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    All My Children CAST - Samuel Woods

    Full detailed profile on Samuel Woods Played by Mario Van Peebles on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mario Van Peebles (Glen Harris)
    Samuel Woods

    Actor: Mario Van Peebles

    Who played Samuel Woods over the years

    Mario Van Peebles (January 29, 2008 - present)

    Useful information on Samuel Woods

    *Samuel Woods is a politician.
    *He arrested Erica on insider trading charges; he later worked for her release.
    *Samuel and Erica flirted.


    PAST: Unknown


    Samuel Woods sent an investigator to Pine Valley in 2007 to find his son, Dre. Dre, with the help of Colby Chandler, avoided his father's private investigator. However Samuel, who was running for a senate position, was invited to Pine Valley to appear on Erica Kane's talk show "New Beginnings". He flirted with Erica but was really gathering evidence to have her arrested.

    At the Go Red Fashion Show, Samuel had Erica arrested on insider trading charges. Erica tried to flirt her way out of the charges but Samuel wouldn't play her games. She was sentenced to six months in prison. Sam visited her often and they developed a strong friendship and attraction. He was integral in getting Erica released and after she returned to Pine Valley, they continued their flirtation. Samuel called things off after Dre's arrest for the Richie Novak hit-and-run; although Dre was cleared, Sam decided to focus on his son. He and Dre left Pine Valley while Samuel finished his senate campaign.


    Dre Woods (son)


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    Monday, September 08 2008: Annie's Desperate Measure!

    Sam stops by Erica's room at the Yacht Club to tell her that the charges against Dre have been dropped. Erica asks about his campaign. Sam says he is staying in the Senate race but that he is taking Dre on the trail with him. He asks Erica if she'll tag along, too! She is flattered but turns him down. He swears she won't hurt his chances in the polls. She says that isn't it; she says she needs time to come to grips with who she is outside of prison and who she wants to be. She says she has let too many people, namely Jack, hurt her in recent weeks. Sadly, Samuel accepts her words. He asks if they can see one another once the campaign is finished. Calling him Senator, Erica says they'll see what happens. Sam leaves. Jack calls, says he was an idiot for going out with Carmen because Mondo just convinced her to rob an ice cream truck. She hangs up on him - and then snaps back to reality. Josh barges into the room and begs her to help him escape Zach!

    Thursday, August 14 2008: Nobody Likes a Buttinsky!

    Erica stops by Samuel's to see how he is holding up. He says even she can't derail his campaign when she asks how it is going. Erica comments that maybe they should back off, just in case. Sam asks if she is giving him an out - or trying to take one for herself! She says she is just trying to do the right thing. He asks about Jack and Erica tells him about the break up; she makes it sound like the break up was her idea. He kisses her and says their relationship won't hurt his campaign. She admits she is a bit scared to take this step; he admits to some fears, too, but says he wants to jump right along with her.

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