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    All My Children CAST - Carmen "Sugar" Morales

    Full detailed profile on Carmen "Sugar" Morales Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (
    Carmen "Sugar" Morales

    Actor: Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Who played Carmen "Sugar" Morales over the years

    Elizabeth Rodriguez (March 13, 2008 - present)

    Useful information on Carmen "Sugar" Morales

    *Carmen "Sugar" Morales is Erica Kane's cell mate.
    *Sugar is a huge Erica Kane fan.
    *Took a job as Adam's maid.
    *Dated Jack Montgomery.
    *Was a foster child with Randi.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Maid at the Chandler Mansion


    Sugar has a history of criminal activity that has landed her in jail. She and Erica became cell-mates and when they were transferred to a larger prison, escaped and went on the run. Erica learned that Carmen had been framed and stayed on the run with her until they could prove her innocence. They found Carmen's ex and his mother, living in luxury, and held guns on them to get them to tell the truth. Jack and Zach busted into the apartment and ruined their scheme. They were sent back to prison.

    In prison, Erica continued working to get Carmen a new trial and convinced Jack to represent her. Jack managed to get Carmen out of jail on early release pending the new trial. She took a job at the Chandler mansion and soon began dating Jack, who was trying to get over Erica. At a party, Carmen ran into Randi, a new arrival in Pine Valley. It turned out they were foster siblings; Randi harbored a lot of anger toward Carmen because Carmen left the foster home. They began to rebuild their friendship and Carmen began to give Randi advice on how to get on with her life.

    Carmen and Jack continued dating but she soon realized that Erica was undermining her. They had a huge fight and Carmen quit her job with Adam because he was 'dating' Erica at the time.




    Jack Montgomery (dated)
    Mondo (dated)






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    Tuesday, January 06 2009: Wedding Plans!

    At the casino party Reese tells Zach about Erica's accusations. He can't believe that but Reese says because of that she wants to move out of Zach's home. Bianca hears them and says she wants to stay at Zach's despite Erica's accusations. "We just have to tune her out," Binks says. Zach decides to talk to Erica himself. Opal tells Greenlee that the Tarot reading was faulty and can't be trusted. Krystal faints and David comes to her aid. When she comes to she says a hospital in the Congo called and Tad is there with Jamie and Jeff! Opal and Jake are relieved and call Joe. Meanwhile, Krystal pushes David away but Opal and Jake get the wrong idea – and think Krystal is with David! Adam and Erica are at the bar when Jack arrives with Carmen. He goes to Greenlee's side to congratulate her on the engagement to Ryan. Jack tells them both divorces are moving along. He wishes them the best. Jesse, Angie, Frankie, Randi, Rebecca and Natalia arrive. Frankie and Randi run into Petey with a date – and without his glasses! She questions him about his date and Petey says it is a ploy to make Colby jealous! He says he picked his date up from an escort service! Rebecca is ready to let off some steam and goes to the Blackjack tables as Angie asks Jesse to enjoy the evening. Amanda grabs JR and tries to get him to leave with her before anyone notices he is drinking. JR grabs another bottle of champagne and runs into Colby. She can't believe he is drinking and begs him to stop. JR sends her away. Colby goes to Adam as JR pulls Amanda on to the dance floor. David watches and congratulates Amanda on her good work.

    Opal takes Krystal aside and warns her to stop seeing David! Krystal insists she and David are friends but Opal doesn't buy it! Rebecca wins a lot of money at the roulette tables while Jesse encourages Angie to gamble. She sees David watching and, worried that he'll fire her for gambling, declines. Jack walks in and Jake asks if they can talk. Jake brings up David's actions at the hospital and asks Jack to defend him to the hospital board! Jack agrees. Greenlee is still unsettled after the run-in with Opal but Ryan sits down with her and swears they are fated to be together. He pulls up his phone calendar and tells Greenlee to hit a button. She hits February 14 and Ryan says that is the perfect date for the wedding! Bianca and Reese overhear and say that is their wedding date. Greens wants to switch the date but Ryan says they can't. Bianca suggests a double wedding! JR hits the dance floor with Petey's date! Petey doesn't care. Colby pleads with Adam to get JR home but Adam says they can't force JR to do anything. Amanda intervenes and gets JR off the dance floor. Greens says JR is falling apart because of Babe! He hears her and angrily confronts her. Zach steps in and tells JR to back off. Adam finally intervenes, blaming Amanda. JR says his drinking is all Adam's fault! Colby leads Adam away and then David pounces, telling JR he isn't fit to raise Little A! JR takes a swing at David but misses and Amanda drags him out of the party. Petey is upset that Colby didn't even notice him and cries on Randi's shoulder. She says changing his outward appearance was a mistake; Petey wonders how he can show Colby the real Pete.

