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    All My Children CAST - Carmen "Sugar" Morales - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carmen "Sugar" Morales Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (

    Birthday: June 9
    Real Name: Elizabeth Rodriguez


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    An Engagement Oops!

    Wednesday, September 24 2008

    Back in the main room, Adam offers a toast to the happy couple. JR interrupts and makes his own toast, telling Babe how much he loves her. Frankie goes to Randi's side and puts his arm around her. Zach and Kendall watch as JR gets down on one knee and grabs a new ring box from little A - it's empty! JR isn't sure what is going on. He and Babe leave to find the ring. Jake convinces Amanda to leave with him. Carmen tells Randi not to be afraid of sex; Randi says she isn't afraid of sex because she was once a hooker! Angie and Frankie watch the women. Angie says Randi is a lovely woman. JR and Babe return but they can't find the ring. Little A begins to choke!

    Kendall Can't Help Herself!

    Thursday, September 18 2008

    Adam and Erica verbally spar about his smack on her rear end. She flirts with him a little and he asks about Jack. Erica insists that she isn't interested in Jack at all but Adam doesn't believe her. Erica pours on the charm and says she is ready to move on but she wants to be asked out as a lady should be. JR and Babe arrive, wondering what is going on. Adam says they are just talking. They continue upstairs. Erica heads for the door. Adam calls her cell phone and asks if she would consider joining him for dinner. She agrees. Adam shows her out. Jackson is kissing Carmen on the porch! Carmen goes inside. Erica starts to leave but Jack stops her and asks what she is doing. She reminds him that her love life is none of his business and he agrees. He walks away. She watches him go with a smile on her face.

    Blast, C-Man, Blast!

    Wednesday, September 17 2008

    At the Chandler mansion, Adam thinks Carmen is losing it because she is sweet-talking the furniture. Carmen says it is her birthday, she has a great guy and she is completely happy. Adam brings her down, telling her that Jack will see through her gold-digging ways. Carmen says she doesn't care about Jack's money; she cares about him.

    Dre stops by the Chandler mansion to see Colby. They talk about Cassandra in Paris for a while and then Petey walks up. He tries to ingratiate himself with Colby but she is turned off by his geekiness and slams the door shut. She and Dre go to the terrace; Petey follows them. He places a jar of his invention on the foyer table. Hearing Colby tell Dre she is going to miss him when he hits the campaign trail with Samuel, Petey tells Dre that Colby is trying to steal him away from Cassandra. Both of them tell Petey to get lost. "Heck no I won't go," he chants and sits down. Colby storms back into the house, followed by the boys, and finds Adam doctoring a paper cut on Carmen's hand. She tells him to get rid of Petey; Petey reminds him of their agreement. He sees the jar of Blast is open and realizes Adam used it on Carmen's cut! Petey talks in riddles to let Adam know and then Carmen faints. They carry Carmen to the sitting room. Petey says this is his fault because the jar is Opal's concoction to get rid of Adam's bad side. Carmen wakes and starts babbling about birthday candles. Colby and Dre leave. Adam turns on Petey and asks why he left Blast out. Petey says he was busy wooing Colby and then checks on Carmen. Her pulse is racing and she is still babbling about birthdays. Adam says he has ruined everything and Petey leaves. Carmen starts to undress but Adam stops her. She stumbles outside. He catches Petey on the terrace and says he is going to hire his own men to disperse Blast. Petey says they can't understand the correct ratio of Blast to Bella. Adam takes the concoction and calls his men. Petey grabs the bottle off the side table and sneaks away.

    Erica arrives at the manse as Colby is saying goodbye to Dre. Dre thanks Erica for helping his father during the hit-and-run fiasco. Erica asks about Carmen. Colby says she is acting strangely because of a paper cut. Erica goes inside. Colby follows Erica inside and they both see Carmen, soaking wet, in the sitting room with Adam. Carmen says she was burning up and jumped in the pool to cool off. Colby is weirded out and leaves. Erica gives Carmen her birthday present, making her cry. "This is the best day of my life," she cries as Adam walks out, too. Carmen is going on and on about Erica's friendship when Jack arrives and sets her off on another 'life is wonderful' tangent. She tries on the dress, which was supposed to be frumpy but actually looks good, and then Jack gives her another gift. They leave. Erica is sad but then Adam heads inside and she puts her seduction plans in action by bending over. Adam slaps her rear end and she pretends to be offended.

    Moving On and Stepping Back...

    Thursday, September 11 2008

    Erica runs to ConFusion where she sees Jack. She tries to enlist his help with the Josh situation. Carmen walks over and offers to help with anything. Erica says she can't help. Jack tells Erica not to be mean. She leaves. Carmen remembers what day it is and Jack hugs her. Jack tries to get through to Carmen but she is worried about Erica. Frustrated, Jack says Erica probably didn't have a family problem at all. He believes she made everything up to get his attention.

    Damage Control!

    Thursday, September 04 2008

    Jake pronounces Fletcher dead and Frankie immediately calls Jesse. Carmen helps clear the room. Jake takes Taylor aside and asks what happened. She says she did what she had to do and worries that the Army won't understand. Jesse arrives and apologizes to Randi because his undercover cop slipped up. Randi is shocked that they were having her followed but is relieved that Fletcher is gone and out of her life. Jesse asks what happened. Taylor interrupts; Frankie leads Randi away. She takes the blame for Fletcher's death, saying she was trying to save Randi. Jake backs up Taylor's story; Jesse insists that she come with him to the station house!

