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    All My Children CAST - Carmen "Sugar" Morales - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carmen "Sugar" Morales Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (

    Birthday: June 9
    Real Name: Elizabeth Rodriguez


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    Desperately Seeking Annie!

    Thursday, July 03 2008

    Adam searches the mansion for JR but he is missing. He runs into Carmen in her new maid's uniform - she fixed up his usual uniform by cutting a deep V-neck and adding ruffles. Adam says this is unacceptable but she says they can work with it. She follows him into the study and says she won't tell anyone that he talks to himself or anything else. Carmen asks if Adam's ever been locked up in prison, he says he's been locked up but not in prison and then says it is none of her business. Carmen says she was just trying to be nice. They talk about family; Adam says she'll see how much his family loves him. He sends her to her room. She returns a while later with another revamped uniform and begs for work. Adam has her pour him a drink and starts talking about Krystal. When he realizes what he did he tells Carmen to get out.

    I'm Gonna Kill Him!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    Tad calls Krystal at the Chandler manse to tell her that they will find Babe. She says she'll bring little A home because she needs to be with him. Carmen arrives in her designer knock-off and Adam tells her to start cleaning. He asks her to pour a drink and she goes to the side table. Adam listens to the end of Krystal's conversation, upset. Krystal tells Carmen that Adam isn't supposed to drink and walks out. Adam questions Carmen about her work history; she says she is up to the job - especially the part where she takes care of Adam. She brings up the kiss and tells Adam that she won't tell anyone. Adam says the kiss didn't mean a thing. Carmen returns to the room a while later, wondering where her room is. Adam says she will stay near the mudroom, disappointing her.

    Don't Forget Our Deal!

    Thursday, June 26 2008

    In prison, Carmen finishes packing and hugs Erica. Jack arrives to say it is time to go. They tearily say their goodbyes. Erica does Carmen's makeup and they talk about Adam for a while. Carmen gets a little freaked out about leaving prison, the retrial and starting her life over. Erica encourages her, which makes Carmen cry. Dressed in the evening gown from the delivery truck, Carmen hugs Erica and leaves. Jack watches Erica for a few moments. She asks him to keep Adam in line for Carmen's sake. When she gets teary, Jack says she'll be fine without Carmen. Erica reaches for the metal bars and tries to touch his hand on the other side. She is led back to her cell, alone.

    The Power Of The Fist Bump!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008

    Jack arrives at the prison to see Erica. He asks how she can be sure that she'll be able to come through for Carmen. "Have you ever known me not to keep a promise?" she says. "Only the one you made me on our wedding day," Jack replies! Erica says that was a favor because if they were still married, he wouldn't be able to visit her in prison. Carmen arrives and Jack gives her bad news - Carmen can't work for Erica, Jack or any of their families. Erica takes the news in stride. Adam arrives, annoyed that Erica has summoned him. She offers him a way to change his public image - by hiring Carmen! Carmen watches them and doesn't believe for a second that Erica will pull it off. Adam tells Erica that he won't hire a crazy felon. Erica threatens to feature Adam's own craziness on a future episode if he doesn't comply. He gives in. Carmen is thrilled to learn she is nearly free.

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

    Thursday, June 19 2008

    In prison, Carmen sadly tells Erica that she realized something from the TV show - she will never amount to anything! Erica tries to encourage her, reminding Carmen of the courses she is taking. Carmen says she doesn't have a job or a place to live after her release. Erica questions her about past jobs and Carmen says she was a cook and once worked in a retirement village. She says her dream job is to be Cinderella - working a normal job when a prince comes to rescue her. Jack arrives. He says the judge has granted her a new trial, stunning Carmen. Jack says she will be released on bail during the trial! She hugs Erica, thanking her and crying. Jack says all Carmen needs is a job and a residence and she can leave. She can't live at Erica's because Erica is in prison; they brainstorm options. Carmen signs all the papers and Jack leaves. Erica says she has the perfect solution to her work problem.

    Erica's Back On Center Stage!

