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    All My Children CAST - Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin

    Full detailed profile on Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin Played by Alexa Gerasimovich on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexa Gerasimovich (
    Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin

    Actor: Alexa Gerasimovich

    Who played Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin over the years

    Alexa Gerasimovich (2007 - present)

    Useful information on Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin

    *Kathy Mershon arrived in Pine Valley with her mother in 2007; she became Julia Santos' ward when her mother died.
    *Kathy was revealed to be Kate, Tad and Dixie's daughter, after Dixie's death in 2007. Dixie was the only person who knew the truth.
    *Adam discovered the truth about Kathy/Kate but decided to keep the news from Tad for revenge.
    *In 2008, Dixie's ghost returned to Pine Valley and haunted Adam into revealing the truth.


    Current: Child


    Kathy came to Pine Valley with her mother in 2007. After her mother's death, Kathy went to live with Julia Santos. She bonded very quickly with Julia and Jamie Martin. Through Jamie she came to know Tad Martin and developed a strong relationship with him, too. Throughout this time, Tad was searching for his biological daughter, Kate, whom Dixie had given up for adoption.

    Adam Chandler blackmailed Amanda Dillon into stealing some information from Wildwind, in that box of information was Kathy's adoption certificate and the information that Kathy was really Kate. Adam tried to blackmail Krystal, saying he would tell Tad about Kate if she would come back to him. Krystal turned him down.

    In 2008, Dixie's ghost returned to Pine Valley and haunted Adam into revealing the truth. Kathy was thrilled that Tad was her father but she did not like Krystal being part of their life. She tried to get Tad to leave Krystal or Krystal to leave Tad but none of her actions worked; Tad finally realized what was going on and the family began to have counseling sessions.






    Tad Martin (father)
    Dixie Cooney Martin (mother)
    Jamie Martin (half-brother)
    Jenny Colby Carey Martin (half-sister)
    Ray Gardner (paternal biological grandfather - deceased)
    Opal (paternal biological grandmother)
    Joseph Martin Sr. (paternal adoptive grandfather)
    Ruth Parker (paternal adoptive grandmother)
    Henry Martin (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Kate Martin (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
    Jenny Gardner (biological paternal aunt - deceased)
    Peter Cortlandt (biological paternal half-uncle)
    Jeff Martin (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
    Tara Martin (paternal half-aunt by adoption)
    Bobby Martin (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
    Philip Brent (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
    Jake Martin Jr. (paternal uncle by adoption)
    Joshua Madden (paternal half-cousin by adoption)




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    Thursday, August 18 2011: Happiness Is Infinite.

    Tad brings Dixie back to the house. Kathy greets them, wondering if Cara is there because it's time for her band-aid to come off. Dixie helps her daughter instead. Kathy asks if she is going to leave again. Dixie promises she will never leave again, but she has to stay with JR for awhile. Kathy embraces her mother.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011: Tell Me Everything.

    At the hospital, David tells someone on his cell phone that he must find Dixie before she ruins things.

    Krystal opens her door to find David there. She asks why he's there. She lets him in but warns him not to hurt anyone she loves. He calls her pathetic. She retorts that the only thing he's ever done is bring people misery and pain. He claims he's helped human kind. She says the only two good things he's ever done is bring Marissa and Babe into this world and adds, “God rest Babe's soul.” He asks why she thinks God is caring for Babe and leaves. Opal joins Krystal and moans about David hurting people again. Tad arrives and announces that he’s got something to show them. He tells them to brace themselves. Dixie walks in and Opal asks if it’s really her. She says yes and they hug and cry. Tad explains that Dixie escaped from Oak Haven and Tad found her. Krystal hugs Dixie next. Tad calls Cara on his phone and asks her to call him. He’s worried about her. Kathy runs in and Dixie stares at her. Tad tells Kathy he wants her to meet her mom. She really did see her mother in the park. Kathy says she looks just like her pictures. Dixie calls her beautiful and they hug. Tears run down Dixie’s cheeks. Dixie apologizes for not coming home sooner. Kathy tells her mom that her dad has told her all about her mom. Tad calls her "Sunshine." Dixie wants to call her that too. Kathy asks if she can call her mommy. They hug. Dixie wants to hear everything but Tad wants them to eat first. Tad and Kathy go to the kitchen and he tells Dixie to stay put. Dixie sees Tad’s wedding photograph. Krystal comes in with some food. Dixie thanks Krystal for taking care of Kathy when she was away. Kathy says she should thank Cara too.

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