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    All My Children CAST - Rob Gardner - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rob Gardner Played by David Rasche on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Rasche (

    Birthday: August 7, 1944
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri USA
    Marital Status: Married, Heather Lupton
    Real Name: David Rasche
    Height: 6'01/2"


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    They're Going To Jail!

    Tuesday, April 08 2008

    Angie and Jesse return home and Jesse realizes the door is unlocked. He cautiously opens it. "Surprise!" yells Tad, Krystal, Colby, Frankie, Stuart and Joe. Tad explains that this is a welcome back party. Jesse and Angie are stunned. Colby asks Frankie how he is doing but it is obvious from the look on his face that having his dad back means everything to him. Dre arrives and Colby introduces the guys. Then, Robert stops in! Frankie tells Tad he invited him. Tad still doesn't trust him. Rob makes a beeline for Jesse and asks what his plans are. Jesse doesn't have any. Robert says he has been contacted by Hollywood about bringing the Papel investigation to the big screen; Jesse isn't interested. He asks about Robert's plans and he says he just wants to relax. Across the room, Krystal asks Frankie how he is getting along with Colby. Frankie says he misjudged her. Joe tells the group several stories about Jesse and then welcomes him home again. Stuart proposes a toast, too. He brings up Cindy and how Angie helped her. He wishes them the best for their second chance. Frankie is next. He talks about dreaming of seeing Jesse on a beach and how Dream Jesse gave him advice. He says he wants to be the same kind of dad someday and then asks Jesse to come with him to the beach. Colby leads Frankie outside as Tad makes his speech. She tells him goodbye and then plants a hot kiss on him. Before he can react, Colby walks away. Back inside, Krystal realizes that they are partying without Jesse and Angie. The party breaks up.

    Come-Ons and Turn-Downs!

    Monday, March 31 2008

    In his casino hotel room, Rob locks the diamond away and then decides to let Jesse lead him to the even-bigger diamonds out there. He leaves the room.

    Tad, Krystal, Angie and Jesse are celebrating at The Comeback but Jesse can't hide his on-going worry. The others try to convince him that the missing necklace doesn't mean anything but he isn't sure. Krystal gets their food. As they talk, Tad notices Rob across the room and asks Krystal to kiss him. Rob sees them and comes over to say hi. Angie thanks Rob for saving Jesse's life; Robert says it was all in the line of duty but that his duty is over now because he's retired from the Bureau. Jesse thanks him, too. Rob says he is just happy he was in the right place at the right time. Robert asks about the food and Krystal leads him over to the juke box, she apologizes for dragging him away but says Jesse is still uncomfortable. Rob says he'll leave. Before going, he apologizes for bringing up bad memories of Ray and hopes that someday Tad can separate them in his mind. Rob keeps watching them from a distance. Tad is still upset by his uncle until Angie reminds him that if it wasn't for Rob both he and Jesse could have been killed. Just then Samuel Woods calls and asks Jesse to meet him immediately.

    Ryan Lavery, This Is Your Life!

    Friday, March 28 2008

    Opal meets Robert at ConFusion for a drink. She asks if, through his FBI contacts, he has heard anything about Erica but he hasn't. They order drinks and Rob turns on the charm, thanking her for being a friend to him. He wonders if Tad will come around, too, and Opal says Tad just needs a little time. He says he should just leave town but Opal tells him to stick around for a while. He decides that is just what he will do, since he has another "case" he is working on! He asks about her personal life, which makes Opal feel good. She reads his palm and says he is a shrewd businessman. Opal leaves, telling Rob to call her soon. When she is gone, one of Rob's associates arrives. He has Mrs. Remington's necklace, which is a pure diamond now that it has been cut down. Rob says the next diamond will be even better - and Jesse will lead him straight to it!

    Chicago, Here They Come!

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    The Chandler Mansion is a hub of activity as Krystal and Babe are gathering together their things to move out. Adam taunts Krystal a bit, while JR tries to keep them from going. Opal enters, all abuzz about Tad being safe. She brings a surprise – Robert! – with her. “I hope I’m not intrudin’ on anything,” he drawls. But Adam welcomes him in with open arms. “I’m honored to have you in my home,” Adam says.

