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    All My Children CAST - Carmen "Sugar" Morales - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carmen "Sugar" Morales Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (

    Birthday: June 9
    Real Name: Elizabeth Rodriguez


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    Big Business Decisions!

    Wednesday, August 13 2008

    Jack meets Erica at the Yacht Club and asks how Samuel is doing! She says there is nothing between them but Jack brings up her past, especially the way she likes to play men against one another. She gets angry and Jack says he is just as guilty as she. He says she doesn't need to play games and he isn't going to play games any longer. She can't believe he is giving up on their relationship. Jack says their relationship was over a long time ago. She believes he has met someone new! Carmen calls Jack, who asks if she is free to talk!

    A Honeymoon in Vegas!

    Tuesday, August 12 2008

    Randi and Carmen run into one another at ConFusion and obviously have a history. Randi brings up the bank job; Carmen reiterates that she didn't do that job and she dropped out of the Fusion job because she knows Randi needs another chance. Carmen asks what man she is with now and Randi tells her about Frankie without mentioning his name. Carmen is excited for her but Randi says she has Frankie figured out and she doesn't trust his sweet talk. Carmen says she is going to mess things up with Frankie if she doesn't give him a chance. Randi backtracks and says she made up everything about her doctor friend because she isn't stupid enough to fall for any of them. Upset, Carmen grabs her things and Randi pushes her out the door.

    Adam calls Barry and threatens him with jail if he doesn't get Adam out of the jam he is in. Krystal arrives and tells him that everything is over. Adam tries to convince her that he is the only one who understands her. He says they can still have a future after the charges are dropped. She says she is only there to say goodbye but Adam is certain she is just blowing smoke. She says she is dead serious this time because she is tired of being torn between him and Tad. With tears in her eyes, she says she doesn't love him any longer. Adam realizes she might be serious but remains sarcastic so she won't see how upset he is. He asks if Tad is threatening her with Jenny's custody and then says she can't extinguish the fire - and kisses her! She says she loves Tad. Carmen walks in, hides and watches for a moment until Krystal leaves. Adam sinks into a chair and she offers him a drink.

    A Lightbulb Moment!

    Monday, August 11 2008

    Meanwhile, upstairs at Fusion, Carmen asks Babe if she can see Kendall. Babe explains that Kendall is out of town; Carmen says Adam fired her and Erica thought she could work at Fusion! She starts to leave but Babe stops her, saying she just received hiring power and can't believe her luck! She is worried, though, that Kendall will fire Carmen as soon as she returns. She goes out on a limb, though, and hires her. Amanda arrives a few minutes later and introduces Randi as their new hire; Babe says they can't hire Randi because she already hired Carmen. They argue and Amanda says they are turning into Kendall and Greens! Babe apologizes to Randi, who is very gracious and says she understands why she can't be hired. Amanda apologizes to her and so does Babe. She also tells Randi that she will be their next call. Amanda leads her away. Carmen returns and bumps into Randi. "What are you doing here?" they ask at the same time! Carmen clams up when Babe questions how they know one another and says she doesn't want the job. She leaves!

    You're Fired!

    Wednesday, August 06 2008

    At the Chandler manse, Carmen disrupts Adam's work by vacuuming. Erica arrives and demands that Adam help Dre! He says there is nothing he can do for Dre because he is in just as much trouble. Erica won't give in. Carmen suggests that Adam buy a replica car. Erica keeps pushing him but Adam refuses to consider helping Dre. He accuses Erica of using Dre's problems to get in good with Sam - and find her eleventh husband! Carmen defends Erica. Adam fires her! He walks out. Erica says she can fix the problem and calls Kendall for help. Kendall doesn't pick up the phone.

    Add Another Plate To The Table!

