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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Dr. Delicious.

    Tuesday, November 16 2010

    In Opal's room, Frankie meets the doctor named Griffin. Even though Griffin isn't credentialed at the hospital, Frankie tells him he did a good job because Opal is important to all of them. Opal is enamored with her hot new doctor and Tad thanks him for saving his mother. Frankie is aware of Griffin's reputation as an amazing heart surgeon. Griffin says he's in town to see his mentor David Hayward. They tell him he's dead and Griffin is taken aback. Tad expresses his disdain for David, but Griffin responds he was a brilliant surgeon, who taught him everything he knows. Once Opal is alone, Jake and Amanda visit her and hear all about "Dr. Delicious." Jake and Amanda leave the room, whereupon Jake sees Griffin and promptly punches him.

    Everything I Need.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    Frankie sees Madison moping at Krystal's. She's still trying to get over Ryan and he suggests she pickup a hobby. He urges her to put herself out there and one day she'll find someone new. The new surgical resident Logan arrives and learns Madison is no longer seeing Ryan. Frankie leaves them alone to get to know each other, but Madison is distracted by thoughts of Ryan. Jesse, Brot and Natalia sit at another table, where Jesse learns they have been dating. They assure him nothing came from it and Jesse is glad to hear it or else he would have to transfer one of them out of the department. Jesse tells Brot to go back to the courthouse and then tells his daughter she and Brot are too valuable to give up, but he also points out that she is married to her job. Jesse gets a call learning where Ryan and Greenlee are. He then points out Natalia spends all her free time at the station, but if she enjoys that it's cool. She tells him it's not because she wants a relationship like Jesse and Frankie have. Jesse wonders why it's so hard for her to admit that. He wants to help her get over being scared because she is incredible, brave and intelligent. He wants her to take the risk and share her big heart.

    Madison visits Frankie at the hospital and tells him Logan was great, but he's not Ryan.

    Con Men And Grudges.

    Thursday, October 28 2010

    Liza and Damon walk into ConFusion and see Nick. Liza talks with Nick and pretends to drink with him, but she secretly pours her drink out in a plant. A drunk Nick hits on her and tells her how he was fired from a job. Liza gets more information out of Nick and tells Damon to sober Nick up and get him to the courthouse. Elsewhere at ConFusion, Madison calls Frankie to meet her. She tells him about Ryan and Greenlee. She was so sure she found someone to love who loved her back. She wonders how she could be so stupid. Frankie consoles her and vows to be there for her.

    It's The Dehydration Talking.

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    Damon brings a resistant Liza to the hospital after he found her almost passed out. She insists to Frankie she's just stressed over her case, but she also mentions some migraines and then almost faints. Liza is admitted and Frankie tells her she's dehydrated. He wants her to rest, but she gets agitated saying she has a lot of work to do. Frankie insists she stay at the hospital and she makes him promise not to tell anyone she was there. Frankie leaves and Liza notes her job is all she has so she has to get a conviction. Damon goes out and gets her some food and then Liza asks him to stick around to ward off any media leaks. Damon wants to call Colby for her, but Liza orders him not to because Colby will probably think she's just making it up. Damon looks sympathetic and lets Liza know he's there for her. She wonders why he's being so nice to her and he says it's his job. She thinks he's going above and beyond, but he likes it. She admits she was wrong about him with Colby and admires his dedication. He thinks the dehydration is getting to her, but she means everything she said. Frankie returns to discharge Liza and Damon helps her get ready to leave. Liza thanks him.

    Commitment Issues.

    Tuesday, October 19 2010

    Brot and Natalia walk into Krystal's upon which Natalia claims they are not on a date. They are just two colleagues hanging out. Frankie and Randi enter to join them and Brot notes she just couldn't be alone with him. Randi tells them about a new campaign at Fusion about a perfume called "I do." Brot likes the idea, but Natalia is more disdainful as they talk about marriage. Natalia thinks there should be a companion perfume for women who don't want to get married called "I don't." As they talk, Natalia imagines her wedding day, but tells everyone she isn't sure about the perfume because she doesn't know if she can commit to just one. Brot grows serious and leaves for the station. Alone, Randi and Frankie talk about her career and how she wants to change her hair to keep up with the times. He tells her she's beautiful the way she is, but she is finally proud of herself and she wants to push this to see how far she can get. He assures her he can handle having an ambitious wife and then gets a call from the hospital.

    Junior Strikes Again.

    Tuesday, October 05 2010

    Jesse brings Angie to the hospital where she addresses some of the staff, including Jake and Frankie, to tell them she is still learning to cope with her blindness and she may need help on occasion, but she will run the hospital even better than she did before. Angie's coach joins them and Angie leaves with her. Jesse worries he can't help Angie and asks Jake for his assistance.

    At the hospital desk, Angie overhears Frankie handling Chief of Staff business. He was just trying to help, but she angrily tells him he has overstepped and will be reprimanded. They later meet up again in the lounge. She apologizes for what happened earlier, but she doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her.

    Jesse brings Jake back to his place, where he wants to experience blindness. He puts on a blindfold and walks around the room trying to memorize every inch of it. He then asks Jake to take him outside with the cane so he can experience that as well. After they've return, Frankie brings Angie home where Jesse tells her what he and Jake were doing. He says he learned the things that scared him don’t even faze her and calls her amazing.

    I Know Who You Are.

    Tuesday, September 28 2010

    Madison calls Frankie from Fusion to get his opinion on her vacation destination. She leaves a message, hangs up and turns around to find Randi glaring at her. Randi says she might be a better person to help her plan her trip than Frankie.

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