    Back at the party, Kendall can't take her mind off of Greenlee. Amanda returns to Babe, who is worried after hearing Randi scream, and says a low-life came after Randi. Frankie takes Randi out of the party. Babe worries that the launch has been damaged. Colby comes over with Adam and JR, excited about the fragrance. She asks for another spritz over and over but Adam won't hear of her putting more of the contaminated brew on her body. He takes Petey aside; Petey isn't sure how the perfume will affect Colby but says it shouldn't be any worse than when Opal was exposed. Adam angrily blames Petey, saying Colby wasn't supposed to be affected. Ryan grabs Annie and demands to know why she didn't tell him about Joe's bed rest ultimatum. She says her doctor's words are none of his business since he has been lying for months about Greenlee. Kendall interrupts and demands that Annie get to work doing damage control because of the attack. Annie leaves to talk to the press and Kendall tells Ryan to stop letting Annie use his kids against him. Babe and Amanda wonder what to do about the attack. Amanda nearly tells her about Randi's hooker past but keeps her mouth shut. JR interrupts and tells Babe they have to get Colby home because her "problem" is back. Just then Colby walks by, giggling drunkenly. Amanda says she can handle things. Jack finds Carmen. She is upset about the attack. Reporters begin questioning her about Erica's early exit but Carmen doesn't know anything. Jack takes her aside and suggests they leave. Carmen is worried about why Erica may have left the party early. Jack says it doesn't matter. Kendall corners Amanda at the bar and says she knew this would happen. Amanda tells her to back off because this could have happened to any one of them. Greenlee comes over and says the same thing; Kendall won't listen. She tries calling Zach again but he doesn't answer. Kendall runs into Aidan and tells him to stop smothering Greenlee because it won't stop Greens from returning to Ryan! Annie finds Aidan a few minutes later and tells him to keep Greenlee under wraps and away from Ryan!

    Bella Is Launched!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008

    At ConFusion, Kendall calls Zach about the party but he doesn't take her call. Aidan and Greenlee arrive; Greens wonders where Babe and Amanda are but Kendall is more concerned about Aidan's black eye. He explains. Ryan arrives with Erica and Kendall questions him; he doesn't answer. No one notices Fletcher playing delivery man. At the bar, Ryan and Greenlee chat for a second before Aidan arrives. She makes the men shake hands. Across the room, Erica advises Kendall to take a step back from Ryan's problems but Kendall won't listen. She follows Ryan around, bugging him about Annie. He finally says he can handle his own problems and walks away. Greenlee comes over, still worried about Babe and Amanda not being there. Kendall is more concerned about Annie and says they should fire her. Aidan overhears and walks away. Greens says the whole situation is Kendall's fault and follows him. Erica and Ryan chat about their date. She sees Jack and Carmen arrive and gets quiet. Carmen tells Erica it's a great party. Amanda finally arrives, sees Jake and makes a beeline for him. Frankie arrives, looking for Randi, but she isn't there yet. Across the room, Kendall corners Greenlee and asks how this is all her fault. She says if Kendall wouldn't have meddled in their lives Annie wouldn't have left Ryan! Just then, Annie arrives. Babe arrives; she and Amanda sing one another's praises as they take credit for the new fragrance. Jake grabs Amanda and kisses her. JR comes over and tells Amanda she stole credit by using her own photo. Across the room, Adam talks to Colby about how trustworthy Petey is. Petey comes over and Colby walks off. At the bar, Aidan tells Annie to stop playing games and go back to Ryan but she says Ryan is the one who ruined their marriage. Randi arrives with Taylor in a tight dress. Fletcher sees them but hides. Jake sees Taylor's makeover and is blown away. Frankie sees Randi and hugs her, then takes Taylor to the bar. Amanda asks Randi if she had to make Taylor look that good! Adam tells Petey it is time for action. Petey plays lookout while Adam spikes the fragrance container. Erica walks back; Petey distracts her until Adam can finish spiking the container. She goes to Adam, believing that he is only at the party to make a play for her! He sarcastically brings up Jack and Carmen and she walks off. Adam joins JR at the bar; JR believes Adam's jovial manner is because they are working together to bring Kendall and Greenlee down. Annie spots Greenlee and asks if she is happy now. She won't listen when Greenlee claims to be happily married. Kendall comes over, accuses Annie of being needy and a psycho and then walks off. Erica overhears when Kendall tries calling Zach again. He still won't take her calls. Kendall tells Erica that he is just busy. Erica runs into Jack at the bar and tells him not to rub her face in his happiness. Colby decides she wants a spritz of the new perfume but Adam objects. JR wonders why but he won't say. Colby insists on getting some of it; Petey tries to stop her but she manages to squirt a little on her!

    In the bathroom, Carmen tries to get Randi to open up about her past but she won't. Randi leaves the bathroom as Amanda and Taylor arrive. They chat for a second and then Amanda and Taylor turn away. Fletcher grabs Randi from behind! Taylor jumps him and wrenches Randi away. Fletcher falls to the floor as Frankie and Jake come into the area. Jake checks on Fletcher but he is dead!

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