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    All My Children CAST - Colby Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colby Chandler (Past) Played by Brianne Moncrief on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brianne Moncrief (

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brianne Moncrief


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    There's Proof!

    Tuesday, December 01 2009

    At Liza's house, Bailey informs her that she's not staying. Bailey says she needs time alone with her son to figure out what to do. Liza tells her she doesn't have to leave. Colby comes in, hearing the conversation, and asks Liza, "You're not going to let her go, are you?" Bailey tells Liza that she decided to do this after she saw how she treated Damon. Liza declares that he's a walking heartache. Colby calls Bailey ungrateful. Liza tells Bailey that she can stay there with Stuart - she and Colby will move out. Colby disagrees with Liza's offer. They stand aside and argue about it. Liza says she can keep close tabs on Bailey this way - she'll see if they can stay with Jake. She warns Colby not to antagonize Bailey any more. Colby goes to pack. Liza takes Stuart from Bailey, telling him she has to go, and to be a good boy for Bailey. She kisses him and hands him back. Just then, Liza gets a call from Zach - he orders her to get over to his house! Liza tells Bailey she has business and will get her things later.

    Amanda's Admission.

    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Annie is confronted by Colby in her hospital room. They trade barbs, and Annie remarks that Adam would have loved her nearly as much as he loved their baby. Annie wonders if it isn't enough that she nearly died? Colby replies that it's not nearly enough! She lays into Annie about her wrongdoings, and notes that she dragged Scott down with her! Annie protests, but Colby says she's a gold digger, and she's only kept him around because she wants him to get Emma for her. Annie tells Colby that she loves Adam, and that she talked him out of putting a gun to his own head! Colby feels this is all Annie's fault, and warns her she had better do something to get Adam out of trouble!

    JR and Marissa rush into the hospital and past a stunned Colby. As JR asks for Little Adam, Marissa explains that his school called - he was brought in with extreme stomach pains! Joe, who has examined Little A, tells JR there is nothing physically wrong with him - it appears to be psychosomatic. JR wonders if it's due to Adam's confession. JR walks over to his son, who admits that the teachers were saying things about his grandpa. JR, Colby, and Marissa gather close as JR tells Little A that Adam isn't a bad person. When they step back, Colby shakes her head and tells JR that Annie has brainwashed Adam. Marissa tells them to remember that in the end, they will always love Adam - it's all about love. Joe tells Little Adam he has been a good patient, and he goes with Colby to pick a treasure out of the box. Marissa and JR continue to talk about Adam - she thinks maybe he does love Annie. JR feels that Annie isn't capable of sacrifice - even for a man she supposedly loves.

    Out of Gas!

    Thursday, November 12 2009

    Colby is at JR's house. He tells her that Annie is pregnant with Adam's baby. She is angry at JR for washing his hands of their father - she thinks he needs help. JR tells Colby that he doesn't want them anymore - he wants a new family with Annie. Colby says Annie is using this baby to trap him. JR says Adam only cares about Annie now. Colby wants to see for herself if that's true.

    Colby arrives at the Chandler House, where she hears Adam talking about getting full custody of 'the child' on the phone. She assumes he's talking about the baby - taking full custody and throwing Annie out. Adam gets off the phone and explains that it's Emma he was referring to - he and Annie and the baby want to be a family with Emma. Colby, hurt, asks, "And where will I be?" She confronts him about killing Stuart, which he says was a horrible mistake. Suddenly, they hear Annie scream. They rush into the other room, where they meet Scott rushing in as well. Annie is on the floor saying she tripped and fell down the stairs. Adam gasps, "The baby! My baby!" Annie says she's fine, but Adam insists that she needs to go see a doctor. Scott says he'll carry her upstairs to rest. Colby snarks that Annie will be fine - she never stays down too long! She tells Adam if he's going to let Annie trash his life - she's gone! Scott comes back into the room, where Adam laments the loss of all his children's faith in him. Scott tries to reassure him. Adam wonders if they both have been bewitched by Annie. Just then she appears in the doorway holding her stomach - she thinks she lost the baby!

    Colby arrives at ConFusion, where she tells JR he was right about Adam - he's completely taken in by Annie. JR and Liza both vow to be there for her.

    My Angel.

    Monday, November 09 2009

    At the Chandler Mansion, Zach pushes on Adam's chest as he lies prone on the floor. Zach says he's not going anywhere until he clears Kendall! Annie says she'll save Adam, but Colby steps forward and tells her she's nothing to this family! Annie turns to Ryan and accuses him of almost killing Adam just so he could punish her! Annie kneels down and pleads with Adam not to die.

    In the hospital, David leans over Adam and asks if he took too many of the little blue pills he gave him. Adam tells him he looks very red (devil)! David says the heart attack should have killed him, but he's just too mean to die! Out in the waiting area, Colby tells Annie to get out, but Annie says she's now her stepmother. JR and Marissa stand there too, and JR threatens to have the marriage annulled! Annie says he has no idea what lengths she's gone to to take care of Adam. Marissa suddenly puts it all together. She tells Annie that the reason she married him isn't so he can't testify against her, but so she can't testify against him! Colby demands to know if it's true - did her father kill Uncle Stuart. Just then, David says they can see Adam. He looks at Annie and smiles, saying, "My angel." As Annie sits with Adam, JR and Marissa watch. JR tells Marissa that he thought Annie was guilty - now he realizes that his father has the same sort of weaknesses as he does. Marissa says they're in this together now - she's his wife. JR says, "Yeah. And Annie's my dad's."

    Colby is back at the Chandler Mansion. She tells Liza that her father is alive, then says she heard something crazy at the hospital. Liza asks if it's about Adam being the one who shot Stuart? Colby asks if it's true - Liza says it is, according to Zach and Ryan. Bailey checks in by phone, but Liza lets her go, she wants to focus on Colby. Liza and Colby embrace.

    Adam Sees Stuart And Collapses!

    Friday, November 06 2009

    Liza and Bailey admire a sleeping baby Stuart. Colby arrives and sees the newspaper article on the wedding but doesn’t want to attend it because she says Annie is using her dad. Liza persuades Colby to go. She tells her to forget about Annie and support her father. Bailey offers to babysit Stuart so they can both go. She assures Liza that she won’t screw it up this time.

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