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    All My Children CAST - Reese Williams - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Reese Williams Played by Tamara Braun on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tamara Braun (Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)

    Birthday: April 18 1971
    Birthplace: Evanston, Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tamara Braun
    Height: 5'5


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    What If I Don't Believe You?

    Wednesday, April 29 2009

    Miranda is thrilled to see Reese and runs into her arms. She wants Reese to come back to Paris; Reese promises to visit. Miranda tells Reese how sad Bianca has been lately and hopes that Binks will cheer up if Reese comes home. Bianca can't believe what she is hearing as Reese comforts the girl. Binks sends Miranda back upstairs. Reese thanks her for allowing the visit and then asks about Bianca's sadness. She apologizes for making Binks feel bad. Binks apologizes for sending the get well letter. Things get uncomfortable and Bianca heads upstairs but Reese stops her and asks if she can visit the girls in Paris. Bianca approves another visit. Zach walks in. Reese goes upstairs to see the girls while Zach tells her about Alexander. Reese comes downstairs in tears and turns to leave. Bianca stops her and says she wants them to be together. Reese is stunned and thrilled. They hug and decide to try to make things work. Erica arrives and is happy for them. She tells the girls goodbye as Zach loads their luggage. Bianca and Reese are both excited to be moving forward. Erica wonders where Kendall is but there is no time to find her. Binks and Reese leave for Paris. After they are gone Erica asks Zach about Kendall. He insists that Kendall is exactly where she wants to be – with Ryan! He goes upstairs.

    Please, One More Try?

    Tuesday, April 28 2009

    In the park Zach and Kendall give Bianca and Reese space to talk. Reese rambles about missing her and how beautiful Bianca is. Binks says she is only here for a friend's wedding. Reese gives her flowers and Bianca realizes Reese is wearing their wedding bands. Reese explains that when she was blind she could finally see things clearly – that no one else's feelings mattered because she wants a life with Bianca. She asks Bianca to take a chance on them. Bianca worries that Reese will turn away from her again. Reese apologizes for turning to Zach. "I will never, ever love anyone the way I love you," Reese says. Bianca admits she wants to trust Reese but says she can't do it. Reese says they can take small steps but Bianca insists that she can't risk the girls' emotional health. She insists that Reese is so used to keeping secrets she can never trust her. Reese says, "I know who I am now and I will never be whole without you."

    Reese meets Zach at the casino and over drinks thanks him for trying to help her win back Bianca. She says they can't go back to what they were and wonders where they go from here. She worries about Gabrielle and Miranda. Reese plays with her wedding band, thinking about the vows they made to each other. Bianca calls.

    Reese hurries to the Slater home to see the kids. She holds Gabrielle and plays with her.

    But I Didn't Kill Dixie!

    Monday, April 27 2009

    Erica pushes Reese to leave for Paris immediately and gives Reese some gifts for the girls. Reese is excited to be moving forward finally and tells Erica that she is going to surprise Bianca in their park with Miranda. Erica tells her to wear the dress from their first meeting and encourages her. Kendall walks in, hears them and demands explanations! She tells Reese to stay away from Binks. When Reese says she is going to Paris Kendall keeps Bianca's whereabouts secret. Reese leaves. When they are alone Erica interrogates Kendall about Reese. Kendall blames Reese for her marriage breakup. Erica tells Kendall she ruined her own marriage!

    Zach gets to the airport just in time to tell Reese that Binks and the girls are here! Reese isn't sure what to do. Kendall calls and tells him they need to call a truce for Bianca's sake!

    Zach takes Reese to the park where they meet Kendall and Bianca.

    Get A Grip!

    Friday, April 24 2009

    Zach is at the casino when Reese finds him. She still has Gabby's picture and can't put it down. She thinks she'll never see her daughter and tells Zach it's time to go home. She decides to surprise Binks in Paris and asks for Zach's blessing. He tells her not to go and to let Binks come to her!

    At Fusion Erica is taking charge of artwork and meetings when Ryan walks in. She asks what is going on with Annie after showing him the paper. Ryan says he isn't sure but Emma is safe for now. Erica worries that Kendall will become Annie's next target but Ryan insists she isn't in danger because she's still with Zach! He insists that Kendall isn't ready to move on and then quits Fusion! Kendall overhears this and asks Erica for some space. After she leaves Kendall asks Ryan to stay at work but he insists that Annie and Emma are taking too much of his time. She begs him for another chance – at work and in their personal life! "You want me because of Zach," Ryan says, "and I'm not doing that." He grabs a box of his things and leaves. Erica returns. Kendall rages at Erica about people ignoring her! Erica tells Kendall to get a grip and stop blaming other people for her problems because she alone is responsible! Reese arrives to check a problem with Fusion's wiring. Erica is distracted but realizes that Reese is really there to talk about Binks. Reese shows her the picture of Gabrielle and tells Erica that she can't stay away from Binks. She asks for help. "What is wrong with the women around here?" Erica asks and when Reese says she wants to go to Paris, Erica tells her to go! She tells Reese that Binks can't come back to Pine Valley!

    Reese vs. Kendall!

    Wednesday, April 22 2009

    Kendall barges into Reese's Yacht Club suite and demands to know where Zach is. She accuses Reese of sleeping with Zach. Reese laughs at her but then says she isn't the woman sleeping with Zach. Kendall tells Reese about Zach's one-nighter, saying that Zach would never do that to her! "I've never met anyone as hypocritical as you. If things were so good between you and Zach why did you sleep with Ryan the first chance you got?" Reese asks! Kendall insists that all of her marital problems are because of Reese and Reese tells her to get real – and get out! She shows Kendall the door. Zach arrives and shows Reese a picture of Gabrielle that Bianca sent.

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