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    All My Children CAST - Rob Gardner - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rob Gardner Played by David Rasche on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Rasche (

    Birthday: August 7, 1944
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri USA
    Marital Status: Married, Heather Lupton
    Real Name: David Rasche
    Height: 6'01/2"


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    Follow The Leader!

    Friday, March 21 2008

    Back in the plane, Frankie finally loosens the last screw. "Yes!" he exclaims. They escape from the plane and Frankie leads Colby away from there. She is very scared but Frankie promises to keep her safe. Frankie hears Jesse and Rob talking and goes in that direction. He has Colby throw something across the room to distract the captors. Just then, Tad and Adam bust through the door and Rafael is pushed in front of the lights. Colby runs toward Adam as shots ring out!

    Lock and Load, Brother!

    Thursday, March 20 2008

    Frankie and Colby keep trying to free themselves. Rafael comes to check on them and then leaves. Soon after Frankie manages to free them! He tells Colby to help him. She demands to know why they were taken. "Because of my father," he says. Rafael returns to Rob and says the kids are still under control. Back in the cargo area, Frankie tells Colby everything he knows about Jesse's capture and torture. He tries to open a side panel but can't. Colby asks if Jesse will come for them and Frankie says he hopes not. Colby can't believe him and starts screaming for help. Frankie grabs her and tells her to be quiet or the goons will come back. He promises to get her out of there and asks her to help him look for an access panel to the wheel well. Colby finally breaks down, freaked out about being tortured like Jesse was. Frankie promises her that no one will hurt her but she doesn't believe him. He manages to calm her down and they start looking for the access panel. Colby finds it but they don't have anything to unscrew the panel. Frankie sees a metal ring on Colby's shoe and takes the shoes apart so he can use that to unscrew the panel.

    Adam is close to the breaking point. Jesse says he'll sacrifice himself for Colby and Frankie; Adam pounces on that but Tad says it is a bad idea. He says that Jesse needs help. Adam agrees; he says they all go or none of them go! Tad tells Jesse to focus on the kidnapper while he and Adam get the kids. Jesse doesn't trust Adam to stick with the plan but Tad insists that they work together. The kidnapper calls; Tad doesn't recognize Rob's distorted voice. Tad hands the phone to Jesse and Rob tells him to meet them at the airport - alone. Jesse hangs up and fills in Tad and Adam. "Lock and load, compadre," he says and hands Adam a gun. Adam asks how they will save Colby; Jesse says they won't have to because Frankie-the-soldier will. Jesse instructs Tad to come onto the airstrip on foot in fifteen minutes and then leaves. Impatient, Adam tells Tad they need to leave now but Tad insists they wait. Adam brings up Kate, wondering how Tad can be sure he'll find Colby when he can't even find Kate! Tad warns Adam to back off. A minute later Adam brings a locket with Colby's picture out; Tad has the same locket. He promises to bring Colby home. Adam and Tad finally leave. In the car they argue about how fast Adam is driving. Adam has chest pains and loses control!

    Back in the seating area, Rob holds up Mrs. Remington's necklace and watches it. Rafael reports in that Jesse has arrived. Jesse goes inside the hangar and calls out but no one answers. After a few minutes several lights flash on, blinding him!

    Photographic Memories...

    Wednesday, March 19 2008

    On the plane, Frankie and Colby are both worried. Frankie manages to loosen his gag and then talks Colby through the same maneuver. She starts chattering about what the kidnappers could want; Frankie tells her to be quiet and listen to him. Colby is too upset to listen so Frankie sarcastically talks about using her gold card to free them. "You don't know anything about me," Colby says. She tells him about the tough times she has had but says she has grown up a lot. They begin working together, trying to free themselves. In the seating area, Rafael explains that he couldn't take Frankie without Colby; Rob doesn't care. He says he'll do whatever it takes to get Jesse.

    Her Brother's Keeper...

    Monday, March 17 2008

    Rob is meeting with a contact, Rafael, in the warehouse, planning their next move. Rob says they need a recent picture to really set things off. He says Tad and Jesse should be there any time thanks to the clues he left in Remy's date book. He leaves to meet Opal at the Valley Inn. Opal is uncomfortable but Rob soon charms her into staying for champagne. Opal tells Rob more about her beginning in Pine Valley. Rob turns the conversation to Tad.

    Criminal Kane!

    Friday, March 14 2008

    Rob is waiting patiently at a warehouse when a clock begins to chime.

    How Long Are We Crashing At Satan's Fortress?

    Wednesday, March 12 2008

    Robert has invited Tad to a father/son golf outing. Tad arrives at the Yacht Club and turns down the invitation. He asks what Rob is really doing in Pine Valley. Robert talks about his dead wife and becoming lonely in Atlanta. He folds a few Origami birds and talks about the art form; Tad isn't interested. He is about to leave when Rob asks how Jesse Hubbard can be dead and living in Tad's office! Tad says he is mistaken. Rob doesn't believe him and offers to help with Tad's case! Tad refuses and says he wants nothing to do with the Gardner's. Rob surprises Tad by saying he knows how awful Ray was because he tortured Rob before he tortured Opal or Tad. They sit back down and talk about Ray. As Rob talks about Ray's torture tactics, Tad relives his own beatings and cries. Rob apologizes for bringing the past back. "Some things are better not talked about," Tad says. Rob picks up the paper and asks if Jesse is better not talked about, too. Tad leaves but says he'll call Rob one day soon.

    After leaving the club, Rob goes to Mrs. Remington's home! He pretends to be an FBI agent and she asks if the box she gave Angie and Tad is working like they had hoped. Rob assures her that the plan is going forward and that they will make Jesse pay for killing her son!

    Adam Wants A Fresh Start

    Monday, March 10 2008

    At Tad's office, Rob asks several times for Jesse's or Frankie's name but neither will tell him. He finally leaves; Frankie offers to follow Robert but Jesse says not to worry about it. He sends Frankie home for the night. Once he is alone Jesse allows his worry about Rob to come to the surface. Angie and Tad return a few minutes later and worry Jesse even more when they say they were followed. Jesse says Rob stopped by. Tad decides Jesse needs a new hiding place. He leaves. Angie tells Jesse more about Mrs. Remington, sad for the older woman. Angie makes bad coffee and says she isn't going to let him leave her again.

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