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    All My Children CAST - Carmen "Sugar" Morales - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carmen "Sugar" Morales Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (

    Birthday: June 9
    Real Name: Elizabeth Rodriguez


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    Chicago, Here They Come!

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    Outside the convenience store, Carmen and Erica stow away in the back of a big rig. The driver comes out and locks them in, ready to drive off to Chicago, not knowing that he's got two fugitives in tow!

    Jail Break!

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    After the van crashes, Erica tries to call for help but Carmen won't let her. When she sees the guard unconscious, she grabs his gun and tells Erica they are escaping - together! Because they are handcuffed together Erica has no choice but to tag along but she tries many times to make Carmen return to the truck. Carmen is focused on finding Mondo and making him pay for her arrest and conviction. Seeing that Carmen won't turn back, Erica tries to get her to go on alone but Carmen won't let her return to the van. Erica sits down on a log and refuses to move! Carmen grabs the gun and threatens to shoot but not kill Erica. They fight over the gun but Carmen is stronger than Erica and tells her to get moving. "It's your turn to catch a bad break," she says. They keep walking but a storm is brewing so Carmen decides to take shelter at a nearby farm house. They find an old horse blanket and try to keep warm in the barn. Carmen insists that going after Mondo is the only way to regain her self-confidence and heart. Erica brings up Kent's death and says killing isn't an easy thing, even when it is an accident. She gets nervous because of the approaching storm so Carmen tries to distract her by talking about celebrities. Erica pretends to sleep until Carmen does fall asleep. Erica watches as Carmen sleeps fitfully. She reaches for the gun!

    It's Really You!

    Monday, March 24 2008

    At the police station, Erica is trying to instruct Carmen on how to better herself in prison. Carmen is only interested in getting back at her ex and says Erica should just run off into the sunset and skip prison. Erica says she can't do that because she wants her real life back. Kendall and Zach arrive and Carmen gets even more star-struck. She promises Kendall to take care of Erica and introduces herself as "Sugar". Zach and Erica both try to encourage Kendall. Erica turns to Zach and points out that Erica just got over the "flu" and that he needs to keep a close eye on her. Zach takes Sugar away so Kendall and Erica can talk. When they are alone, Erica tells Kendall to forget about the past with Aidan, her friendship with Ryan and to concentrate solely on Zach and her children. Kendall angrily says she is already doing that. Erica reminds her of Aidan's bodyguard status and Ryan's wife and says she needs to visualize the men as anything other than the sexy men they are. She asks Kendall to get Zach so they can chat. Kendall stays with Carmen, who tells Kendall about her life. Across the room, Erica begs Zach to trust in Kendall and protect her. He promises. An officer arrives, handcuffs Erica and Carmen, and leads them to the transport van. The transport gets underway and Carmen tells Erica more about her life. She rants about Mondo and says he was her one chance at love. The driver loses control of the van and it skids off the road!

    Follow The Leader!

    Friday, March 21 2008

    Jack visits Erica's jail cell, telling her that she will be transferred to the prison that night. The closer she comes to the transfer the more upset Erica becomes. As Jack leaves, her new cell mate is brought in - it's Carmen from the courthouse! Carmen is stunned; she is Erica's self-proclaimed biggest fan. Erica is a little taken aback by Carmen's effusiveness. Carmen tells Erica about her own arrest - her boyfriend robbed a bank and left her with the car. She was arrested with the boyfriend and now has a 10 year sentence. Erica asks about the boyfriend and Carmen admits she loves him. Carmen tells Erica that she is going to bust out of prison and get back at her man - and Erica is going to help her!

    Don't Ever Touch Me Again!

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    Jack finds Samuel at the Valley Inn and tells him to stop persecuting Erica. Samuel compares his prosecution of Erica to Dr. Martin Luther King's "Do The Right Thing" speech. Jack says sending Erica to jail isn't the right thing and suggests if she were poor Sam wouldn't prosecute her. He goes upstairs to pick up Erica at her hotel room. Erica dons a disguise - a short, black wig and oversized sunglasses - and they proceed to the courthouse. Amid the cacophony of reporters wanting answers, Samuel approaches and tells Erica she shouldn't go inside just yet. Sam tells Erica about Jack meeting him at the Valley Inn. Josh tries to call Erica inside but a woman starts yelling from inside the courtroom and Sam says they need to stay out. Erica goes inside anyway. Carmen Morales is the defendant. She swears that she is an innocent victim and that she didn't do anything wrong. She tries to run from the courtroom after the sentencing but runs straight into Erica! Carmen asks Erica to sign her arm but the bailiffs haul her out of the courtroom first. Erica is called to the stand for her sentencing. Sam tells the judge their deal. The judge says the charges are too serious for such a light sentence!

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