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    All My Children CAST - Rob Gardner - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rob Gardner Played by David Rasche on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Rasche (

    Birthday: August 7, 1944
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri USA
    Marital Status: Married, Heather Lupton
    Real Name: David Rasche
    Height: 6'01/2"


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    Tad Survives - For Now!

    Tuesday, May 27 2008

    At the wedding, Jesse jumps from the roof to grab on to the helicopter. He stands on the landing platform and tries to wrestle the gun from Roberts grasp. Angie is unconscious beside him. She comes to and tries to regain control of the chopper. The chopper nearly crashes onto the roof but Robert regains control. Jesse shouts instructions to her but then Robert opens the chopper door, leaving Jesse literally hanging on for dear life! Jesse manages to regain control and throws Robert from the chopper! Jesse takes the controls.

    Back on the roof, Tad has been shot. Jake and Frankie try to stop the bleeding, but the wound is very bad. Robert, tossed from the chopper, lands on the roof but they ignore him. The guys manage to control the bleeding. Dixie appears as Frankie tells Jake they are losing Tad! Just then, Robert opens his eyes. Dixie begs Tad to hang on. Frankie has a Swiss Army Knife and they use it to relieve the pressure on his lungs. Robert approaches with the gun and Frankie goes after him. More shots ring out! Frankie fights Robert as Jake concentrates on Tad, who is still struggling to breathe. Frankie finally has Robert under control as Jesse lands. Angie, hysterically laughing, says, "Boy, I do a lot for you, don't I?" Angie rushes to Jake and Tad as Jesse focuses on Frankie and Robert. Rob dares Jesse to shoot him but Frankie talks some sense into him and Jesse simply punches the man. The cops arrive and take Robert into custody. Jake and Angie say Tad doesn't have much time left. Frankie says he can fly them to the hospital. They load Tad, with Jake and Frankie along to care for him and fly to the hospital. On the roof, Jesse holds Angie.

    Shots Fired! Julia's Down!

    Friday, May 23 2008

    Upstairs in the Hubbards' private room, Jesse's still got Rob at gunpoint. Just as it looks like Jesse has the upper hand, Angie walks in, giving Rob the chance he needs to get away. Rob grabs her and holds her hostage, making Jesse drop his gun. Now Rob's got Jesse at gunpoint, so Jesse decides to play hardball, pulling out the diamond and waving it in the air. "You let her walk and I'll give you the diamond," Jesse promises. Angie begs Jesse to listen to Rob, who threatens to kill both of them if he doesn't get the diamond. Jesse kicks the diamond over to Rob, but Rob still won't let them go. "Who would've known 'until death do us part' would come so soon?" he taunts. Angie gets more and more hysterical, begging Rob to spare Jesse and kill her. She pleads him to take his diamond and go, but Rob plans to take Angie with him. He pulls Angie out of the room and then turns and points the gun back into the room at Jesse. Angie screams, her voice echoing throughout the entire hotel. Rob decides not to shoot Jesse, but to just get out and quick. He forces Angie toward the elevator.

    JR and Babe are still in bed together, making love, when they hear Angie's scream. They rush to the door to investigate. As soon as they open the door, they see Rob escorting Angie to the elevator. Rob shoots his gun at JR, but misses. Suddenly Jesse bolts out of the room across the hall and pounds frantically on the elevator door, and then runs for the stairs to try to catch the two of them. Shaken and crying, Babe says it's a reminder that they can't take life for granted. "I love you so much," she whispers and they kiss.

    Downstairs, the elevator opens and Angie and Rob step out, spotting Aidan. Angie screams for Aidan's help and Aidan pulls his gun, but Rob bullies him into putting it away. He drags Angie into the reception, and the crowd shrinks back when they see the gun. To make matters worse, Aidan bursts in behind them with his gun drawn. There's a brief pause of a standoff, during which Dixie begs Tad to leave. Tad doesn't hear her, of course, and slowly Rob points the gun and shoots. Julia slumps over. There are screams as everyone rushes to help Julia. Rob pulls the trigger again and Greg is hit in the arm. Satisfied, Rob drags Angie out of the reception. Things aren't looking good for Julia, who's slipping away despite attempts to help her. The ambulance comes to take her away. Colby and Adam try to console Kathy, who's worried about "Aunt Julia."

    Jesse, Tad, Jake and Frankie try to head off Rob and Angie as they get into the elevator again, but he threatens to kill Angie and once again wins out. It's back to the stairwell for Jesse, this time with help from Tad, Jake and Frankie. Rob and Angie are also in the stairwell and as she yells that they're headed for the roof, Rob shoots blindly over the rail at the pursuers. Rob and Angie reach the rooftop, where the helicopter is waiting. Rob approaches the helicopter and shoots the pilot, then drags Angie inside. Just as he's about to board the helicopter himself, the guys pile out of the stairwell. Rob hails the doorway with a barrage of gunfire. The helicopter takes off and the guys run out on the rooftop to catch it. Rob shoots out the window of the helicopter and, though Dixie tries to stop it from happening, Tad runs right through her and is hit by a bullet! Jesse dives off the edge of the building, hands outstretched to catch the runner of the helicopter...


