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    All My Children CAST - Rob Gardner - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rob Gardner Played by David Rasche on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Rasche (

    Birthday: August 7, 1944
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri USA
    Marital Status: Married, Heather Lupton
    Real Name: David Rasche
    Height: 6'01/2"


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    Adam Wants A Fresh Start

    Monday, March 10 2008

    Frankie follows Rob to the casino and watches him for a while. Rob isn't fooled and sends Frankie a drink! Frankie goes to Rob's table and he explains his connection to Ray Gardner.

    The Poet Who Doesn't Know It

    Friday, March 07 2008

    Rob calls his contact from near Tad's office and tells his men to keep Tad under control. The goon draws a gun from his pocket as he watches Tad and Angie.

    At the investigation office, Jesse is very jumpy. He leaves but as soon as the door closes, someone grabs him from behind! It's Frankie! He pushes Jesse back inside, reminding him that it isn't safe on the streets. They argue but Frankie won't let Jesse go anywhere. He says losing his dad once was bad enough; he won't let Jesse kill himself by stepping into danger again. Jesse is quiet for a while and Frankie plays video games. He loses and screams, telling Jesse that he is bad at all games because he didn't have a dad to teach him how to play. Jesse says he'll take all the blame Frankie can dish out because at least they are talking now. Frankie lightens up, asking Jesse to teach him how to play pinball. Frankie plays until Jesse sends him home. Jesse opens the door and Rob Gardner is on the other side!

    Arts and Crafts in Pine Valley

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    In the park, Rob calls an associate and says he never dreamed Remy's body would be found. He says to keep Angie under surveillance and hangs up. Rob arrives at Tad's where Krystal and Opal are waiting. Opal doesn't recognize Rob at first and when she realizes who he is tells him to get out! Rob turns on the charm and tells Opal that he knows all about Ray and ran as far and as fast as he could. He shows Opal some old scars from Ray; Opal apologizes and asks about his life. Rob says he lived in Atlanta with his wife, who has died, and now he just wants to reconnect with the rest of his family. Rob folds an origami bird and gives it to Opal. Opal stops him from leaving by introducing him to baby Jenny. He holds a fussy Jenny who calms down as soon as she is in his arms. Krystal asks about Rob's plans and he says he's been gambling for a few months and visiting casinos and says he might stay around Pine Valley for a while. Rob subtly asks about Remy's death. Opal begins to go on about Jesse and Remy; Krystal tries to change the subject but Opal just keeps talking. She tells Rob all about Angie and Frankie and their lives since Jesse died. As they talk Tad walks in and asks what Rob is doing there. Opal tells him about Rob's history but Tad isn't as gullible as Opal and wonders why Opal has told Rob the history of the Martin and Hubbard family. Opal says Rob has been under the weather but Tad doesn't completely buy it. When Opal shows Rob to the kitchen Tad begs Krystal to take Jenny out of town for a while. She refuses. Before he can argue more Tad gets a call. He gives Krystal one last warning - to keep Jenny away from Rob - and leaves. Opal and Rob return; Rob wonders what case has Tad leaving the house so suddenly. Rob leaves a while later. Opal is certain that Rob is 100% different from Ray and hopes Tad will like him, too.

    Tad and Angie meet at Remy's mother's house. Angie goes to the door alone and Tad waits in the shadows. Someone is watching them! That someone calls Rob to report that Angie and Tad are together - and Jesse is alone!

    A Declaration of Love!

    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    As Angie and Jesse try to listen in, Rob tells Tad that Ray Gardner was his brother. Tad makes it clear that he doesn't consider Ray his father or any of the Gardner's his relatives. Rob writes down a cell number and says he would like to get to know Tad, without the strings of the past, and then leaves. Tad goes upstairs and tells Angie and Jesse about "Uncle Rob". He says he can't help disliking Rob for the things Ray did. Tad changes the subject and they began talking about Remy. Jesse remembers that Remy was suspected of money laundering for the drug dealers Jesse was investigating. Tad suggests that the bad guys waited so long to kill Remy because they wanted the heat to die down after Jesse's "murder".

    In the park, Rob goes through some pictures on his camera phone. "I just need Jesse now," he says.

    Kendall Attacks Her Stalker!

    Monday, March 03 2008

    In his casino room, Robert Gardner looks through the surveillance tapes one more time. He calls an associate and makes threats against Jesse. Rob leaves the hotel and goes to Tad's office!

    Annie Gambles With Her Future

    Friday, February 29 2008

    At conFusion, Zach tells Annie that flirting with random guys and having dinner with them is a bad idea. And, he says her hunk is married! Annie doesn't want to listen but finally realizes she wasn't being very smart. Zach tells her to stick with him and they leave for the casino. Annie wins a few hands and meets a man named Robert. Zach watches them, wondering who the stranger is. Greenlee and Ryan arrive! Zach watches them, too, and heads over. Greenlee wonders why he brought Annie there but Zach doesn't answer. Ryan heads for the bar. Greenlee says she just wanted to cheer Ryan up; Zach says Ryan is nobody's problem. Aidan calls and asks Greenlee to join him. She can't hear because of the noise in the casino and hangs up. Ryan goes to Annie as she starts the next round. Greenlee returns to Zach and tells him that as long as Ryan is with her he doesn't have to worry about Kendall. Greenlee returns to Ryan, who bellyaches about Annie ignoring him. Greens tells him to get over it and try again. Annie and Robert win another hand. Zach goes over to introduce himself. His full name is Robert Gardner; he wraps up his game and leaves. Annie tells Zach that Rob was really good; Zach says he was too good. She thanks him for the evening and leaves. Ryan follows but Annie won't give him the time of day! "But I don't want you to go," he says!

    Robert Gardner returns to his casino hotel room and boots up his computer. He watches the hospital surveillance DVDs of Jesse!

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