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    All My Children CAST - Rob Gardner - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rob Gardner Played by David Rasche on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Rasche (

    Birthday: August 7, 1944
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri USA
    Marital Status: Married, Heather Lupton
    Real Name: David Rasche
    Height: 6'01/2"


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    Digging Up ... Elephants?

    Friday, April 25 2008

    Back at the cemetery, Robert turns off the bug and swears they won't cheat him!

    Burning Down the House!

    Thursday, April 24 2008

    Jesse gives Angie one last chance to go home but she refuses. Tad arrives. None of them notice that Robert has arrived and is watching them. By phone, he tells the diamond brokers he'll have more rocks soon. Rob pulls a gun and watches as the crews begin digging. Angie has a bad feeling that whatever is dug up will change their lives for the worse! Jesse is focused on the coffin and what might be inside. Frankie goes to reassure Angie. The coffin is finally raised to ground level. They cops open it up. "Oh my," Angie says in horror.


    Monday, April 21 2008

    Angie walks into the PI office and says Jesse isn't allowed to dig up his grave! Tad says whether Jesse is there or not, the police are going to exhume the grave. Robert listens. Jesse says he has to know what is buried in his grave! Rob tries to play peacemaker but Tad leads him into the hall and tells him off. He says Rob has to stop pushing Jesse back into the past. Rob insists that he is doing the right thing in helping Jesse, and refuses to listen. They return to the office and Angie tells Robert he is going too far and needs to back off. Robert changes his tune and apologizes. He leaves. Tad is about to leave, too, when Angie asks Jesse to come home with her. He hesitates and then admits he still wants to be there when the coffin is exhumed. Jesse says he might be the only one who will notice a clue in the coffin. Tad interrupts as they argue, saying that she has to accept that Jesse needs answers but at the same time tells Jesse to stop pushing Angie in directions she isn't ready to go in. They realize he is talking about more than their problems - he is talking about Dixie and Kate. Tad says Jesse has an obligation to go to the exhumation so that the family of whoever is dead in the coffin has the peace that he doesn't have. Angie paces for a while and then gives in, telling Jesse to go. He thanks her. She says she is going, too! "We're doing this together or it doesn't happen," she says.

    Robert returns to his room at the Yacht Club. He calls a contact, thanking him for his great work on the diamond. He says they'll have more soon.

    A Job Offer!

    Friday, April 18 2008

    Jesse meets Tad at the PI office to tell him about the grave-digging plan. Tad can't believe it. Jesse says that whatever was buried in the grave could tell them who Papel really was and what he was after. He brings up Robert and Tad says they can't trust him. Tad wants to call in Derek and the cops but Jesse refuses to allow that. Jesse argues with him, saying that Robert thinks it is a good idea. This makes Tad even more determined not to help. Tad tries to warn Jesse off but he is certain Tad's misgivings are related to Ray and not Robert. Rob arrives.

    Derek calls Tad's office, tells Jesse the cops are digging up the grave and hangs up. Jesse fills in Tad and Rob and then says he'll be there when his grave comes up! Tad wants Jesse to stay out of it but Rob thinks it is a good idea to go. Just then Angie walks in.

    Papel Isn't Papel?

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Angie is about to leave for work when Jesse distracts her and leads her back to the bedroom. They are sharing breakfast a while later when Frankie comes out of his room and says it is time to find his own place. Angie asks him to stay at home for a while but Frankie won't stay. The conversation turns to work and Jesse jokingly says he is going to relax and let Angie and Frankie bring home the bacon for a while! Frankie says he could go back to the police force and Angie gets upset. Robert stops by, so both Frankie and Angie leave for work. As Jesse cleans up the breakfast things, he tells Rob he looked over the files he had and he believes the real Papel set up Rafael. Rob says that Jesse should look into things a little harder. They brainstorm together and Jesse decides there is only one place that the kidnappers couldn't have looked to find what they want - his grave! Rob doesn't understand until Jesse says that they buried a coffin and there could be a clue inside. Rob says they should go to the cops but Jesse doesn't want anyone else to know. Rob offers to help.

    A Walk In The Woods!

    Tuesday, April 15 2008

    Rob is in his room at the Yacht Club, working on another crane. He tells the bellhop that once he folds 1000 of them his wish will come true. Angie arrives, surprising Rob. She cuts to the chase and asks Rob to stop talking to Jesse about Papel because he is fixated on the past. Rob says he didn't mean to cause trouble. He turns on the charm and says he was just trying to make a friend since he doesn't know anyone in Pine Valley. Angie says he is always welcome at their home and invites him for dinner sometime - as long as Papel isn't brought up. She leaves. Rob shuts the door and returns to his desk where he begins folding more cranes.

    Here's Your Cake - Now Get Out!

    Friday, April 11 2008

    Aidan shows up to Jenny's birthday party but Tad sends him away, saying there is a new case he needs to focus on. As he is leaving, Zach arrives. The two men eye one another but don't speak. Annie shows up just as Aidan is about to leave. He apologizes for showing up drunk and for blabbering on about things. He tells her to just forget everything. "Whatever," Annie says. She goes inside and Zach asks what is going on with Aidan. She shrugs off his interest. Krystal calls all the kiddos into the kitchen for ice cream. Opal and Babe are playing with little A. She tells Babe that Richie hasn't been the best houseguest but he isn't the worst either. She warns Babe to be very careful around Richie. Frankie arrives and Colby makes a beeline for him. She flirts and Frankie ignores her. JR and Adam arrive, surprising Babe. She corners JR and asks why he brought Adam; JR says he promised to play nicely. Across the room, Adam gives Krystal a gift: a blanket similar to one he bought for Charlotte! Krystal is touched but feels uncomfortable around him and hurries away. Annie sits down with Zach and tells him about the divorce papers. As they talk, Annie becomes emotional and wonders if tearing it up was the right thing to do. She brings up Greenlee, which leads to Aidan and she chatters on about his being drunk and mumbling about guilty feelings! Zach is intrigued. Annie tells him not to pay attention to Aidan's drunken ramblings because Kendall explained everything and it was very innocent. Just then Julia arrives with Kathy. She makes a beeline for Tad and they go off to find the cupcakes. Joe and Ruth watch them, wondering if he'll ever find Kate. Colby tracks down Frankie and asks why he keeps avoiding her. Calling her a kid, Frankie says he didn't kiss her back. Annoyed, Colby informs Frankie that she is no kid and that she helped deliver Jenny. Near the front door, Jesse is ready to skip out on the party but Angie tells him they can't leave early again. Just then Rob arrives. Tad wants him to leave but Ruth tells him not to overreact. She says Rob shouldn't be blamed for Ray's past sins. Tad agrees to let him stay but warns Rob that once the cake has been eaten he has to go. Rob goes over to Jesse and asks if they can talk about his time in hiding so that he can pass the information along to the movie producers. The cake is served. Tad grabs one piece, hands it to Rob and says he can go now. Rob graciously pretends that Tad isn't being rude. Tad turns to Jesse and wonders why Rob keeps hanging around.

    Outside, Rob remembers Remy's death. Remy pleaded with Rob for a second chance to get the information from Jesse. Rob shot him anyway.

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