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    All My Children CAST - Carmen "Sugar" Morales - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carmen "Sugar" Morales Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (

    Birthday: June 9
    Real Name: Elizabeth Rodriguez


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    A Little Bit Of Life...

    Thursday, May 01 2008

    Meanwhile, Sam and the warden talk in her office. Sam says she had no right and no reason to put Erica away in solitary confinement. The warden sticks to her guns, saying Erica made things impossible by having her fan club outside. Sam says she was just angry that Erica found flaws and wanted to fix them. He threatens to bring in the Bureau of Prisons and then orders the warden to put Erica back with the general population. He returns to Jack, who says Erica is hanging on. They return to Erica, who says they have to keep pushing for reform. She returns to her cell and the other inmates welcome her back.


    Wednesday, April 30 2008

    Jack arrives at the prison and demands to see the warden. The guard finally agrees to get the warden after Carmen chimes in that Erica is being held against her will! The warden meets with Jack but insists that Erica isn't being punished in solitary. She says Erica is being protected from the other inmates! Jack doesn't believe her and says so but she won't give in. He calls the director of prisons and demands action on Erica's behalf.

    A Dangerous Assignment!

    Tuesday, April 29 2008

    Carmen calls Jack's office. She tells him that Erica has been sent to solitary confinement.

    Digging Up ... Elephants?

    Friday, April 25 2008

    In prison, Erica presents her plans to the inmates. As they are talking, Carmen hears raised voices. Outside the prison a protest is going on. "Freedom for Erica," the protesters chant! As the women watch, R&B group B5 begins to perform! The inmates begin dancing, enjoying the show. After the show, Erica is called into the warden's office. She goes over Erica's plans and then questions her about bringing Jack and Samuel in on the plans. Annoyed, the warden asks where Erica gets off saying she isn't doing a good job! She tells Erica that there have been more threats and that she is going to be kept in solitary confinement for her own safety!

    Burning Down the House!

    Thursday, April 24 2008

    In the waiting area of the prison, Carmen warns Erica that the women will be mad if she doesn't come through. Just then both Jack and Samuel arrive. Carmen instantly falls under Samuel's charm; Erica tells the men about her plans for rehabilitation, counseling and job-training programs for the inmates. Jack and Samuel are blown away. She asks Sam to spearhead the training programs and then asks Jack to take on Carmen's appeal! Sam reminds her that this won't be a quick change with fast results but she plods ahead. Samuel is called away. Jack asks about the inmates and Carmen tells him about the note. Erica insists no one will hurt her but Jack isn't sure. Erica jabbers about Carmen until Carmen interrupts, making her focus on Jack. He agrees to help Carmen. He takes Carmen aside to talk about her case. Sam returns and asks Erica about the warden. Erica says the warden can't turn down her ideas because they are good for the inmates. Jack finishes his talk with Carmen. Samuel says he is ready to move forward if he is.

    More Lies and A Blessing!

    Tuesday, April 22 2008

    Carmen and Erica are back in the laundry room, talking about her plans to get training for the other inmates. Carmen tells her to shut up! She says she can't concentrate on the other inmates because she has been without a man for so long. Erica can't believe her; Carmen brings up Jack, saying Erica still has a man in her life so she can't understand. She says that her romance with Jack is over and begins telling Carmen about their romance. She describes their wedding and the simplicity of the day for them. Carmen calls her a fool for walking away from Jack!

    Erica returns to the laundry room and tells Carmen about Kendall's visit and man problems. Erica marches over to the guard and says it is urgent that she see Jack Montgomery ASAP!


    Monday, April 21 2008

    In prison, the inmates make a few vague threats toward Erica. Their leader reaches into her pocket, unnerving Carmen. She tries to protect Erica; both feel foolish when the woman pulls a picture of her daughter from her pocket and not a weapon. She demands that Erica help her get in touch with her daughter. "You will make a way," she says. The other inmates tell Erica she has no choice but to "help" all of them! They each chime in with things they need - self-esteem, better interpersonal relationships and improved family issues. Erica can't believe that the prison doesn't offer classes for education or rehabilitation. She makes notes as the women tell her what they want to do! Erica vows to give the women a future. Sherri, the group leader, thanks her. Erica tells her to try a non-aggressive approach next time. They leave. Carmen warns Erica that the inmates might turn on her if things don't go well but Erica remains excited about her plans.

    A Job Offer!

    Friday, April 18 2008

    In prison, a guard brings Erica and Carmen into the laundry and tells them to get to work. Erica doesn't want to touch dirty laundry and says so but the guard won't take her guff; Carmen gets right to work. While she separates the lights from the darks, Erica says her time could be better served with another job. Carmen tells her she needs to just get along. Erica brings up Samuel. Carmen doesn't believe for a second that he'll help her. Erica believes Carmen is giving up. The more she talks the more Carmen wants to believe her. Carmen says she can't meet with Samuel. She is worried that another inmate will notice her new high-powered attorney, get jealous and make things bad for her inside. She warns Erica to watch out, too. Erica says she isn't going to change who she is to appease any prison bullies! She mentions a threatening note she received, worrying Carmen. Erica says everything is okay because she sent the note to the warden. "That note meant something," Carmen says. Erica says during her other incarcerations she had no trouble with gangs or bullies. Carmen warns her to watch out. Just then four tough looking ladies come in, asking if she got their message!

    Here's Your Cake - Now Get Out!

    Friday, April 11 2008

    At the prison, Kendall goes on and on about how terrible things must have been for Erica while she was Carmen's hostage. Erica sets her straight. Kendall wonders why Erica is so sympathetic to Carmen but it makes her feel better; she changes the subject and tells Erica that she is going to tell Zach the truth about Aidan. Erica tries to change her mind but Kendall is certain that she must tell Zach the truth or her marriage is over. Erica says unloading her guilt on Zach could ruin her life. "It's selfish," she says and tells Kendall to live - quietly! - with her mistakes. Kendall doesn't believe Erica. A guard arrives and tells Erica it is time to go. She returns to her cell where Carmen is waiting. She asks if Erica told Kendall about the new book ideas. Upset and worried, Erica says there was no time. Carmen realizes she isn't herself and asks if she can help.

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