    Back at the busy Chandler Mansion...Adam shoots the breeze with Robert about Robert’s upcoming retirement. Adam offers to help him out with whatever he needs, in indebtedness for saving Colby. Nearby, Tad, Krystal, and Opal are skeptically watching Adam schmooze with Robert. Opal tries to console Tad, saying she knows how it must feel to have a Gardner back in his life. She asks Tad to try to have an open mind about Robert. Tad reluctantly nods. In the entryway, JR is saying goodbye to Babe, and suggests another game of cards. “If you win, I’ll do anything you want,” he promises. “If you lose, you have to stay here at the mansion.” But Babe doesn’t want to play – she wants to go home to her own place. While Robert steps out to make a sinister-sounding phone call, Adam offers Krystal a drink, but she instead lectures him about not taking care of himself. Colby enters and finds Tad. She says she’s sad that the “full house” is disbanding. Babe presses Colby for details about what happened – she tells them the whole kidnapping story. “Frankie totally saved my life,” she gushes. Frankie shows up and Adam thanks him for everything he did. “For the record, your daughter played a pretty important part, too,” Frankie insists. Colby comes into the room and Frankie gives her a gift – a pair of replacement shoes. She hugs him. “Well…I smell romance,” Krystal says, peeking through a nearby door. Frankie apologizes to Colby for calling her spoiled. “You’re more than Daddy’s Little Rich Girl and I’m sorry it took me so long to see that,” he says. Just as Frankie’s about to leave, JR comes downstairs and stumbles a little. Frankie’s concerned, but JR blames it on “the flu,” and shrugs off pressure to head to the hospital for evaluation. Finally, everyone’s packed and leaving. Krystal turns to Adam to thank him for letting them stay. “Next time you need your life saved, you’ll know where to turn,” Adam says. Tad faces Robert and stiltedly thanks him for last night. Robert assures him that’s what families are for. Again, Adam offers to help out Robert.

    It's Really You!

    Monday, March 24 2008

    Meanwhile in the airport hangar, shots ring out and Colby falls to the floor! Tad and Adam run to her side! Frankie hurries over to care for Colby. The lights come on and Rob calmly walks out. Colby wakes and they realize she only hit her head. Rob says he followed Tad and Adam to the hangar and pulls out a badge, saying he is an FBI agent who has been looking for Rafael for years! Frankie tells Colby she did a good job. Rob tells everyone about Rafael, code name Papel. Tad doesn't completely trust Rob but Adam does. Rob asks what Rafael wanted but Jesse doesn't know. He borrows Tad's phone to call Angie. She cries as soon as she hears his voice. She drops the phone so Krystal talks to Jesse, who says they'll all be home soon. He hangs up as Derek arrives. Jesse turns to Tad, who tells them about Adam's heart pains. Colby overhears and tries to get Frankie to look Adam over but Adam won't allow it and charges off to talk to Rob. Derek returns to Jesse and they get acquainted. Derek asks him to come by the stationhouse soon to make a full statement. He agrees, then asks Tad to take him home. On the way out, Jesse asks Rob more about Rafael/Papel but Rob says they have never been able to figure out what Papel wanted. Derek fills in Tad and Jesse about Mrs. Remington's death. Rob assures them that even though they don't know what Papel wanted, it is over now. Jesse and Tad leave. Rob turns away and whispers, "This is very personal."

    Back at the Martin home Krystal calls Winnifred so she can sing to Jenny over the phone. The silly song makes Angie smile. They talk about Easter, sad because they didn't get to do the traditional family things this year over the holiday. She tells Krystal about the egg hunts she used to put on for Frankie. They start dinner. Frankie, Colby and Adam arrive in a few minutes. Krystal hugs Colby and Angie hugs Frankie, who sings Colby's praises. Krystal tells Adam to sit down and relax before he collapses. She fusses around Adam for a while with Angie and Frankie backing up her doctoring methods. They invite Adam to stay for dinner, shocking him. Tad and Jesse arrive and Angie runs to hug him and begins to cry. Upstairs, Colby spots Rob on the porch. She asks Tad why he hasn't come in yet. On the porch, Rob is talking to a cohort and says he'll convince everyone that he's a good guy. Then, he pulls Mrs. Remington's necklace from his pocket! Inside, Tad and Jesse wonder if they can trust Rob. Just then Rob knocks and Tad invites him in.

    Follow The Leader!

    Friday, March 21 2008

    Rob, still using the voice distorter, and Rafael are behind the blinding white lights in the hangar when Jesse walks in. He asks about the kids but Rob won't tell him. They argue and finally Rob tells Rafael to go get the kids.

    In the plane's cargo area, Frankie is nearly done unscrewing the panel and Colby is becoming more freaked out the closer he gets. A few minutes later a bad guy comes to get them. Frankie hollers at Jesse that they are okay; Jesse promises to get both kids out of this. Jesse tells them to let Frankie and Colby go but Rob won't. When Jesse keeps arguing Rob pulls a gun, cocks the hammer and says it's time for one of the kids to die! Desperate, Jesse says he'll tell them anything if they will just leave Frankie and Colby alone. Rob has the kids taken back to the plane. Jesse tells Rob that the information he wants is hidden and offers to take him to it. "No deal," Rob says. Jesse keeps talking, hoping to get Rob away from the kids; Rob asks who Jesse told about their meeting. Rob asks Jesse to describe exactly what he has hidden; Jesse makes up a story about a case with millions in treasure. Whispering, Rafael tells Rob that Jesse doesn't know anything. Rob disagrees. He says Jesse has all the answers he just doesn't know it yet. Rafael pulls a gun and says there is only one way to get those answers. Rob keeps talking to Jesse and threatens to kill him. Jesse isn't afraid and tells the man that if he is killed they will never find what he has!

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