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    All My Children CAST - Samuel Woods - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samuel Woods Played by Mario Van Peebles on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mario Van Peebles (Glen Harris)

    Birthday: January 15 1957
    Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico
    Real Name: Mario Van Peebles


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    Annie's Desperate Measure!

    Monday, September 08 2008

    Sam stops by Erica's room at the Yacht Club to tell her that the charges against Dre have been dropped. Erica asks about his campaign. Sam says he is staying in the Senate race but that he is taking Dre on the trail with him. He asks Erica if she'll tag along, too! She is flattered but turns him down. He swears she won't hurt his chances in the polls. She says that isn't it; she says she needs time to come to grips with who she is outside of prison and who she wants to be. She says she has let too many people, namely Jack, hurt her in recent weeks. Sadly, Samuel accepts her words. He asks if they can see one another once the campaign is finished. Calling him Senator, Erica says they'll see what happens. Sam leaves. Jack calls, says he was an idiot for going out with Carmen because Mondo just convinced her to rob an ice cream truck. She hangs up on him - and then snaps back to reality. Josh barges into the room and begs her to help him escape Zach!

    Nobody Likes a Buttinsky!

    Thursday, August 14 2008

    Erica stops by Samuel's to see how he is holding up. He says even she can't derail his campaign when she asks how it is going. Erica comments that maybe they should back off, just in case. Sam asks if she is giving him an out - or trying to take one for herself! She says she is just trying to do the right thing. He asks about Jack and Erica tells him about the break up; she makes it sound like the break up was her idea. He kisses her and says their relationship won't hurt his campaign. She admits she is a bit scared to take this step; he admits to some fears, too, but says he wants to jump right along with her.

    You're Fired!

    Wednesday, August 06 2008

    At the police station, Samuel takes a call from Carl as Jesse gives Dre his walking papers. Melvin is there and once Sam is off the phone, leads them away. Zach arrives and asks to see Annie's accident report. An officer goes to get it; Jesse arrives. Zach says he is looking into Annie's accident and Jesse says it is an open and shut case. The officer returns with the file and Zach leaves. Jesse says he wants a copy of the accident report, too.

    Sam, Dre and Melvin arrive at the Valley Inn. Samuel angrily hangs up on Carl for the five-hundredth time, saying he may need to find a new job if he can't handle the press! Dre apologizes again. Sam says he is just sorry Dre didn't feel he could come to them. Melvin says both men need to start talking openly; Dre says he can't talk to Sam because of all the phone calls. Samuel turns off the phone and says he is ready to listen - then he suggests that Dre drop Cassandra! This angers Dre until Samuel says Cassandra needs her family and stability, not more drama. He says if Dre keeps coming around, Cass will never get over the trauma of the accident. Dre reluctantly agrees with him. Samuel hugs Dre as Melvin says they did a great job at their first talk.

    I'm Not Going Anywhere!

    Tuesday, August 05 2008

    Meanwhile in the squad room, Jesse and Samuel come to an agreement to keep all of the kids out of jail. Jesse leaves to check on Dre. Erica arrives and asks if there is anything she can do. She reaches out to Sam just as Jack arrives! Samuel thanks Jack and fills him in on Dre's confession. Jesse returns. Jack asks about Adam's arrest and they leave to go over the case file. Sam thanks Erica for coming by and then several reporters burst into the room asking question after question about Erica, Dre and Sam's political career. He says he will stand by Dre no matter what that means for his career and then leaves. The reporters question Erica. She will only say that she supports Sam and Dre. Jesse returns and shows the reporters the door.

    In the interrogation room, Dre goes over everything with Jack. He says he wasn't sure they had hit Richie until Petey ran the blood tests on the car. Jack realizes that with the blood only being on the bumper it could prove that Richie was already dead or dying. He asks where the car is now but Dre doesn't know. Jack goes to the hall and asks Jesse about the car; he says it was probably destroyed because all Adam will say is that it was stolen. Jack returns and tells Dre everything will be fine. He and Sam go into the hall where Erica is waiting. Sam is worried about his son; Jack says Dre is too willing to take all the blame. Erica begs Jack to keep Dre out of prison and then tells Sam that there is no better lawyer than Jack. Jack gets a call that Dre's arraignment is set. He and Dre walk out together. Sam and Erica hang back to make a dinner date.

    Dre Takes The Heat!

    Monday, August 04 2008

    Samuel goes into Dre's holding cell. He says he'll get the charges dropped and make everything go away. Dre stops him, says he really was driving and that he can't let the girls take the fall.

    Time For A Second Chance!

    Thursday, July 31 2008

    Samuel calls a press conference with Erica standing by his side. He says he likes her a lot and he wants to date her - no matter what the pundits say! Erica is pleased with the announcement. Over dinner, she tells him to invite all of his friends and family to their next date since her friends and family invaded their date tonight. Sam says Dre won't come because of the distance between them. She tells him to be a better juggler so that Dre doesn't feel left out. Samuel says every time they talk, the campaign gets in the way. He asks how she became such good friends with Kendall; Erica says it took time and patience. She advises him to talk to Dre again and keep talking until he starts to open up. He asks about a second date, pleasing her. She says she likes his slow and steady approach.

    Add Another Plate To The Table!

    Wednesday, July 30 2008

    At the Yacht Club, Erica is getting ready for her date with Samuel when Kendall and Zach stop by, surprising her. They want to take her to dinner. Sam arrives, stunning Kendall. Erica invites him in and then invites Kendall and Zach to join them. They hesitate but Sam says the company would be great. They leave.

    Jack calls to postpone a meeting as he waits for Carmen at the Valley Inn. Carmen walks in but instead of talking about her case, she questions Jack about Erica. Samuel and Erica arrive and are mobbed by the paparazzi. Carmen sees them and runs over, screaming! She announces Erica's arrival. She sees Kendall and Zach, hurries over to Jack and tells him they have hurry or Erica will fall for Sam! Jack doesn't hop-to the way Carmen wants so she bugs him until he agrees with her. Zach asks Samuel about the campaign. After a few more pictures, Jack makes his way to Kendall and Erica. Carmen grabs Kendall and drags her away to talk books, leaving Jack and Erica to talk alone. Erica invites Jack to join them for dinner. Once the table is ready, Erica orders drinks for everyone. Carmen brings up Erica's marriage to Jack, telling both how wonderful they looked. Erica asks about Spike and Ian and talk turns to Spike's hockey abilities. Erica asks about Dre; Sam says he likes hockey, too. Jack comments that the paparazzi are always around, warning Sam that his campaign could be in jeopardy. Sam doesn't care. Zach gets bored with the table talking and asks Kendall if they can leave; Kendall won't hear of it because she is enjoying the sparring between Jack and Sam. Carmen calls Jack by his "Mont-Yummy" nickname, which brings up the nicknames of all the other people she knows. She tells a story about dreaming of a prince to take her away - and not waiting too long to do it! Jack still doesn't take her hints. Zach tells Kendall she owes him a big one if they stay longer. "Me in a trench coat," she says and he agrees to stay. Jack decides it is time for him to go but Carmen convinces him to stay. She realizes both Erica and Sam are missing from the table. Samuel sees Erica at the door and says they'll do dinner another time. He leaves.

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