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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Jake Martin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Jake Martin Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin (

    Birthday: January 5, 1968
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Happiness Is Infinite.

    Thursday, August 18 2011

    At the hospital, Amanda tells Jake good things are happening to the people in Pine Valley and it's only the beginning. As she talks about Dixie coming back to Tad, Cara walks in. Amanda and Jake grow quiet, but Cara says she's happy for Dixie and Tad. Amanda asks for a couple of minutes alone. Jake and Cara head to the hallway. Cara tells Jake she sees Tad looking at Dixie the way he looks at Amanda. She knows what happiness looks like and she won't settle for anything less wherever she ends up. Jake knows she's saying goodbye. Jake returns to Amanda, who knows Cara will be fine. She says happiness is infinite and they will all find that out soon. Jake leaves when Amanda falls asleep. He literally runs into a nurse who is giving Cara's files to another doctor.

    Dixie naps on the couch at Tad's house and dreams of David treating her. He tells her he has the power to save lives and take them away. Tad wakes her up but she doesn’t tell him about her dream. She leaves the room as Tad takes off his wedding ring. Jake stops by looking for Cara. He thinks she's skipping town.

    You Can See Your Husband Now.

    Monday, August 15 2011

    Jake sits by Amanda's hospital bedside worried that she hasn't woken up yet. When she does open her eyes, she wishes Jake wouldn't have woken her because it was so beautiful. Jake says they are waiting for her test results, but Amanda knows she is cancer free because "they" told her. Jake looks concerned as Amanda continues to talk about how beautiful this place was. She saw her father and his dog. She tells him something amazing is going to happen.

    Tad's Good Taste In Women.

    Wednesday, August 10 2011

    After Maya picks Trevor up from Amanda and Jake at Krystal's, Amanda thanks Jake for loving her. She asks him to not let go. He responds, "Never."

    Jake brings Amanda to the hospital. She leaves him for a bit to visit with her mother alone. Griffin finds Jake to ask how Amanda is doing. Jake says his wife is spectacular. He didn’t know that though until right this second. Griffin assures him Amanda isn't going anywhere.

    Before Amanda goes into surgery, Jake visits with his wife and tells her he was thinking about their wedding vows. He notes that you never think you'll be at the "for worse" part. He promises he'll be there and that he's not going anywhere.

    Together Forever.

    Monday, August 08 2011

    Amanda visits Janet at the hospital and learns her mother wants to move in with her. Jake declares he won't leave her alone with Amanda. He then asks if she was the one who set the fire to Oak Haven. Janet is incensed by the accusations and expresses her disdain towards Jake. She tells her daughter she doesn’t need a man to lean on. Amanda tells her she has cancer and explains about the hysterectomy. Janet knows she will survive this. She tells Amanda she is already a great mother to Trevor even if she can't have more kids. Janet orders Jake to take care of her little girl. Amanda cries as she reaches for her mother's hand.

    Pancakes? No.

    Thursday, August 04 2011

    Opal interrupts Jake and Amanda at Krystal's talking about her hysterectomy. She begs Jake to get Erica out of Oak Haven. Jake tells her he doesn't have any pull with Oak Haven. Amanda tells Jake she has an appointment with Opal for a Glamorama treatment. Jake leaves and Amanda tells Opal she's worried about Jake and fears she's like Janet. Opal tells her she saw Janet at Oak Haven and assures her she is nothing like her mother and never will be. Before Amanda leaves, she asks Opal to not let Janet get her hands on Trevor if something happens to her.

    Tad bumps into Jake in the park and learns Amanda is going to have a hysterectomy. Jake thinks it's true that you don't really know what you have until you lose it. Tad assures him Amanda isn't going anywhere. Cara joins them and tells Jake he just needs to support his wife. The way he loves will be more than enough. Cara then mentions she and Tad are going to Martha's Vineyard. Jake congratulates his brother as Amanda joins them. Amanda grabs the champagne from Jake's picnic basket and makes a toast to family. Once alone, Jake explains how he kept a piece of himself back from her and Trevor. He thinks he kept Cara and the past close because it was easier than the idea of being tied to one person for the rest of his life. He was a fool though and asks her to forgive him. If she can, he will give his whole self to her. Amanda admits she pushed him away too. Jake thinks it takes something like cancer to really see what they have.

    See For Yourself.

    Tuesday, August 02 2011

    In the hospital break room, Amanda tells Jake she doesn't want to spend whatever time she has left talking about cancer. Jake knows their love will get them through this. They will smash any obstacle that gets in their way, she just has to believe in them. They meet with Dr. Hamilton, who recommends a hysterectomy as her best treatment option. Amanda is sad that she won't be able to have more children but Jake sees it a path to a full recovery. After the doctor has left, Amanda thinks Jake is disappointed in her. Jake is only disappointed in himself for not measuring up. Amanda really wanted to give Trevor a sibling and Jake another child. Jake promises to never take his focus off their family again. He declares all they need is the family they have.

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