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    All My Children CAST - Carmen "Sugar" Morales - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carmen "Sugar" Morales Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (

    Birthday: June 9
    Real Name: Elizabeth Rodriguez


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    Annie and Adam Join Forces!

    Tuesday, September 02 2008

    At the Chandler manse, Annie tells Babe that she doesn't know how long she'll be staying there. She also says she won't be at work. Babe tells Annie to take her time and leaves. Adam and Annie are nervous around one another for a moment or two and then Adam brings up their plans and says this is the perfect cover for their destruction of Fusion! Carmen overhears them talking. Adam leaves and Richie appears, telling Annie that she was dumb to leave Ryan this way. Petey arrives to see Colby. She tells him to leave but he ignores her and asks about the Fusion party. Adam sees him and welcomes him over. Colby isn't sure what is going on but says she isn't going anywhere with Petey after Adam suggests they attend the party together. Annie eavesdrops. Petey tries to make Adam make Colby attend with him but she won't listen and goes back upstairs. When she is gone, Adam sends Petey away. Seconds later, Ryan arrives! In the sitting room, Annie listens as Richie tells her she may still have pull with Ryan after all. Annie agrees to see Ryan but is very cold to him. She tells him to go but before he can leave Emma runs in. Carmen follows and apologizes to Annie. They sit Emma down and tell her Ryan is moving out. Emma asks if he loves Annie and Ryan can't answer. He says all that matters is that they both love her. He leaves. Adam returns and tells Annie how sorry he is that she - and Emma - are going through this. She brings up Fusion and asks how the plans are going. Adam says all she needs to know is that things are moving forward.

    The Three Faces of Erica!

    Friday, August 29 2008

    Erica arrives at Jack's and sees him with Carmen! Erica brings up her retrial and the jeopardy Carmen could possibly be in. Greenlee walks in and sees Jack in a robe, Carmen in his shirt and Erica and happily asks how Erica's worst nightmare is going! Carmen leaves to change clothes. Jack tries to head Greenlee off but she shows Erica to the door and says it's time she admitted things are over, too! Jack agrees with Greenlee and after she leaves, tells Erica they all have to move on. She is crying when Carmen returns. She says if this is more than Erica can handle, she won't see Jack again! Erica says not to be silly. Jack returns and asks Erica to excuse them so they can go to breakfast. Carmen invites her along! Erica declines.

    The Gauntlet Is Thrown!

    Tuesday, August 26 2008

    Erica is shocked to see Carmen lay one on Jack. Carmen asks if that was enough and then turns and says she isn't the woman Jack wants! A waiter offers to have Jack and Carmen removed but Adam and Erica say they can stay. Adam dares Erica to call Carmen friend and she obviously struggles with the word. Jack goes to Erica and tells her to stop playing games - with him and with Carmen! - because he is done playing. Meanwhile, Adam buys Carmen a fancy bottle of wine. She can't believe she played right into his plans with Erica. Jack tells Erica to back off because he really cares about Carmen. He returns to their table. Carmen takes off her fancy shoes and jewelry and tosses them in the water. Erica comes to her and Carmen says she was a fool to believe anyone could care for her after caring for Erica. Erica and Adam begin arguing. Carmen turns around but Jack is gone. He returns with Carmen's shoes in tow, places them on her feet and asks her to stay. Erica watches. Carmen cries when Jack says he wasn't playing games with her. They leave. Adam turns to Erica and asks her to marry him! Erica slugs him!

    Who Loves You More?

    Monday, August 25 2008

    Carmen has finished her shopping expedition and arrives at the mansion as Annie arrives. She ignores Adam and Annie. Adam asks what Annie really wants. She says she wants to help him destroy Fusion - and Kendall and Greenlee in the process. They go into the sitting room and Annie gives Carmen fashion advice. When she leaves, Annie tells Adam she is pregnant and he laughs at her. She says she got the information about the take-over from JR and hands him a folder of Fusion information. She says she'll keep his secrets! The folder has a lot of Fusion account information, which Annie says is more than enough for Adam to really start undermining the company. Carmen interrupts, asking Adam for his opinion on her outfit. He says she looks great and when she says they'll be at the Yacht Club, offers one of his cars to her. He returns to Annie and asks why she is doing this.

    Jack escorts Carmen to their table. Opal sees them and says, "What is the world coming to?" and backs away. Jack and Carmen continue their date, not having seen her. She asks about Greenlee and Jack says she is happy. Erica and Adam arrive for their date. He pretends to be surprised to see Jack and Carmen as Erica pretends not to care that they are there together. She says she doesn't care about their date and turns to go, saying she sees through Adam's scam. He grabs her and says if she is really fine she should prove it! Jack sees them. Carmen sees them, too, and decides Jack is using her to make Erica jealous. "Let's make your plan really work," she says and kisses him!

    Spy Games!

