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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Jake Martin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Jake Martin Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin (

    Birthday: January 5, 1968
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Relative Danger!

    Thursday, May 08 2008

    In Darfur, Aidan loosens Jake's bonds and tells him to get ready because they'll be free soon. He tells Jake about Greens. Aidan watches through the barred windows but no chopper appears. Worried, he wonders what to do next and asks Jake if he has any ideas. Jake rifles through his field kit, saying there may be enough chemicals inside to make a bomb! Aidan fashions the bomb while Jake puts the chemicals together. Jake asks about his family and is relieved that they kept the rescue mission secret from the Martin family. Jake says he isn't going back to Pine Valley! The rebel leader approaches from outside. They hide the bomb makings and hurry back to their corner, pretending to be bound. The leader comes in, turns on a computer and says it is time to contact Cambias! Behind his back, Aidan tries to light the bomb fuse.

    Ryan, Zach, Kendall and Greenlee are waiting for word that Aidan and Jake have been rescued. Ryan and Zach get bad news - the helicopter they were sending in can't land because the heliport has been blown up! Greenlee wants to leave for Africa immediately but Kendall manages to calm Greens down. Zach takes Kendall aside to tell her he trusts Ryan again. She asks if he trusts her, too. "With my life," he says. Across the room, Ryan tells Greenlee that they'll bring Aidan back to her. Ryan calls another Darfur contact and manages to get a truck for the rescue mission. Kendall asks him not to say anything to Greens about his worries. Ryan finally admits he feels responsible because the clinic idea was his. Meanwhile, Zach shows how Aidan and Jake will escape. Another setback is called in - the new chopper was shot down in Egypt! Ryan gets a call and with a little more money changing hands, they get another helicopter in the air on the way to Darfur. To distract her, Kendall takes Greens for coffee. Just then another communiqué is received. It's the rebel leader! He tells Zach they will kill Aidan and Jake if Zach doesn't give them $5 million. Zach says he wants to see the men first and that he can have the money in an hour. The rebel leader cuts off the transmission. He calls back a few minutes later and puts Aidan and Jake on the screen! Zach tells Aidan the money will be there soon and to hang in; he asks the rebel leader to take the men to the landing field but the leader refuses. Greenlee and Kendall return, surprised to see the men on screen. Aidan tells Zach to tell Greenlee he loves her and keeps trying to light the fuse. Just then, shots erupt outside the compound and the rebels run out. The transmission goes dark!

    Babe Knows!

    Tuesday, May 06 2008

    In the Sudan, Aidan is taken captive. He tries to explain to the rebel leader - the same man Jake operated on - that he is a journalist. The leader doesn't buy his cover and demands Jake's ransom. Aidan says no money will exchange hands until they are certain Jake is alive. He is tossed into a cell. "Aidan Devane?" Jake asks from the corner, surprised to see him. Aidan explains about the botched rescue mission and Jake laughs. Aidan works his way across the room, getting very close to Jake so he can search for listening devices. Aidan admits he meant to be captured - because he has a homing device!

    Dangerous Operations...

    Monday, May 05 2008

    In the Sudan, Jake continues to operate on the rebel leader. He finally grasps the bullet as the other rebels run from the cell. With the rebel leader unable to stop him, Jake goes to the door. He can't leave the rebel, though, and returns to finish the surgery. The leader is surprised; Jake reasons that he wouldn't have gotten far without a gun. He finally gets the bullet out and closes the wound as the other rebels return. They take the leader away and lock Jake back inside.

    Who's Crazy Now?

    Friday, May 02 2008

    In his cell in the Sudan, Jake tries to get free. A soldier comes in, loosens his bonds but then looks. Jake runs after him but can't get through the door. He tries breaking through the barred windows but soldiers come in with guns and order Jake to help an injured rebel! Jake checks out the man's wound. He cuts into the rebel, who screams in pain. Jake asks for his field kit and water. The injured rebel, a captain, speaks to him in English; Jake warns him that the surgery won't be easy. He goes to work, asking for more light and clean shirts. When he has trouble removing the bullet the captain threatens his life!


    Wednesday, April 30 2008

    In a cold cell in Africa, Jake, beaten and tied up, sits against a wall.

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