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    All My Children CAST - Randi Morgan Hubbard

    Full detailed profile on Randi Morgan Hubbard Played by Denise Vasi on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Denise Vasi (
    Randi Morgan Hubbard

    Actor: Denise Vasi

    Who played Randi Morgan Hubbard over the years

    Denise Vasi - (June 2008 - present)

    Useful information on Randi Morgan Hubbard

    * Randi appeared in the hospital with several bruises.
    * Frankie helped her escape her pimp, Fletcher.
    * Was a foster child.
    * Randi was the face of Fusion.
    * Is married to Frankie Hubbard.
    * Lost Frankie's baby.
    * Randi killed a former client, Henry North, when he came on to her in a hotel room - Jesse helped her cover it up.
    * Wanted to keep Amanda's baby when she found him.


    Current: Fusion employee/model


    Randi came into Pine Valley Hospital one night with some bad bruises and a fractured arm. Frankie was her doctor and he believed she was a victim of domestic abuse. She disappeared but returned several days later with more bruises. Frankie tracked her down to return something she left at the hospital. Over the next few weeks, Frankie convinced Randi that she deserved more from her life and she left her pimp, Fletcher.

    Fletcher began threatening Randi to Frankie but Frankie kept this quiet. One night, the two fought and Randi found out everything. She tried to push Frankie away but he wouldn't let her. With the help of the Hubbard family, Randi got a job at ConFusion and began to turn her life around.

    Soon after, Frankie asked her to move in with him on a platonic basis. Randi agreed. Although she felt close to him, they did not sleep together. After the tornadoes, Erica took over Fusion and asked Randi to be the new face of Fusion; she agreed.

    Randi and Frankie got married and she helped him through his difficulties when he lost the use of his hands in Iraq. A john from Randi's past that was in love with her - D.A. Henry North - tried to rekindle the flame between them, but Randi refused. When he forced himself on her, she hit him on the head with a bookend. She thought she killed him, as did her father-in-law, Jesse Hubbard, who helped her cover up North's death. Randi lost the baby she was carrying, and wanted to keep Amanda's baby when she found him. Randi returned to Fusion and eventually befriended Madison, who actually killed Henry, and who caused problems for the Hubbards.

    Randi's career as a Fusion model took off, which meant she had to travel a lot. While she was on the road, Frankie often lent Madison his shoulder to cry on. Randi noticed a flirtation developing between them, but nothing ever happened. Randi helped keep Madison's secret that she was pregnant with Ryan's baby after they broke up.




    Frankie Hubbard (husband)
    Henry North (client/lover)
    Fletcher (her pimp)




    Unnamed baby (with Frankie Hubbard, miscarried)


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    Friday, September 23 2011: To Pine Valley.

    Everyone gathers at the Chandler mansion. Even Jamie returns because he's worried about JR. Angie notices that Randi is glowing. She admits to her husband, Jesse, and Angie that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Zach and Griffin attempt niceties as Kendall intervenes to say she's glad David is out of their lives. David shows up looking for Adam. JR lurks in the secret tunnel, as Erica and Opal show up and see Jack talking to Krystal. JR pulls out his gun as Adam and the room toast to Pine Valley. Erica asks to talk to Jack alone, as David finds Adam. David is snarky, as Adam doesn’t know how to thank him. David says cash is always a good start. Adam wonders what he's up to, but gives him money anyway. Bianca and Marissa show up after getting a text message. They think it was from Scott, but he denies it.

    Monday, September 19 2011: Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her.

    Randi and Frankie want to celebrate Natalia and Brot's engagement at Krystal's, but the happy couple don't want to go overboard when Jesse and Angie lost their babies and Angie still can't see. Jesse shows up and tells the group the wedding should be held at the house, because Angie got her sight back.

    When Jesse returns home, Angie tells him that after seeing the pain in his face today, she realized how selfish she's been by not letting them grieve together. All she could do is think of herself, but she now sees that it was his love that made all the decision he made. She thanks him for that. As they kiss and get cozy on the couch, Maya stops by with Lucy. Angie is overjoyed to actually see the both of them. Angie holds Lucy as Maya indicates that things aren't great with Liza, so Angie invites them to come back. Frankie, Randi, Brot and Natalia enter and Angie cries as she hugs each one of them. Natalia asks Angie to help her pick out wedding invitations and Brot hands them a bottle of champagne to continue the celebration. They toast to their family, which is filled with love.

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