    Thursday, May 22 2008

    Meanwhile, Tad offers up a toast to the happy couple and once again introduces Ne-Yo, who sings for the bride and groom's wedding dance. The party's in full swing as couples pair off and hit the dance floor. Opal begs Rob to dance with her, promising to give him whatever information he needs about Jesse and Angie if he'll join her in a dance. During the dance, she's slightly put off when she discovers he's carrying a gun. But he explains it away and Opal believes him, soaking up his charm. Opal's feeling naughty and agrees to visit a supply closet with Rob for a little alone time. She tells him that Tad has arranged for a surprise helicopter to whisk away the bride and groom after the wedding. Rob pulls out his handy syringe and gives Opal a shot of goodnight. He leaves her there and heads out with a purposeful look.

    Rob schmoozes the hotel's front desk clerk, pulling out his FBI badge to get a key to the Hubbards' room. In their room, Rob finds the elephant. He whips out a knife and cuts it open. He pulls out all the stuffing to find no diamond. He curses and tosses the elephant to the floor. But before he can think of what to do next, he hears a voice in the doorway. "Lookin' for this?" Jesse asks, holding a giant diamond in one hand and a gun in the other, pointing it directly at Robert. Rob tries to wriggle his way out of it again, weaving a ribbon of lies, but Jesse won't hear of it. "Stop it!" he yells. "I know who you are. I know what you are!" Jesse forces Rob to drop his gun and proceeds to tell Rob how he solved the puzzle. Jesse pulls out a bug, one used by the FBI. He talks about Cassandra's grogginess the other day. Then Jesse holds up the origami crane, saying he put together all the pieces once he found it. "Now it's payback time," Jesse says. Rob suggests that he and Jesse cut a deal. But Jesse's bitter. Rob's anger ratchets up as he recalls his obsession over the diamond for the past 20 years. He dares Jesse: Give me the diamond or go ahead and shoot me.

    Wedding Day, Take Two!

    Wednesday, May 21 2008

    Meanwhile, Rob is elsewhere in the hotel, tossing Cassandra's room, but comes up empty when looking for the elephant. "I guess I'm going to a wedding," he growls, pulling out his gun. As Jesse and Angie kiss to celebrate their nuptials, Rob appears in the doorway of the wedding hall, sinisterly clapping his hands. In the midst of much reception celebration, Krystal spots Rob. He asks where the couple's private room is so he can leave them a gift. But Krystal hears Jenny crying and rushes away without giving him an answer. Rob tries to steal away on his own, but is caught by Opal, who grabs onto him, crowing, "Howdy, stranger!"

    Next on All My Children:

    Dixie appeals to Adam one more time.

    Jesse and Rob have a showdown!

    Greenlee confronts Aidan and Kendall about their betrayal.

    Vasectomy? What Vasectomy?

    Monday, May 19 2008

    Stuart has just shown up at the Hubbards' house, interrupting Robert who is just getting ready to bring Cassandra out of the drug-induced hypnosis he's put her in. Robert gets flustered and tells Cassandra that when she wakes up, she'll remember nothing, and will answer the door slowly, giving him time to escape out the back fire escape. As he leaves, he drops a piece of paper out of his pocket onto the floor. Cassandra opens the door, very groggy, and Stuart is suspicious that something's wrong (plus, he says, he heard voices!). But Jesse and Angie show up and Stuart gets sidetracked, asking them to come down and look at his new gallery show, which is going to be love-themed and center around Jesse's and Angie's love story. Cassandra is clearly out of it, and Jesse notices. After Stuart leaves, Angie and Jesse question Cassandra about what's wrong with her. She doesn't remember anything that happened to her with Robert. She thinks she took a nap and is just having a hard time waking up from it. Angie goes right into doctor mode, wanting to take Cassandra's temperature and blaming it on the flu. But Jesse is a little more suspicious about Cassandra's symptoms. After more questioning, he says something like this happened to him a long time ago. Angie pulls Jesse to the side and takes him to task for his line of thinking. "I don't want you hunting for clues while we're standing at the altar looking as fine as can be," she says. He agrees to let it go.

    In his own room, a frustrated and enraged Robert listens through a bugging device and watches through binoculars as Stuart hands Cassandra her stuffed elephant. He can't see where Cassandra takes the elephant to put it away, which makes him even madder, especially when he sees Jesse and Angie come home. "Jesse Hubbard, your day has come." Robert growls. There's a knock at his door. Robert puts away his surveillance equipment and answers. It's one of the FBI agents, there to ask some questions about the shooting down at the hangar.

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