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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Unanimous Decision.

    Tuesday, September 14 2010

    The Hubbards come to the hospital for the hearing and Angie defends her actions to the board. Jake and Amanda present the board with letters and a petition to keep Angie on staff. Madison, Opal, Brot, Bianca, Frankie, Randi and Natalia also speak on her behalf. The board asks Jake to read the letter David wrote about Angie which details Angie lying about her condition and putting patients and the hospital at risk. The board wants time to deliberate, but Greenlee comes in and says as owner of the hospital she wants to address her husband's comments. She understands David's concerns, but she also points out Angie saved her life and the hospital needs her leadership. The board breaks for deliberation and returns to say their decision was unanimous and Angie will remain as Chief of Staff.

    Book 'Em Hubbard.

    Thursday, September 09 2010

    With Frankie and Jesse by her side, Angie visits with a doctor who tells her she is legally blind. After the doctor leaves, Angie notes they will have to change a lot of things at home to accommodate her blindness. Frankie and Jesse assure her they will support her every step of the way. Jake comes to the hospital and learns Angie has been declared legally blind. Frankie and Jesse go to the hallway where Jesse tells his son he doesn’t want Angie left alone. Frankie reminds his father she is stronger than all of them. Back in the room, Jake tells Angie he will go to the hospital board on her behalf, but Angie won't let him jeopardize his job. Frankie returns to take Angie home and after they leave, Jake makes a call to say Angie needs their help.

    Greenlee goes to the hospital to see David's body. She asks to see his face and the medical examiner pulls back the sheet. After the M.E. leaves, Greenlee tells David's body she loved him for saving her life, but she couldn't give him what he wanted or needed. The M.E. returns so he can perform the autopsy. Greenlee leaves the room in tears and then gets a call from Kendall who tells her Ryan turned himself in. Later, Frankie brings Angie to visit David's body. She says she needs to let go of the anger and forgive him. They walk in the room, but find David's body is gone.

    Frankie brings Angie home and they call the local clinic for the blind. Angie sets up a meeting so she can learn some tools and tricks. Jake and Amanda come over and tell Angie they talked to several of her co-workers and former patients who signed a petition to keep her on as Chief of Staff and wrote letters on her behalf.

    He's Gone.

    Tuesday, September 07 2010

    After David collapses at the Yacht Club, Krystal calls 911. Kendall asks Greenlee where Ryan is, but Greenlee is only concerned about David. Kendall leaves, as Jesse checks his pulse and calls for Jake and Frankie. Jake performs CPR, but eventually stops and tells Greenlee, "He's gone." Jake says there's no way of knowing what exactly killed him right now, but it looks like he's had a lot of trauma. Jesse announces the room is now a crime scene so no one can go anywhere until they are questioned. Jesse calls for back up as Greenlee looks at David's body in shock. Across the room, Krystal worries to Caleb how Marissa will handle this. Nearby, Colby and Asher discuss what they will say about the fight they saw between Ryan and David earlier. Colby says Ryan is a good guy and she doesn’t want to get him in trouble. Asher suggests she keep quiet then. Liza calls the mayor to accept the responsibilities as District Attorney and also tells her about David. Natalia enters with more cops and Jesse instructs them to seal off the area. Greenlee worries about where Ryan is, but Amanda assures her she's not alone. Greenlee thanks her but she knows David wasn't Amanda's favorite person. Amanda says all that matters right now is that he was her husband. Greenlee sits with David's body and takes his hand. She tells him she never wanted this for him. She cries and says he deserved better – they both did. Mayor Blanco enters and talks with Liza, who assures her she wants whoever did this to David to pay, but he used to be her client so it could be a conflict of interest. The mayor demands she take this case or she will find a new D.A. The EMTs come to take David's body and Jake gently helps Greenlee move away from him. Damon comes over to Asher and Colby, who tell him what they saw. Colby doesn’t know what to do, but Asher says Ryan will tell the cops if he thinks it's something they need to know, but if he doesn't say anything, then Colby will just be starting trouble if she reports the fight. Natalia questions Caleb and Krystal, but Caleb abruptly ends it and leads Krystal out so she can got to Marissa. Jesse questions Greenlee and he says once the dust settles, he will need a complete statement, but she doesn't know how the dust settles after something like this. Jesse walks away into Liza, who informs him she is the new D.A., which means they are working on this case together. Jesse just wants her to stay out of his way. Colby overhears and talks to her mother about her new job. Liza wants her to go home so she isn't involved in any of this. Jesse goes over to Angie and Tad. Tad thinks things are great now that David is gone, but Angie reminds him he was a father and it's a tragedy what happened. Tad thinks the tragedy is just beginning.