    Tuesday, June 17 2008

    In prison, Val visits Erica to help her prepare for her new show. Samuel walks in and so does Jack, who is surprised that Erica managed to get approval to tape her show in prison. Sam comes over to ask how they got approval but Erica just smiles at him. Before the show, Erica tells Carmen to just tell her story and then takes the stage. As she talks, the warden watches her closely. Erica invites Samuel to the stage and questions him about the charges he filed against her. She apologizes for insider trading and thanks Sam for pushing the issue! She turns to the camera and thanks her fans for standing by her. She answers a few viewer questions, sent through email. One viewer asks if there will be more Free Erica Rallies and she says there are better causes to rally behind. She defends her prison friends and then introduces Carmen. Carmen looks into the camera and gets stage-fright! Erica tries to lead Carmen with a few questions but all she can say is, "Yeah". Erica takes over and tells Carmen's story for her. Erica appeals to the viewers to take up Carmen's cause and get her released. The show ends.

    Together, Forever...

    Thursday, June 12 2008

    In prison, Erica is freaking out about her New Beginnings replacement. Carmen tries to calm her down and when that doesn’t work, suggests they bust out of prison! Erica isn’t sure how it will work. Carmen says to leave it to her. She gathers their other prison friends. She introduces the women as if each is a guest on Erica’s show and then tells the stories of how Erica helped each one. Hearing how she is still making a difference, Erica begins to feel better. Erica calls the governor’s office and asks him to be a guest on her new show – shot in prison!

    No Risk, No Reward!

    Tuesday, June 10 2008

    At the prison, Kendall tells Erica about the fight with Zach. After a little nudging, Kendall spills the beans about everything. Erica says the real problem isn't Greenlee or their friendship - it is Kendall! "You let Greenlee control your life," Erica says. Kendall insists Greenlee isn't controlling her but that Greens' feelings matter to Kendall. Erica asks if Kendall sees Opal pulling things on Erica the way Greens pulls things on Kendall. Kendall admits she doesn't but insists that their friendship is different from Erica's and Opal's. Erica keeps pushing until Kendall says she'll try to focus less on Greenlee. Erica suggests laundry or some other mundane chore to create a quiet routine so she can shut out the chaos of Greenlee. The guard interrupts to take Erica back to her cell. "Be strong and be confident," Erica says, "be yourself." Back in the cells, Erica tells Carmen about Kendall's visit. Another inmate sees New Beginnings - with a new host at the helm! The new host is a reality show contestant. Carmen tries to calm Erica with talk about yoga but Erica can't take her eyes off the screen. She throws a fit - and several newspapers! - all over the cell.

    Everybody Has A Secret...

    Wednesday, May 14 2008

    Jack arrives at the prison to see Carmen; his briefcase is searched as Kendall and Zach arrive to see Erica. The guard takes all of their cell phones as Jack asks about Aidan and Jake. Zach assures Jack that Aidan is now off the payroll - thanks to Greens. All three are taken to the meeting rooms. Erica and Carmen are waiting. Carmen flirts with Jack and Erica tells Jack to watch out. Jack takes Carmen aside to discuss her case as Erica asks about Jake's rescue. They assure her that things are fine with Jake and on all levels of their relationship. Kendall shows her mother's day cards from the boys. Across the room, Jack tells Carmen that she has a real shot at beating the charges against her. Carmen says Jack has a chance to win Erica back! He tries to tell her about the case but she won't talk about anything but Erica. Kendall and Zach gather their things and leave. Jack follows them. From inside the prison, Erica calls Kendall - but Jack answers! Their cell phones were mixed up! Erica doesn't wait for Jack to say anything, she just rattles on about putting the past to rest and making sure Greenlee never finds out about the one night stand. A guard makes her hang up. Jack is stunned by the revelation!

    Relative Danger!

    Thursday, May 08 2008

    Erica meets Carmen in the laundry. She asks about Jackson and then about Sam, wondering which man holds the key to Erica's heart! Erica is distracted from her woe-is-me attitude, so Carmen keeps up the Jack questions. Erica admits that she misses sex with Jack but she misses just being with him more. Sad again, Erica says she misses her family. Carmen points out that she won't be locked up forever. Cheered, Erica suggests they start planning more new beginnings.

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