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    All My Children CAST - Carmen "Sugar" Morales - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carmen "Sugar" Morales Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (

    Birthday: June 9
    Real Name: Elizabeth Rodriguez


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    Birthday Memories...

    Thursday, April 10 2008

    Jack arrives at the prison to see Erica. She asks how things are going and he says she is in for a long haul. The guard brings in Carmen; she tells him about her past. Jack agrees to help her. The guard returns. Jack doesn't want to leave but Erica says she'll be fine. They touch hands through the wire and then Jack leaves. Erica catches up with Carmen in the hall. When they get back to the holding area, another inmate asks for Erica's autograph. Carmen says this is how she knows they won't be friends forever - because Erica is on a different level than she will be. Erica says she isn't going to give up on freeing Carmen. She doesn't believe Erica. The guard returns and takes Erica back to the meeting room. Kendall is there and is once again in panic mode. Erica says if Kendall doesn't stop freaking out she'll go back to her cell and not come out for six months!

    They're Going To Jail!

    Tuesday, April 08 2008

    Louisa and Mondo see the smoke from Erica's tape recorder. Louisa grabs it out of Erica's bra and throws it to the floor; she tells Mondo they need to kill Carmen and Erica! They begin messing up Louisa's apartment to make it look like there was a struggle. Erica tries convincing them that the tape recorder was only for show purposes. Carmen turns to Mondo and tries to romance the gun away from him. He weakens and she slugs him! Erica jumps on Louisa to keep her from shooting Carmen. Just then Jack and Zach burst through the door with several Chicago cops! Erica tells the cops to listen to the tape but it is destroyed. Carmen tries to get Mondo to tell the truth but he won't even admit he knows her. Erica turns to Jack and asks how they can help Carmen put Mondo and Louisa in jail. As they talk, Zach realizes that a computer in the home has another person's name on it. He gives it to the police who agree to investigate them for burglary. Zach brings up the guns and Mondo's parole. Mondo is going back in the clink! After the cops lead Mondo and Louisa away Erica thanks Jack for rescuing her. He tells her to stop taking so many chances. She kisses him and then leaves with the other officers and Carmen. Carmen turns to Erica and says she wants the kind of love that Erica has with Jack!

    A Little Comic Relief!

    Monday, April 07 2008

    Erica turns to Carmen, who is flirting with Mondo, and tells her to get back with the plan. Louisa waves the gun around and tells them to be quiet. Erica tells Carmen it's time to tell them the truth about why they are really there. Louisa sits down as Erica tells her about the television show. She offers to make Louisa and Mondo reality television stars! Erica explains that they can use fake names and that she won't cause problems for them. Louisa agrees to do it and tells her about the troubles of being a single mom with not enough money. She says that she and Mondo began stealing because they couldn't make ends meet any other way. She says they brought Carmen in to be the fall guy in the bank robbery - their first really big job! Carmen notices that Erica's tape recorder is smoking and interrupts. Erica looks down and tries to cover the smoke with her hand.

    Drunken Almost Confessions!

    Friday, April 04 2008

    Erica and Carmen arrive at Mondo's mother's home in Chicago. Carmen is dressed to the nines and Erica is wearing a jogging suit; Erica makes Carmen promise to keep her mouth shut and let Erica take charge. A tough woman comes out and Carmen pushes her way inside. She accuses Mondo's mother, Louisa, of being a thief, too. Erica steps between the feuding woman and tries to reason with them but Louisa starts physically pushing her around! Erica pulls the gun and demands to know where Mondo is but Louisa won't say. Erica says they'll wait. He returns a few minutes later and Louisa hollers for him to run but Erica shuts the door. She tells Carmen to let Mondo have it but Carmen changes her tune very quickly when Mondo turns on the charm. With Erica distracted, Louisa grabs the gun and takes control!

    She's Losing Her Mind!

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    Erica picks the lock of her handcuff with the nail file and then grabs the gun. "And the tables have turned," she says when Carmen wakes. Carmen is stunned and believes Erica is betraying her by trying to get away. Erica points out that she was never along for the ride willingly. Carmen emotionally wishes Erica well and she leaves. In the hall, though, Erica has second thoughts about leaving. She returns and says she is willing to give Carmen a second chance - if she agrees to make some changes. Erica leaves for a second and calls Kendall and Zach, who are ecstatic to hear from her. She promises that she is fine. Zach offers to come and get her but Erica says she wants to stay lost for a while. Kendall can't believe it. Erica hangs up on them. She turns to Carmen and says they have work to do. They go up and down the aisles, looking for makeover items. Then, Erica sits Carmen down and says a new woman is right around the corner.