    Friday, August 22 2008

    After making love, JR and Babe are enjoying the afterglow when Adam barges in and tells JR they have to get to work. JR tells him to get out and he doesn't have a chance to tell Babe about their plans. When he is gone, JR and Babe talk about their future. They sneak out of the mansion, barely avoiding Adam who is talking to Barry about his plans. Carmen begins vacuuming, annoying Adam. When she finishes she starts sneezing. She realizes that Adam's new cologne - which Colby purchased from Fusion - is making Carmen ill. "This is it!" he exclaims. Carmen goes to take some medication and then asks for the rest of the night off. Adam accuses her of corporate espionage and demands to know where she is going. She says she is seeing Jack, which interests Adam a lot. He gives her a wad of cash, tells her to buy a few new things and have fun. When Carmen questions his generosity, Adam says the money is really because her allergy helped him with a big problem. Carmen leaves.

    Get Outta Town!

    Wednesday, August 20 2008

    Erica is dressing Carmen and suggests she start dating. Carmen brings up Jack and asks if Erica still loves him. Jack arrives with Erica's last release papers. She chatters on about Carmen; Jack can't take his eyes off of her but Erica doesn’t notice. Carmen tries to make a quick getaway but Jack brings up Greenlee and their night at ConFusion. Jack tells Erica everything, stunning her. Jack leaves. Erica brings up the dinner and Carmen says it was a business dinner but that with everyone else showing up they got distracted from work. Erica asks what Carmen wants and she says she has everything she needs - a job, her freedom and friends. Erica brings up Jack and asks about romance. Carmen says Jack is Erica's and therefore hands off to her. Erica says Jack isn't hers any longer - but that he isn't over her! This saddens Carmen, who thinks she can't appeal to a good man. Erica says she can attract anyone she wants to but then says she shouldn't even consider a rebound relationship with Jack. The more she talks about Jack's good points, the more upset Erica becomes. She tries to focus on Jack's bad points - his stubbornness and rigidity. "You don't want me to date Jack, do you?" Carmen asks. Erica backtracks and says Jack deserves to have some fun and then says she doesn't care who Jack dates. Carmen is excited and leaves.

    Petey Saves the Day!

    Monday, August 18 2008

    Kendall, Zach, Aidan and Greenlee go to ConFusion where they see Jack and Carmen on a date! Jack takes Aidan aside and makes him promise not to hurt Greenlee. Kendall grabs Greenlee and angrily says Carmen shouldn't be with Jack. Greenlee rolls her eyes and says there is nothing wrong. Kendall is worried that Jack will move on and leave Erica in the dust. Greenlee tells her she should let Jack and Erica move on - just like she should move on! Greenlee goes to Jack and says he should have clued Carmen into the fact that this was an official date. He says they are just friends and she makes chicken noises at him. Meanwhile, Kendall is giving Carmen the third degree about her case - and Jack! Kendall apologizes about the job mix-up and then tells her that Adam is a good man - when he wants to be. She tries to get Carmen interested in him romantically but she says she would never date a boss. She brings up Erica and says Erica and Jack are on the road to romance. Zach corners Greenlee and asks how she is really doing after the bathroom episode. She says she is fine and they toast. Kendall goes to the bar and asks for a lobotomy! She vents to him for a while and then decides there is only one solution: fix everything for everyone! She returns to their tables as Aidan leads Greenlee away. Kendall and Zach leave, too, which leaves Carmen with Jack. He beats around the bush for a while and then asks her for a date. Carmen is thrown and walks out!

    A Memory, A Near Meltdown and An Award!

    Friday, August 15 2008

    Carmen and Randi meet at Myrtle's old shop and relive old times. They used to visit the shop, when Myrtle still owned it, as kids to window shop. As they talk, Carmen tries to get Randi to open up about the past but she refuses. They walk to BJ's for lunch and Carmen still tries to get Randi to talk but she won't. She says she isn't the same little girl she was when she followed Carmen around, hanging on her every word. Carmen apologizes for leaving Randi behind and asks about work. They both agree that things are going well for them. Randi finally admits her doctor is real. Carmen wants to meet him but Randi refuses. Carmen checks the time and realizes she is late for work. She and Randi decide to meet again later and she leaves.

    Big Business Decisions!

    Wednesday, August 13 2008

    Carmen brings Adam his breakfast but he isn't interested in it. She lays down the new rules for his meals - healthy, non-caffeinated food - and then throws out all of his alcohol! Adam takes the alcohol out of the boxes but Carmen puts them right back in. He fires her - again! - but Carmen ignores him. She asks about Krystal. Adam yells at her and she says yelling is bad for his heart. She brings up the kids and says his drinking is hard on them; she says she saw Colby putting rum and vodka in her sodas. She says he can have one glass of wine with dinner but other than that she is cutting him off. She walks out. Carmen finds Colby staring outside and tells her to go enjoy life. Colby shuts her down. Carmen tells her how hard she had it at Colby's age - working two jobs and living in a rough neighborhood - and says if she could survive, so can Colby. Colby says she wants her family to go away. Carmen says she should count her blessings to have a family at all. To cheer her up, Carmen gives Colby a Salsa lesson. She says during the really tough times at home, dancing got her through because she could pretend to be anywhere with anyone. Carmen starts fluffing pillows. Colby hugs her in thanks and leaves the house.

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