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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Christmas Miracles And Secrets.

    Tuesday, December 28 2010

    At the hospital, Greenlee learns Madison and the baby will be fine and then goes in to visit her. Madison thanks her for bringing her to the hospital. She admits that before tonight, the baby didn't seem real, but now that she could have lost it, she knows she wants her baby. However, she doesn’t want anything from Ryan and would like to just leave Pine Valley, but she can't afford it. Greenlee offers to help her find a job and an apartment in New York. Madison readily accepts because it's too hard to be around Ryan. Greenlee makes her promise not to ever let Ryan find out about his. Madison says she owes her for saving her in the park tonight, so this is their secret. Frankie and Randi rush to Madison's side and learn she wants to keep her baby.

    Christmas In Pine Valley.

    Monday, December 27 2010

    Frankie brings Angie to the station to wish Jesse a Merry Christmas since he has to work. Angie signals the rest of the gang, Natalia, Madison, Brot and Randi, to enter with a Christmas celebration for him. Frankie and Randi corner Madison who knows she has to make a decision about the baby soon. Toasts are made, but when Angie asks Madison if there is anything she's thankful for, she just says she has to go to Kendall's and leaves. Everyone disperses and Angie tells Brot and Natalia she can tell they are together now so they can drop the act. Jesse assures them they can fess up and he won't transfer either one of them. They smile and admit they are dating and quickly make their exit, as Angie and Jesse celebrate the holiday with a kiss.

    Back In The Game.

    Tuesday, December 21 2010

    Madison hightails it to the hospital and tells Frankie Ryan found out she's leaving town, but she didn’t tell him about the baby. She says there's no good way to tell someone who is in love with someone else, "Hey, guess what? I'm pregnant. WooHoo!" Frankie says, "I'd leave out the WooHoo." Madison then runs into Ryan and the doctor he got for her. Madison tells Ryan to stop hanging on to her because of his guilt. Ryan just wants to help, but Madison wants Ryan to leave her alone and let her stand on her own two feet. Later, Frankie finds Ryan after talking with Madison. Frankie orders Ryan to stay away from her. Frankie walks away and Kendall calls Ryan because Spike, who misses Daddy Zach, needs him.

    Pulling A Madison.

    Monday, December 20 2010

    Madison finds Frankie at the hospital to tell him she plans to find a job somewhere other than Pine Valley. Running into Ryan and Greenlee all the time just makes her more confused, but Frankie reminds her she can run from Ryan, but she can't run from her baby. Greenlee walks by and sees them talking. Madison turns and walks away when she notices Greenlee staring at her.

    Be A Better Person.

    Thursday, December 16 2010

    Elsewhere at ConFusion, Madison expresses her fears about having a baby to Randi and Frankie. She knows the clock is ticking and that she has to make this decision on her own.

    Greenlee meets with Frankie at the hospital and learns David's monitors are registering different readings. She assumes it means he could be waking up. Frankie can't be sure, but tells her she was notified because they have to tell the next of kin when there are any changes and then he gets paged away. Greenlee tells a comatose David Kendall hates her because of him so she will never be free of him. She sees his finger move and she calls for Frankie. Frankie returns to check David out and says medically there's been no change. Frankie leaves and Greenlee urges her husband to be a better person if he wakes up from this. She walks out and David's hand moves again.

    It's Been A Long Time.

    Friday, December 10 2010

    Frankie finds Madison at ConFusion, who isn't sure she should tell Ryan about the baby. He wonders what will make her happy. She doesn't know and until she does, she can't tell Ryan. She wants to take charge of her life, but Frankie reminds her the baby is Ryan's too. He urges her to think it over and get it clear in her mind. As Madison is about to leave, she sees Ryan who is picking up take out. As they awkwardly talk, the waiter hands Ryan his food and mentions Greenlee moving in with him. After more awkwardness, Ryan fusses over Madison's shoulder, but she gets irritated wondering why he has to be so wonderful. She reminds him he made his choice and they can't be friends, so he needs to leave.

    Lingering Questions.

    Tuesday, December 07 2010

    Randi and Frankie visit Madison at the hospital. Frankie expresses his anger towards Ryan for hurting her and he's not just talking about the bullet wound. Madison defends Ryan, but Frankie thinks she deserves better. Ryan brings Emma to see Madison. Frankie gives Ryan the cold shoulder and walks out of the room. Ryan follows him and tells Frankie he knows he hurt Madison, but Emma misses her and he wanted them to spend some time together. Back inside the room, Madison tries to explain things to Emma, who misses her. Randi leaves with Emma, as Frankie orders Ryan to keep his visit with Madison short. Ryan reenters the room, but Madison tells him to stop coming around because it's too hard for her. Ryan will always want what's best for her and leaves. Frankie returns to Madison and tells her she's pregnant.

    Scene Of The Crime.

    Thursday, December 02 2010

    Ryan returns to David's hospital room. He wonders aloud why he gets to live when so many good people die. He thinks he could take care of things right now if he just pulled out the plug, but he doesn’t want to be like him. Ryan would however, love for David to just give up, but he knows he will pull through. When he does, Ryan hopes David will leave Greenlee alone. Frankie enters the room and they discuss the evils of David Hayward and how they can't let him continue to wreak havoc on the people they care about.

    Dr. Delicious.

    Tuesday, November 16 2010

    Jake and Frankie go to the break room where Frankie asks him about his Doctor's Without Borders offer. Jake assures him he has no interest in leaving. Frankie offers to lend an ear if he ever wants to talk about his days in Africa and then they get paged away.

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