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    All My Children CAST - Randi Morgan Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Randi Morgan Hubbard Played by Denise Vasi on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Denise Vasi (

    Birthday: March 1, 1981
    Birthplace: New York, NY
    Real Name: Denise Vasi
    Height: 5'7"


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    To Pine Valley.

    Friday, September 23 2011

    Everyone gathers at the Chandler mansion. Even Jamie returns because he's worried about JR. Angie notices that Randi is glowing. She admits to her husband, Jesse, and Angie that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Zach and Griffin attempt niceties as Kendall intervenes to say she's glad David is out of their lives. David shows up looking for Adam. JR lurks in the secret tunnel, as Erica and Opal show up and see Jack talking to Krystal. JR pulls out his gun as Adam and the room toast to Pine Valley. Erica asks to talk to Jack alone, as David finds Adam. David is snarky, as Adam doesn’t know how to thank him. David says cash is always a good start. Adam wonders what he's up to, but gives him money anyway. Bianca and Marissa show up after getting a text message. They think it was from Scott, but he denies it.

    Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her.

    Monday, September 19 2011

    Randi and Frankie want to celebrate Natalia and Brot's engagement at Krystal's, but the happy couple don't want to go overboard when Jesse and Angie lost their babies and Angie still can't see. Jesse shows up and tells the group the wedding should be held at the house, because Angie got her sight back.

    When Jesse returns home, Angie tells him that after seeing the pain in his face today, she realized how selfish she's been by not letting them grieve together. All she could do is think of herself, but she now sees that it was his love that made all the decision he made. She thanks him for that. As they kiss and get cozy on the couch, Maya stops by with Lucy. Angie is overjoyed to actually see the both of them. Angie holds Lucy as Maya indicates that things aren't great with Liza, so Angie invites them to come back. Frankie, Randi, Brot and Natalia enter and Angie cries as she hugs each one of them. Natalia asks Angie to help her pick out wedding invitations and Brot hands them a bottle of champagne to continue the celebration. They toast to their family, which is filled with love.

    It's Never Too Late.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    Randi and Frankie run into Maya and Lucy at Krystal's. After spending some time together, Frankie and Randi leave to pick up Angie. Liza enters and overhears Maya on the phone saying she has to drop her classes because she can't get a job to accommodate school. Liza thinks Angie and Jesse would help her, but she can't ask them for anything more.

    Mommy's Here.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    Frankie and Randi try to calm a screaming Lucy in the park. Maya finds them and takes the bottle. She gets Lucy to calm down and the Hubbards note she has the magic touch. Randi heads back to the office. Maya tells Frankie Tad dropped her case. She thinks he found out something about her baby and didn't tell her. Frankie thinks it's too painful for Tad because of what he went through with Kathy. Maya doesn’t think so. She feels like he doesn't want her to find her baby, but she won't give up.


    Friday, July 01 2011

    Madison walks into Fusion with a new look for her product idea. Randi is blown away by all the black leather and dark eye makeup. Madison thinks they've been limited in their products and their vision, but she's found it. When Kendall and Greenlee arrive, Randi helps Madison present her pitch. Madison's bad ass image presents her take no crap, total domination, women empowerment line idea called Fierce. A stunned Greenlee and Kendall call her concept amazing, but think they have to shape it. Madison believes it's complete, but the bosses think it's too intense for the consumers. Randi offers that there's nothing wrong with a little tweaking. Madison is offended and leaves. Greenlee and Kendall discuss the line and then Kendall brings up Griffin. She says she'll miss him, but again gets defensive about how she really feels. Greenlee leads her away to get her out of her bad place.

    Grabbing Happiness When They Can.

    Wednesday, June 29 2011

    Madison sails into Fusion and tells Greenlee and Randi she's working on ideas for a new line. She doesn’t have one nailed down just yet, but it's right there waiting for her. Madison thinks Greenlee is looking at her like she's a flake, but Greenlee is excited she is working on new ideas and orders her to get busy. Greenlee gets a call from Emma, who, with Ryan's prompting, says she needs her to come home right now for help with her hamster. Greenlee is touched her stepdaughter called her for help and leaves. Randi hovers over Madison, who insists she's fine. She points out she has spent her whole life trying to please a man and it never turned out well. Fusion is about her and honoring her daughter. She has a new attitude and orders Randi to stop waiting for her to freak out.

    Let It Go.

    Friday, June 24 2011

    Madison shows up at Fusion. Randi wants to take her home, but Madison insists she's fine. She needs to work so she can forget. When she's not there all she does is obsess over Sara. Randi recalls her miscarriage and how having Frankie and his family around helped her. Madison reminds her she doesn’t have a family, but Randi points out she has Scott. Madison is only reminded of why he befriended her in the first place and who set that up, as Greenlee walks in. Greenlee delegates work to Randi and Madison. Kendall shows up and, alone with Greenlee, says they are going to finish their conversation. Greenlee knows Madison will find a way to get Ryan's attention over this. Kendall thinks Greenlee should stop worrying about Madison and be grateful she has a great guy who loves her. It bothers Greenlee that Madison thinks she can still have Ryan. Kendall tells her to get over it because she would give anything to be living with the love of her life.

    In The Moment.

    Thursday, June 23 2011

    Madison freezes up during her on-camera presentation to the buyers at Fusion, as she thinks about losing her baby. Madison runs out and Greenlee takes over. Randi checks on Madison, who insists she's fine, but when she gets on the elevator, she slumps down to the floor. Randi returns to Greenlee and questions her treatment of Madison. Greenlee knows she will be judged no matter what she does and tells Randi to go home. After Randi leaves, Jack shows up with cotton candy for his daughter. They talk about her relationship with Ryan and Jack thinks she's afraid what she has will be taken away. He tells her to stop being afraid or else she will lose everything.

    Off The Clock.

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Ryan arrives at Fusion looking for Greenlee, but finds Madison passed out on her desk. He thinks she should get home to get some sleep, but she reminds him she is not his problem anymore. She spills coffee on the sketches she was working on. Ryan sees them and says she is more talented than he ever thought. Greenlee shows up and thanks Madison for picking up the slack for her while she's been dealing with the hospital. Ryan shoots her a worried look and she tells Madison her sketches are good and asks her to do the entire presentation. However, she suggests she go nap and shower first. Madison thanks her and runs out. Ryan tells Greenlee she is pretty amazing and points out they still work well together because she picked up on his look. Greenlee gets a call from Kendall and Ryan leaves to help with the David situation. Randi returns after finding a disheveled Madison in the park. Madison walks in and Greenlee notes she didn't freshen up. A confident Madison begins the presentation, but freezes up when she thinks about Sara.

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