    Wednesday, July 30 2008

    Jack calls to postpone a meeting as he waits for Carmen at the Valley Inn. Carmen walks in but instead of talking about her case, she questions Jack about Erica. Samuel and Erica arrive and are mobbed by the paparazzi. Carmen sees them and runs over, screaming! She announces Erica's arrival. She sees Kendall and Zach, hurries over to Jack and tells him they have hurry or Erica will fall for Sam! Jack doesn't hop-to the way Carmen wants so she bugs him until he agrees with her. Zach asks Samuel about the campaign. After a few more pictures, Jack makes his way to Kendall and Erica. Carmen grabs Kendall and drags her away to talk books, leaving Jack and Erica to talk alone. Erica invites Jack to join them for dinner. Once the table is ready, Erica orders drinks for everyone. Carmen brings up Erica's marriage to Jack, telling both how wonderful they looked. Erica asks about Spike and Ian and talk turns to Spike's hockey abilities. Erica asks about Dre; Sam says he likes hockey, too. Jack comments that the paparazzi are always around, warning Sam that his campaign could be in jeopardy. Sam doesn't care. Zach gets bored with the table talking and asks Kendall if they can leave; Kendall won't hear of it because she is enjoying the sparring between Jack and Sam. Carmen calls Jack by his "Mont-Yummy" nickname, which brings up the nicknames of all the other people she knows. She tells a story about dreaming of a prince to take her away - and not waiting too long to do it! Jack still doesn't take her hints. Zach tells Kendall she owes him a big one if they stay longer. "Me in a trench coat," she says and he agrees to stay. Jack decides it is time for him to go but Carmen convinces him to stay. She realizes both Erica and Sam are missing from the table. Samuel sees Erica at the door and says they'll do dinner another time. He leaves.

    How Do I Like My Eggs?

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Tad and Krystal are having breakfast with Kathy when they bring up camp. Kathy doesn't want to go and Tad sticks by her even though Krystal thinks camp is a good idea. Kathy insists she won't go and runs off saying Krystal can't make her! She tells Tad they have to stick together but Tad won't listen. He says Kathy can go to camp later on. Krystal insists that since they made the decision, they should stick with it or Kathy will start manipulating them. Tad finally agrees to talk to her. He is headed upstairs when Carmen stops by. She introduces herself and says they need to talk about Adam! Krystal finally remembers Carmen walking in on the kiss; Carmen doesn't bring that up, she asks how to run Adam's house. Tad goes upstairs to check on Kathy. When he is gone, Krystal brings up the kiss but Carmen says it is already forgotten. Krystal says Adam is bad news for her and she is moving on. They talk about Adam and Krystal advises Carmen to anticipate Adam's needs and make him think the ideas are his own. She tells him about Adam's drinking problems and anxiety attacks.

    Upstairs, Tad talks to Kathy about respecting her elders - especially her family members. She asks if she has to go to camp. Tad says she can skip today but tomorrow she is going to camp. She takes his deal. Tad returns downstairs and listens to Krystal tell Carmen how to deal with Adam. The more the women talk about Adam the more annoyed Tad becomes. He tells Carmen to keep a sharp stick, some garlic and a mallet handy! After Carmen leaves, Tad asks her how he likes his eggs. He is surprised that Krystal knows. They kiss.

    Forgiveness or Not?

    Thursday, July 10 2008

    Sam meets his father, Melvin, at the Yacht Club for lunch. Sam updates Melvin on the happenings in Pine Valley and Dre's possible new girlfriend. Melvin brings up Erica and asks if anything has happened with her. He says he knows that puppy-dog look of Sam's and he believes Erica feels the same way. Jack walks past with Carmen. Melvin says if Jack isn't in his way, he should go for Erica. Melvin says his wife would have wanted him to move on. Sam brings up Dre, wondering why he can't read his son the way Melvin reads him. Melvin says he just has to listen and pay attention.

    At their table, Jack and Carmen talk about her case and working for Adam. She says she can handle him and that she is getting used to life in the mansion. "I'm making myself indispensable," she says, hoping that Erica will be proud of her. Sam comes over and they talk about the lock down. Carmen makes a comment about Jack and Erica getting back together; Jack says they are just client/attorney. Sam likes that news and returns to his table. Jack calls Erica and they go over Carmen's re-trial depositions. Carmen yells that she's having a wonderful time and eating great food. Erica is thrilled. Jack mentions Sam and Erica asks what he is doing.

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