faulty and can't be trusted. Krystal faints and David comes to her aid. When she comes to she says a hospital in the Congo called and Tad is there with Jamie and Jeff! Opal and Jake are relieved and call Joe. Meanwhile, Krystal pushes David away but Opal and Jake get the wrong idea – and think Krystal is with David! Adam and Erica are at the bar when Jack arrives with Carmen. He goes to Greenlee's side to congratulate her on the engagement to Ryan. Jack tells them both divorces are moving along. He wishes them the best. Jesse, Angie, Frankie, Randi, Rebecca and Natalia arrive. Frankie and Randi run into Petey with a date – and without his glasses! She questions him about his date and Petey says it is a ploy to make Colby jealous! He says he picked his date up from an escort service! Rebecca is ready to let off some steam and goes to the Blackjack tables as Angie asks Jesse to enjoy the evening. Amanda grabs JR and tries to get him to leave with her before anyone notices he is drinking. JR grabs another bottle of champagne and runs into Colby. She can't believe he is drinking and begs him to stop. JR sends her away. Colby goes to Adam as JR pulls Amanda on to the dance floor. David watches and congratulates Amanda on her good work.

    Opal takes Krystal aside and warns her to stop seeing David! Krystal insists she and David are friends but Opal doesn't buy it! Rebecca wins a lot of money at the roulette tables while Jesse encourages Angie to gamble. She sees David watching and, worried that he'll fire her for gambling, declines. Jack walks in and Jake asks if they can talk. Jake brings up David's actions at the hospital and asks Jack to defend him to the hospital board! Jack agrees. Greenlee is still unsettled after the run-in with Opal but Ryan sits down with her and swears they are fated to be together. He pulls up his phone calendar and tells Greenlee to hit a button. She hits February 14 and Ryan says that is the perfect date for the wedding! Bianca and Reese overhear and say that is their wedding date. Greens wants to switch the date but Ryan says they can't. Bianca suggests a double wedding! JR hits the dance floor with Petey's date! Petey doesn't care. Colby pleads with Adam to get JR home but Adam says they can't force JR to do anything. Amanda intervenes and gets JR off the dance floor. Greens says JR is falling apart because of Babe! He hears her and angrily confronts her. Zach steps in and tells JR to back off. Adam finally intervenes, blaming Amanda. JR says his drinking is all Adam's fault! Colby leads Adam away and then David pounces, telling JR he isn't fit to raise Little A! JR takes a swing at David but misses and Amanda drags him out of the party. Petey is upset that Colby didn't even notice him and cries on Randi's shoulder. She says changing his outward appearance was a mistake; Petey wonders how he can show Colby the real Pete.

    Erica corners Bianca and says a double wedding with Ryan and Greens will only ruin her own wedding! Bianca won't back down and tells Erica she doesn't want her planning the wedding! Zach congratulates Ryan and Greenlee on their engagement. Angie sits down with Rebecca at the gambling tables. Rebecca wins again and tells Angie how great she feels. David watches and then goes to Krystal, who is feeling more upset than ever. She starts to freak out and he tries to calm her down. Calling herself a terrible person she walks away. A man looks at Randi strangely and Frankie tells him to get lost. Carmen asks what is going on and Randi tells her about the porno that Fletcher released over the Internet. Zach takes the stage and thanks everyone for coming to the opening. Erica tries to convince Jack to intervene with Greenlee and get her to cancel the wedding. Jack refuses. As they are dancing Jesse asks Angie about the scene with Opal and Krystal. Angie says Krystal might be having an affair – with David! Jesse can't believe it. At the bar Adam blames himself for JR's actions while Colby tries to encourage him. Adam swears he won't let Amanda ruin JR! On the dance floor Ryan and Greenlee kiss. She apologizes for freaking out over Opal's proclamation. Natalia watches Jesse dance with Rebecca and Frankie joins her. Bianca asks Reese if a double wedding is okay. Reese says it is fine but wishes they could have a real wedding in Pennsylvania instead of going to another state to have it legalized. Zach dances with Erica and they talk about Kendall. Erica brings up Bianca and wonders how to fix both of her daughter's lives. Zach tells Erica to trust in Reese's love for Bianca because it is as strong as his love for Kendall.

    I'm A Secret Agent Alien Fighter!

    Friday, December 12 2008

    Rebecca asks why they are all there. Angie tells her what happened as Frankie tells a waiting nurse that their coma patient just woke up! Natalia thanks Frankie and Angie for helping her get ready to let go; she is even more thankful that Rebecca woke up. She is certain that Rebecca will survive. Randi mentions her photo shoot; she and Frankie leave. Rebecca's doctor says they can see her now so Jesse and Natalia go inside. The doctor tells Angie that Rebecca has some time left. David sees her and asks what happened; she explains. David reminds Angie that she violated Rebecca's wishes and warns her that she will lose her license if she does something like this again. "You will not destroy me or my career. Stay out of my way," Angie says and goes into Rebecca's room. Angie brings up the treatment options. Rebecca says she wants to go back to Denver but Angie won't hear of it.

