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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Suspicions Are Raised.

    Friday, September 24 2010

    Frankie finds Madison at Fusion who is having problems with her computer mouse. He helps her out as she tells him she and Ryan are planning a vacation. Frankie wonders if she worries Greenlee will spoil things, but Madison says she's not in trouble anymore and now Ryan is ready to focus on them. Frankie thinks it's about time he realized how lucky he was. They joke around talking about where Madison and Ryan will go on their trip, as Randi watches them from around the corner. She reveals herself and Frankie kisses his wife. Randi coolly asks Madison to handle her photo shoot details and Madison says she will after she delivers some papers. Madison leaves and Frankie and Randi make plans to go on a date. They kiss and hug, but Randi doesn't look pleased.

    Forgive Me.

    Tuesday, September 21 2010

    Madison and Frankie talk about what happened at the party. Frankie says he doesn't know what exactly it was, but it was all him. He explains he feels protective of her, but Madison thinks the hug they shared felt different. He admits for a minute the hug almost turned into something else and he wishes he could take it back. He doesn't want to mess up their hard earned friendship and she says she just wants to go back to normal and they shake on it.

    Frankie sees Randi at the hospital. She's upset he never met her at his parents' place and says they need to talk about Madison. She's cool that they are friends, but she wonders why he is keeping secrets from her. He says he was just trying to give Madison some privacy. He apologizes and tells her he wants to show her every minute how much she means to him. They start to kiss and he pulls a curtain so they can have their own privacy. They end up naked in one of the hospital beds and Frankie suggests they have a baby, but Randi isn't ready because of her career.

    Life Altering Changes.

    Monday, September 20 2010

    Madison walks off the elevator at Fusion to find Frankie and Randi kissing. Randi heads into work and Frankie tells Madison he has to go to the police station to give his statement about Caleb's party. Madison wonders what exactly happened between them that night. He tells her to relax because they were just hanging out. He leaves and Randi asks Madison about being with Frankie at the party. Madison explains Frankie helped her after she drank too much. Randi suggests she find someone else to come to her rescue.

    At the police station, Kendall calls her boys to tell them she doesn't know when she'll be home. Jesse listens to her talk to her kids and says he'll see what he can do. After Kendall is taken away, Frankie walks in and talks with Jesse about why he wasn't on the list of witnesses at the party. Frankie tells him he left early because he took Madison home. Jesse asks if that's all that happened and Frankie recalls a close moment between him and Madison at the Yacht Club, but doesn't tell Jesse about it. Frankie then leaves to be questioned by another cop. Ryan comes to the station to talk to Jesse and sees that Kendall has been arrested again. He goes to the interrogation room where Kendall explains why she jumped bail. Ryan offers to pay her bail and they both give Jesse their word that Kendall won't leave town. Jesse reluctantly agrees and leaves them alone. Ryan tells her about his hypnotherapy and how his feelings for Greenlee and David came up. She asks about Greenlee and Ryan says his feelings for her are in the past because they are over and he can't love her anymore. Jesse returns to tell them Kendall can go, but Ryan needs to be aware of her location at all times. They leave and Greenlee calls Jesse because she has something to tell him about David's murder.

    Frankie goes back to Fusion and Madison tells him Randi overheard about them leaving the party together and she wasn't happy. Frankie thinks what happened was no big deal, but Madison knows something happened between them.

    Gone But Not Forgotten.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    Angie learns to use a cane as she walks the halls of the hospital. She finds Frankie and Jake and thanks Jake for everything he did to keep her there. They discuss how David was poisoned and that his funeral is today. Jake notes he's gone, but not really gone. Angie knows he did a lot of bad things, but she reminds them David was a good doctor and lost two children. Jake and Frankie in turn remind her of all the evil he brought to town.

    At Krystal's, Amanda, Bianca, Kendall, Randi and Natalia join Jake, Frankie and Angie for David's wake. Amanda thinks it's a great way to send him off and out of their lives for good. Tad and JR walk in and Tad suggests they toast the man who made their lives a living hell.

    Jesse walks in Krystal's and Liza follows pushing his buttons about not doing his job. At a nearby table, JR, Jake, Tad, Opal and Amanda reminisce about all of David's evil deeds. Liza walks by and they gang up on her about her working for David. She tells him she's not the bad guy here, it's whoever murdered him. Krystal and Marissa walk in as the group bad mouths David. Marissa yells at everyone to stop it and Krystal tells them to show some respect - if not for David then for her daughter. Everyone offers their apologies and Angie tells her she's sorry for her loss. Krystal and Marissa leave and Angie says a prayer for David.

    Unanimous Decision.

    Tuesday, September 14 2010

    At the Hubbard home, the family rallies around Angie as she prepares to face the board about the complaints David raised about her. Angie asks her family to say a prayer with her before they go.

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