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    All My Children CAST - Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin Played by Alexa Gerasimovich on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexa Gerasimovich (

    Birthday: April 11, 2002
    Birthplace: New York, NY, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Alexa Gerasimovich


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    Happiness Is Infinite.

    Thursday, August 18 2011

    Tad brings Dixie back to the house. Kathy greets them, wondering if Cara is there because it's time for her band-aid to come off. Dixie helps her daughter instead. Kathy asks if she is going to leave again. Dixie promises she will never leave again, but she has to stay with JR for awhile. Kathy embraces her mother.

    Tell Me Everything.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011

    At the hospital, David tells someone on his cell phone that he must find Dixie before she ruins things.

    Krystal opens her door to find David there. She asks why he's there. She lets him in but warns him not to hurt anyone she loves. He calls her pathetic. She retorts that the only thing he's ever done is bring people misery and pain. He claims he's helped human kind. She says the only two good things he's ever done is bring Marissa and Babe into this world and adds, “God rest Babe's soul.” He asks why she thinks God is caring for Babe and leaves. Opal joins Krystal and moans about David hurting people again. Tad arrives and announces that he’s got something to show them. He tells them to brace themselves. Dixie walks in and Opal asks if it’s really her. She says yes and they hug and cry. Tad explains that Dixie escaped from Oak Haven and Tad found her. Krystal hugs Dixie next. Tad calls Cara on his phone and asks her to call him. He’s worried about her. Kathy runs in and Dixie stares at her. Tad tells Kathy he wants her to meet her mom. She really did see her mother in the park. Kathy says she looks just like her pictures. Dixie calls her beautiful and they hug. Tears run down Dixie’s cheeks. Dixie apologizes for not coming home sooner. Kathy tells her mom that her dad has told her all about her mom. Tad calls her "Sunshine." Dixie wants to call her that too. Kathy asks if she can call her mommy. They hug. Dixie wants to hear everything but Tad wants them to eat first. Tad and Kathy go to the kitchen and he tells Dixie to stay put. Dixie sees Tad’s wedding photograph. Krystal comes in with some food. Dixie thanks Krystal for taking care of Kathy when she was away. Kathy says she should thank Cara too.

    Are You Real?

    Friday, August 05 2011

    At home, Tad talks with Kathy, who is looking through Dixie's box of things. He tries to explain why Dixie died, as Opal and Cara stand nearby. Opal takes Kathy upstairs and Cara tells Tad he's a great dad. He thanks her for being there. Cara gets a call from the hospital about a fire at Oak Haven, so she has to tend to the patients.

    Goodbye, Stuart!

    Thursday, May 28 2009

    At Tad's, Jake reassures Amanda that they can get through this. She wishes she was tougher, like Liza. Thinking about Liza's threat, Jake insists that Amanda is better off being soft-hearted and kisses her. On the terrace, Tad entertains Kathy and Jenny with a puppet show. Opal stops by before the memorial and Tad decides to go with her.


    Thursday, March 12 2009

    Petey and Colby return to Cortlandt Manor and find smoke filling the place! Petey makes his way inside while Colby calls for help. Taylor and Brot happen by. Taylor tells Colby to wait for the fire department and then she goes inside with Brot to find Opal, Kathy and Petey. Inside, Taylor hears Kathy crying and hurries to her, telling Brot to keep looking for the others. He finds Petey and pushes him to the door. Taylor makes it downstairs with Kathy; Petey collapses at the door and Colby pulls him outside. Brot finally comes out with Opal in his arms.

    JR rushes Amanda to the hospital where Frankie takes over and pushes JR out of the room. Amanda breaks down when she is alone with Frankie and tells him about David. Frankie goes to do some charts and JR flips out, demanding to see Amanda. Angie overhears and tries to convince Frankie to let JR in. Just then David and Krystal arrive with the lawyers and demand to see Amanda. Tad arrives just after Colby gets there with Taylor, Brot, Petey, Kathy and Opal. Colby tells Tad what happened and then Angie turns back to Krystal to demand answers from her. Krystal defends David, saying he has been taking care of her. "He is using you!" Angie exclaims, angering Krystal. She echoes David, saying Little A has no chance with the Chandlers. Angie points out that a judge has already found Krystal incompetent – by stripping her of custody of Jenny! Krystal storms off. Jesse arrives and warns Angie to back off. Angie worries that if she backs off David will find out how involved Frankie is in Amanda's lie. Tad tells Taylor how grateful he is to her and hugs her. Jesse can't believe what Angie has told him.