    Psychic or Psychotic?

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Erica and Sugar are going through the discount store, looking for things to make their stay comfortable. Carmen comments that Erica has probably never been inside a discount store. Erica takes offense and tells Carmen that she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth and that she has fought for everything she has now! She tells Carmen about her early days and all the ups and downs of her professional and personal life. She says she used those hard times to build her strength. Carmen cries, saying she can't do that. Erica tells Carmen she can still take control and get herself out of the situation. They make pallets on the floor and Erica keeps encouraging Carmen to make changes. She falls asleep as Erica talks. Realizing this may be her only chance to escape, Erica pulls a nail file from her pocket.

    Come-Ons and Turn-Downs!

    Monday, March 31 2008

    In the delivery truck, Carmen points the gun at Erica and tells her to get rid of the truck driver - or she will! Erica begs the man to let them go, saying they were just trying to get home to their families. He recognizes her and remembers the media reports and decides to call the cops. Carmen threatens him but he picks up the phone anyway. Erica says if he calls the cops, he'll go to jail, too! She says the truck is filled with designer fakes, which he just transported over state lines. He gives in and sends them on their way. Carmen leads them to a store that is closing and they sneak in to spend the night. She is disappointed that she's wearing a designer fake; Erica says she's wearing the real thing!

    Ryan Lavery, This Is Your Life!

    Friday, March 28 2008

    The driver swerves the truck in which Erica and Carmen are riding and a few boxes tumble down. Both women are unharmed. Erica reaches for a box but Carmen thinks she is reaching for the gun. She tells Erica to stop trying to escape. Carmen notices one of the boxes has opened and finds designer clothes inside! She and Erica bond over the gorgeous dresses inside. Erica explains about the different designers and fabrics; Carmen is enthralled. She decides to try one dress on but because of the handcuffs, they have to cut the dress a little to make it fit. Carmen decides to have her own, private fashion show and tries on more dresses. Erica begins talking about the price of the different dresses, making Carmen feel ill. "I'm afraid to touch it," she says but Erica insists that she try another dress on. The truck stops and as the driver opens the door Carmen points the gun at the door!

    The Road to Chicago!

    Thursday, March 27 2008

    Meanwhile in the back of a package truck, Erica tells Carmen they are just going to get in more trouble. Carmen shows her the gun and says they'll be fine. Carmen snacks on canned cheese, then offers Erica some but she can't eat. She is worried about what Carmen might do with the gun. She begs her to reconsider going after Mondo. Carmen refuses. She asks about Jack and Erica remembers the early days with him. She tells Carmen about the good and bad days and Carmen asks why they aren't still together. She tells Erica that she'll never find anyone like Jack and that she better fight for him. Erica shakes her head, saying she has no future with Jack. As they drive a few boxes become loose and fall around them.

    Chicago, Here They Come!

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    In the barn, Erica, thinking Carmen is asleep, is reaching for Carmen’s gun. Carmen jumps awake and points the gun at Erica instead. “Not the smartest move, Erica Kane!” she growls. “You’re making a mistake,” Erica whispers. Erica tries to convince Carmen that she “knows people” and she’ll help Carmen achieve her goal of finding her ex-fiancé. “I don’t want to find him, I want to kill him,” Carmen insists. Erica reminds her that it makes no sense to kill him, because she’ll be facing a life sentence if she gets caught. Again Erica tries to convince Carmen to let her go. But again, Carmen won’t hear of it. Instead she forces Erica to go with her to look for food. They find their way to a convenience store where Carmen forces Erica to act like her lover to hide the handcuffs binding them. Erica threatens to scream, but again Carmen threatens her with the gun. They pick up a few items. While at the cash register, Erica spots a TV where a press conference is taking place – there’s Kendall! It shakes her up, but she covers by asking for chewing tobacco and lipstick. A trucker comes out of the bathroom, saying he’s headed to Chicago. Carmen tries to hitch a ride with the guy, but the guy says the truck is full. As the girls leave, Erica drops a piece of paper on the floor…a clue, maybe?

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