    What's Going On Here?

    Thursday, December 11 2008

    Natalia accuses Angie of wanting Rebecca dead and Frankie rushes into the room. Angie leaves and Natalia says her mother is breathing. Frankie says the machines are breathing for her. Angie tells Jesse she has made things worse; Jesse says she's done all she could. Zach watches them from the admissions desk. Angie says she can't be the one who turns off Rebecca's machines because Natalia will never forgive her; Jesse says he'll help. Natalia tells Frankie how Rebecca has always been around for her. Frankie says Angie gives him the same kind of support; she asks to be alone so Frankie joins Angie and Jesse in the hall. Randi brings coffee for everyone; he kisses her. Angie asks Randi to stay and calls her family. Natalia comes into the hall and says she is ready; she asks the family to go inside with her. Jesse thanks Rebecca for saving him and giving him Natalia. Angie thanks Rebecca for giving Jesse back to her. Natalia cries and promises to make Rebecca proud. She kisses her hand; Jesse holds her. Angie removes the tube from Rebecca's mouth and turns off the machines as Natalia cries. Rebecca begins to cough! She asks what happened.

    Emotional Accusations!

    Wednesday, December 10 2008

    Angie gets Rebecca to the hospital; she has revived her even though Rebecca signed a Do Not Resuscitate order! Natalia is grateful but Angie takes Jesse aside and says she shouldn't have done it. David overhears them and says Angie is in big trouble! David asks Jesse to leave so he goes to check in at the police department. David reminds Angie of the DNR form; Angie says she couldn't just let Rebecca go. David says Angie has to take Rebecca off of life support; Angie says David can't make her do anything. David says he'll bring Joe in on it. Frankie tells Natalia that there is a chance that Rebecca will come around. Natalia hears David and Angie arguing and goes to the hall. David walks away and Angie tells her that they have to take Rebecca off of life support because those were her wishes; Natalia cries that she can't do that and goes back to Rebecca's room. Jesse returns and says he'll deal with Natalia. He asks Angie to buy them a little time. David returns with Joe; Angie says she was just giving Natalia time to say goodbye. Joe backs up David and tells her she has to turn off the machines. He leaves. David offers to 'help' Angie! She tells him off.

    Joe meets with Tad; he tells Joe about Jeff and Jamie, says he has a suitcase filled with cash and is going after their family. Joe tells him to be careful. David listens from the hall. He continues on when Tad leaves and tells Frankie to stop working on Rebecca's chart! He walks away before Frankie can reply. Randi arrives and Frankie tells her about Angie's upcoming decision. He says Rebecca isn't in pain but she may never wake up. This makes Randi think of her mother's death. They watch as Jesse tells Natalia that she has to let Rebecca go now. Natalia cries. "We have to respect her wishes," Jesse says. Natalia says she can't say goodbye and Jesse holds her. Frankie asks about Randi's mother. She says her mother had breast cancer and was in terrible pain; she died when Randi was seven. She says she blamed herself for her mother's death because she prayed for the pain to end; she suggests that Natalia may be afraid of the same thing. Angie finds them and tells Frankie they have 24 hours. Jesse comes out and says Natalia can't let go. Angie goes inside to talk to Natalia. Natalia begs Rebecca to come back to her; Angie tells her she has to say goodbye because they can't change things. Natalia accuses Angie of wanting Rebecca dead!

    Can You Give Me A Chance?

    Tuesday, December 09 2008

    At the apartment, Angie and Jesse are talking about Christmas as the snow begins to fall heavily. Rebecca comes out and says her grandmother said snow like this was God's way of covering over messes. Frankie and Natalia return from a tree picking snowball fight. They argue about who would have won if they had continued and then go back outside to play around some more. Angie turns to Jesse and says they are in a good place now. They decorate the tree and Natalia asks if they can put some of their family ornaments with the Hubbard ornaments. Angie allows it; Jesse and Natalia talk about old times which makes both Rebecca and Angie sad. Rebecca follows Angie into her bedroom and apologizes for what Natalia did; Angie says it is okay because Christmas is about family – their entire family. Rebecca breaks down and says Natalia hung the old ornaments because she is afraid Rebecca won't live until Christmas. She reaches out to Angie and says, "I had Jesse for 20 Christmases but you get to have him for all the rest!" Cassandra calls and apologizes for not coming home for Christmas. Angie is upset because she's never spent a holiday without Cass. "I think she just doesn't want to deal with the drama," Angie says and tells Jesse that she isn't sure she can get through all of this. Jesse tells her to feel however she wants to feel and not try to shut things out. Natalia calls out for help because Rebecca has passed out. They go to her and Angie says there is nothing they can do. "You can't let her die!" Natalia exclaims.

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