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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Jake Martin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Jake Martin Played by Ricky Paull Goldin on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ricky Paull Goldin (

    Birthday: January 5, 1968
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Ricky Paull Goldin


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    Leave It Alone.

    Tuesday, April 19 2011

    The Martin brothers stop by the station to talk with Jesse. Tad admits Angie called to express her concern. They know he is shutting people out and they ask what's going on. Jesse insists there is nothing wrong, but Tad notes he's been like this since Lucy was born. Jesse wants them to leave it alone. When they don't, Jesse shouts at them to back off. Jake gets a call and leaves for the hospital.

    As David explains the procedure to Angie at the kitchen table, Jesse returns. He finds David holding Lucy and orders him out. Jesse demands to know what David was doing there. Angie tells him David thinks he can restore her sight. Jesse doesn't trust David, but Angie cries as she says she just wants to see again.

    Bianca visits Griffin in the hospital. He tells her he didn't kill that woman. Cara says he was falsely accused and falsely charged, which Kendall made happen. Bianca doesn't know what to believe, but Griffin insists he will prove his innocence. She tells him the Miranda Center donors are threatening to withdraw all funding. He announces he will resign until it is all cleared up. Kendall enters after Bianca has left. Cara wants her to leave, but Griffin has something to say. Based on the evidence, he understands why Kendall would believe he was guilty. Cara can't believe what he's saying and then lashes out at Kendall. Kendall apologizes and says she'll deal with things on her own. Cara follows Kendall out in the hallway to yell at her some more. Ricky is brought up and Cara explains how Ricky was grilling her about Kendall and Griffin. Cara says the two of them deserve each other. Cara returns to Griffin and tells him she will find the men who are after him. It means a lot to him, but he doesn't want to worry about her being in danger. Jake enters and Cara tells him Griffin is doing too well and will probably end up back in jail. Jake retorts that in his opinion, Griffin is actually critical. He also informs Griffin he could lose his medical license.

    Because You're Erica Kane.

    Friday, April 15 2011

    After Cara calls Jake for help, Jake and Amanda rush to the prison cell to tend to Griffin.

    Cara and Jake bring Griffin to the hospital as Jesse shows up to place a guard at the door. Cara is skeptical of the guard, but Jesse assures her no one will try to stab him again. He promises to find out who attacked Griffin. Cara returns to Jake and Griffin, as Amanda observes the closeness between the exes. Jesse reenters to tell them there were no fingerprints found. After some private pleading from Cara, Jake makes Griffin's condition seem worse than it is so he doesn’t have to go back to jail right away. After Jesse leaves, Griffin worries about Kendall, but Cara thinks she can take care of herself.

    Jake finds Amanda in the hallway and tells her he lied about Griffin's condition. She worries he is risking too much for Griffin and Cara. She fears he will get hurt, but he assures he'll be fine.

    As Simple As That.

    Thursday, April 14 2011

    Jake brings Amanda and Trevor to the park for a picnic. They put together some Easter baskets for Trevor, Jenny and Kathy and discuss adding to their family.

    Too Early To Tell.

    Friday, April 08 2011

    In the hospital hallway, Cara insists to a defensive Jake that something isn't right about Jesse and the baby. He thinks she's overreacting, but she reminds him the odds of a baby surviving a placenta abruption. Jake calls it a miracle and orders her to drop it. Tad runs up and tells Cara about Griffin.

    As Jake brings Angie and Lucy home, he asks who people think the baby looks like. Angie says she's been trying to get an answer on that and Jake agrees that it's too early to tell. Angie asks him to describe the expression on Lucy's face and asks if she seems happy. Jake says she seems peaceful. Angie is frustrated that she needs other people to tell her basic things about her own daughter. She says she had no doubts in the months leading up to the birth, but now that Lucy is there, she wants to see her. She wonders if that could ever be possible. She tells him about David's offer to help regain her eyesight. Jake is skeptical, but Angie explains how much her baby has taught her about courage and faith. She wants to be there for her child now and show her all that has not been in vain. Jake says he'll be there for her and Lucy and he will watch her back when it comes to David.

    What Happened Here, Didn't.

    Thursday, April 07 2011

    Angie and Jesse bring Lucy to the hospital after Jesse becomes concerned that Lucy was crying too hard. Cara takes Angie and Lucy into a room, as Jake reassures Jesse.

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