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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Jake Martin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Jake Martin Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin (

    Birthday: January 5, 1968
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    What Happened Here, Didn't.

    Thursday, April 07 2011

    In an examining room, Cara asks if Jesse is okay. Angie says he's just had a rough couple of days. Cara asks about the night of the delivery again and Angie recalls it taking awhile for Jesse to hand the baby to her after she regained consciousness. Angie wishes Jesse would relax and enjoy what they have. Jake arrives to see Cara holding the baby. Angie leaves to find Jesse, as Cara tells Jake the baby is fine. Jake brings up the time they thought she was pregnant. He hopes she can have a family of her own some day. She doesn’t think it's in the cards for her. Amanda walks in, as does Frankie, who holds his baby sister. Frankie leaves with Lucy to find Angie and Jesse. Alone, Amanda tells Jake it's the perfect night for them to make a baby. Jake tells her it's not the best time because they're having some problems. Amanda thinks having another baby will release all the tension between them and help them focus on what is important – their family. Jake says they will have another baby, but not now. He then gets called away.

    Cara meets Jake in another part of the hospital and shares her concerns about Jesse with him. She tells him about the woman who was worried about her kid and says he was very inappropriate.

    The Best Fake Husband A Girl Could Ask For.

    Tuesday, April 05 2011

    Tad, Cara, Jake and Amanda set up Angie and Jesse's place for the baby. As Amanda makes a show of reminiscing about bringing Trevor home, Cara gets uncomfortable and leaves the room. Tad follows and Jake calls Amanda out on sending Cara messages. He wants her to stop being so paranoid. Out in the hall, Cara explains to Tad she thought she was pregnant once with Jake's baby and that was the closest she will ever come to having a child. She had her chance at love, now, she needs o pull herself together and move on. Amanda heads out to get some diapers as Tad and Cara return laughing. Jake suggests they go to his place to eat and finish working. Cara walks out and Jake dryly notes Tad is having a good time. Tad wonders what's up with his mood and Jake recalls that telling bad jokes was how he and Cara got over their arguments. Tad apologizes, but Jake knows he needs to be a good husband to Cara. Once they've left, Jesse, Angie and the baby come home.

    Downstairs at Jake and Amanda's, Griffin shows up as Amanda, Jake and Cara head upstairs with food for Jesse and Angie. Alone with Tad, Griffin says he's afraid that Zach's partners will go after Kendall if she goes through with the sale of the casinos. Tad adamantly tells Griffin he will set up the meeting with Diana as Cara returns. Tad heads upstairs as Cara questions Griffin about Kendall. He informs her he just turned down Kendall's offer to go to the wedding. Kendall is his friend and nothing more. Cara says that was a big admission and tells her brother she just wants him to be happy.

    Back at Jesse and Angie's place, Angie talks with Jake, Cara and Amanda, as Tad takes Jesse aside to question his subdued demeanor. Jesse plays it off and then says he knows Tad married Cara to protect her. After their guests have left, Jesse assures Angie everything will be fine and then hides the letter from Lucy's biological mother in the desk. Angie falls asleep, but has a nightmare that she couldn't find Lucy. Jesse promises he will never let anything happen to either one of them.

    Jake, Amanda and Cara head back upstairs. Jake leaves the room to give Trevor a bath and Amanda tells Cara she needs to limit her time with Jake to the hospital, as Tad walks in. Tad says she is there because he asked her to be. He asks her to give it a rest. Tad and Cara leave and Amanda apologizes to Jake for the day. He tells her she is the one putting Cara between them. He wants her to trust that he loves her.

    Setting Boundaries.

    Friday, April 01 2011

    Jake rubs Amanda's feet at home and then goes to the other room. Cara calls Jake's phone and Amanda answers, she tells Cara Jake is busy and hangs up.

    After Amanda drops Jake off at the hospital, Cara finds him and expresses her wonderment at Angie's baby surviving the traumatic birth. She thinks it goes against experience, but Jake says they shouldn’t argue with a miracle.

    At home, Jake brings up Amanda getting in Cara's face at the hospital. Amanda tells him Cara called this morning and she hung up on her in order to set some boundaries. Jake doesn't look thrilled, but Amanda thought they were on the same page regarding Cara. He assures her they are, but she needs to tell him when the hospital calls. He says they should forget Cara, but she wonders if he can. Tad and Cara stop by to ask for help with the baby furniture.

    Miracle Baby.

    Thursday, March 31 2011

    As Jake and Amanda enjoy some time together at home, Cara calls with news about Angie. Jake says he's on his way.

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