    David and Krystal Are Married!

    Tuesday, March 03 2009

    Tad walks into the sitting room to find Jake asleep – and his dating website open! Jake wakes and says he was just researching but Tad ribs him about the site anyway. Jake lunges at Tad and they wrestle over the computer all the way to the sofa! Kathy comes downstairs, screaming for her lost Plastic Man and then Jenny starts crying. Kathy notices the woman on the computer screen and her dog and starts going on and on about getting a puppy. Tad finds the missing doll and heads upstairs as Jake takes Kathy into the kitchen.

    Shucked and Fried, Sweetie, Shucked and Fried!

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    David waits for Krystal outside the yacht. He tells her he was dropping by to warn Amanda about JR but saw the two of them inside with Kathy! Rather than making things worse with Tad, he says he called Krystal for help. He convinces her to go to Kathy before calling Tad so that he won't be implicated in her 'kidnapping'. He even tells her that this will cause Tad to give her more visits with the girls. She calls JR to tell him that Kathy is missing and he tells her that Kathy is with him; she convinces JR not to call Tad because she is in the neighborhood. She goes inside a short time later and sits with Kathy, who is still upset. Krystal reassures her that she is loved and then calls Tad. He is relieved; Krystal says they will be home soon. With Krystal and Kathy gone Amanda wonders if she is ready for motherhood. JR says she can handle it and tries to encourage her. Amanda munches on crackers as JR tells her how he is turning his life around – again. He asks for a chance to be in the baby's life but Amanda isn't sure it's a good idea. "I could teach you the ropes," he says, mentioning rectal thermometers and diapers. He even offers her money but Amanda says she doesn't want his money. She reminds him that Adam will figure this out. "He already knows," JR says quietly, upsetting Amanda. He promises to keep Adam out of the picture but Amanda doesn't believe he can. She mentions David's threats about the baby and a DNA test. He tells her to move into the mansion so he can protect her from David!

    Tad hangs up, relieved. Jesse and Angie still wonder if David could be involved because of the way Krystal hightailed it out of the house earlier. Tad vows revenge if David tried to kidnap Kathy. Krystal arrives with Kathy a few minutes later. Tad hugs and kisses her and then sends Kathy into the living room with Angie. He asks where Kathy was, which sets Krystal off again in her defense of David. Tad goes into the living room and asks Kathy where she was. She tells them she left because of their fight and wandered down to the docks where she ran into Amanda. Tad still thinks David is responsible because of his relationship with Krystal! He says he knows that David pulled her away from the house but she won't admit anything. She angrily says she is tired of trying to be his second-best-Dixie! Kathy starts screaming and Tad picks her up to apologize. He finally backs off and thanks Krystal for bringing Kathy home. Angie and Jesse leave. Kathy asks if Krystal can sleep over but she says she can't. She offers to take Kathy ice skating soon and Tad sends her upstairs to get ready for bed. When they are alone Krystal thanks Tad for letting her stay a while and then asks if she can see Jenny a little more often. Tad asks about the pills and she swears she has kicked them. "Then we should start talking about joint custody," he says! Krystal is thrilled. She leaves a while later. Kathy calls to Tad for her bedtime story. David is waiting near the porch for Krystal; she tells him that he was right and now Tad is so thankful to her that they are talking about joint custody. David proposes!

    Kathy is Missing!

    Monday, February 02 2009

    Amanda goes to the yacht and finds Kathy running around the area. She brings Kathy inside and starts to call Tad but Kathy begs her not to make her go back home! She tells Amanda about the fight. Amanda calms Kathy down, telling her that Tad and Krystal didn't mean the things they said. Kathy hugs her, crying. She falls asleep and Amanda gets emotional. JR arrives and Amanda tells him to call Tad. Then, she says she wants to be a mother to their child! JR is thrilled. David watches them from the door.

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