    Erica corners Bianca and says a double wedding with Ryan and Greens will only ruin her own wedding! Bianca won't back down and tells Erica she doesn't want her planning the wedding! Zach congratulates Ryan and Greenlee on their engagement. Angie sits down with Rebecca at the gambling tables. Rebecca wins again and tells Angie how great she feels. David watches and then goes to Krystal, who is feeling more upset than ever. She starts to freak out and he tries to calm her down. Calling herself a terrible person she walks away. A man looks at Randi strangely and Frankie tells him to get lost. Carmen asks what is going on and Randi tells her about the porno that Fletcher released over the Internet. Zach takes the stage and thanks everyone for coming to the opening. Erica tries to convince Jack to intervene with Greenlee and get her to cancel the wedding. Jack refuses. As they are dancing Jesse asks Angie about the scene with Opal and Krystal. Angie says Krystal might be having an affair – with David! Jesse can't believe it. At the bar Adam blames himself for JR's actions while Colby tries to encourage him. Adam swears he won't let Amanda ruin JR! On the dance floor Ryan and Greenlee kiss. She apologizes for freaking out over Opal's proclamation. Natalia watches Jesse dance with Rebecca and Frankie joins her. Bianca asks Reese if a double wedding is okay. Reese says it is fine but wishes they could have a real wedding in Pennsylvania instead of going to another state to have it legalized. Zach dances with Erica and they talk about Kendall. Erica brings up Bianca and wonders how to fix both of her daughter's lives. Zach tells Erica to trust in Reese's love for Bianca because it is as strong as his love for Kendall.

    Tuesday, October 14 2008: Opal's Latest Prediction!

    At Fusion, Erica smugly tells Jack he still loves her. Carmen walks in and Jack mentions their dinner plans. Erica leaves. Carmen tells Jack he still loves Erica and walks out.

    At the Chandler mansion, Adam threatens to have Petey jailed because of the Bella fiasco but Colby interrupts, saying that if Adam turns in Petey she'll turn in Adam! Adam can't believe she is siding with Pete; Colby drags Petey away. Adam goes to Barry in the sitting room and tells him to get Babe and JR back in Pine Valley right away. Barry walks out. Erica comes in and tells him that he has to start living his own life rather than relying on his children to create a life for him. Adam says he'll consider her pleas. Erica notices the papers and asks about the lawsuit, saying again that Fusion has been mismanaged for a long time. Adam asks if she is considering a takeover. Erica says they have to come up with another solution. Adam says doing in Fusion isn't his intention and then asks if she'll have dinner with him. She accepts and then goes to freshen up. Carmen walks in and demands to know what was going on at Fusion. She accuses Erica of using her! "You pounced on my husband!" Erica exclaims. Carmen reminds Erica that she asked time and again if she was okay with all of this; Erica says she crossed the line but Carmen insists Erica shoved her over it! She says Erica is disgusting for using her. "I don't need money and I don't need you," Carmen says. Erica says Carmen is no better than Mondo; Carmen can't take it anymore and starts spewing Spanish at Erica. Erica doesn't understand a word she says. Carmen grabs her and they wrestle until Erica rips Carmen's dress apart! Adam interrupts, calms them down and then fires Carmen! "We are done," Erica says as Carmen walks out. Erica goes to freshen up as Barry calls Adam. He says they are ready to move forward.

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