    I Know Everything.

    Friday, September 03 2010

    Despite Kendall's best efforts to keep Liza at the party, Liza walks away and Kendall tries to call Ryan. Elsewhere, David tells Greenlee he wants to go on their trip right after the party. She suggests they leave in the morning after they're rested. David grabs her arms hard and angrily tells her he knows everything and that everything she has done and said has been one big lie. David wants to discuss it further, but not there so no one can overhear what he has to say. Meanwhile, Tad calls JR to tell him to come to the party. JR says he has work to do and will pass, but Tad convinces him to come. Across the room, Bianca tells Caleb he looks almost proud to be there, but he says he would rather be home chasing Miranda around. Bianca tells him it's a wonderful party and Uncle Pete would be proud. Caleb thanks her. Colby and Asher enter the party and see Damon passing out drinks. He's happy to see Colby but says he won't be able to take a break anytime soon. Colby suggests she and Asher dance, as Krystal and Caleb do the same. Asher bumps into Caleb, who gruffly tells him to watch where's going. JR walks in the party, as Frankie questions Madison why she isn't with Ryan. She downs a couple of drinks and says he'll be back soon.

    A Turning Point.

    Wednesday, September 01 2010

    Caleb bursts into the hospital with the EMTs and Miranda. Frankie checks her out and they take her for further examination, leaving a frantic Caleb behind. Bianca runs in and Caleb updates her. Bianca races off to see her daughter. Frankie tells Bianca Miranda may have a sore throat for a while but there is no permanent damage. Bianca thanks Caleb for saving her daughter. He gets emotional and walks out of the room. He mistakenly refers to Miranda as Sonja and Bianca wonders who that is. He asks her not to pry, but Bianca wonders if there was another fire where he lost someone. Angie and Jesse come to the hospital and get an update from Frankie. Bianca sees Angie and thanks her for being there for her daughter. Bianca returns to Miranda and Angie approaches Caleb. He tells her she was amazing, but she admits she was terrified. He calls her Dr. Hubbard, but she tells him her friends call her Angie. Bianca finds Caleb again and says she's there if he ever feels like talking. She hugs him and says she's glad he came into their lives. In the hallway, Jesse tells Angie he has to get back to the station. He offers to take her home, but she tells him she's got it covered. She thinks after today, she just might have a future as a doctor after all if she can get David out of her way.

    To The Rescue.

    Thursday, August 19 2010

    Natalia overhears Frankie dealing with a creditor on the phone at the hospital and wonders how behind he is on his payment. He insists he's fine, but his hours have been cut by almost half. Natalia blames David for his problems as well as for Angie possibly going blind. She's worried about Angie going off her meds, but Frankie says it's her decision. Natalia doesn’t agree with it and asks Frankie to try and get through to her. Frankie wonders if she's asking him to tell his mother to get an abortion. Natalia doesn't want him to pressure Angie, but she hates that Angie will lose her sight over this. She thinks Angie is being a martyr and Jesse will suffer because of it. Jesse walks up and tells his kids Angie has made her decision and is at peace with it. He's not, but he needs them to just be there for Angie every step of the way. He goes to use the medical library so he can figure out a way to fix this. Later, Madison finds Frankie as she picks up Ryan's prescription. They catch up on Ryan and Angie and she kisses him on the cheek to thank him for getting her the prescription so fast, which Natalia sees. Madison leaves and Natalia demands to know what is going on. He insists he and Madison are just friends and then turns it around and asks his sister how Brot is. Frankie thinks it's clear he likes her and Natalia says she used to think something could happen between them, but nothing ever does. Frankie reminds her Brot has had a lot of hurt in his life and he might be scared. He then assures her he won't mess up what he has with Randi.

    Frankie finds Madison in the park and notes she's in a much worse mood than before. She bemoans Ryan coming to Greenlee's rescue and Frankie hugs her.

    Exactly Right.

    Wednesday, August 18 2010

    Randi gets ready for a photo shoot at home as Madison comes over to pick up the rest of her things. Madison goes to get her stuff while a subdued Frankie says goodbye to his wife. Randi remembers Angie is getting her sonogram today and feels bad about going to work. He urges her to go and says he'll call if there's any news. Randi leaves and Madison returns asking about Angie. Frankie shares his frustration over not really having anyone to talk to because he doesn't want to interrupt his wife's modeling career. She again asks what's going on and he says his mother is going blind. Madison vows to not tell anyone and is happy he felt he could confide in her.

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