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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Kendall's Book Deal!

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    At the hospital Angie calls Cassandra to update her on Frankie's condition. She doesn't know much more than the night before but promises that Frankie will be fine. When she hangs up Frankie is awake and asks about his sister. Angie focuses on Frankie's problems. He tells her that she couldn't clear his airway because of a procedure he did on himself while in Iraq.

    Greenlee is talking to her publisher friend, who loves Kendall's book. She is very excited and gets ready for work. Aidan walks out and asks what she thinks she is doing - because she needs to go to the hospital. Greens says she knows she promised him but Aidan cuts her off because she didn't promise him - she promised Zach! He is very upset because Greens is listening to him and not paying any attention to what Aidan says. Greenlee explains that it wasn't Zach, it was how her health was affecting her. She kisses him and tells him she is sorry for not listening to him before. "You're up here now, with me and I care about you very much," Aidan says and offers to take her to the hospital. They arrive at the hospital and see Angie. They go over her symptoms and Angie suggests a new antibiotic treatment. Greens asks to see the other patient and Angie reluctantly agrees to take her in. Inside the room, Aidan recognizes Quinton/Frankie and talks to him. Greens doesn't remember him at all. Greenlee freaks out because of the trach tube in Frankie's throat; Angie says she may not need such extreme measures. She does want to admit Greens to the hospital, though, and asks more about the shelter and the woods where they were for all those weeks. Angie also asks for blood samples from Zach, Aidan and Kendall. Angie takes Greenlee out of the room and Aidan asks Frankie how bad this is. "Bad. Real bad," he whispers. Angie and Greenlee come back from her tests; Angie says she can't leave the hospital for the time being. Greens says she has to get to work because a publisher is stopping by. Angie says she can't go and leads them both to a private room for Greenlee. Aidan asks Greenlee what is going on at Fusion that Greenlee is so worried about. Aidan settles Greenlee into her room; as soon as he leaves, Greens sneaks out!

    Angie returns to Frankie's bedside and asks him what he was doing in the woods at the farm. He is asleep and can't answer. Angie swears to him that she will find whatever is wrong and fix him. She leaves his room. "God, give me the wherewithal to find it," she says in the hall.

    Will JR Help Krystal?

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    In Frankie's hospital room Angie asks why he didn't contact her or tell her where he was. Frankie apologizes and says he just needed some time to himself. Angie brings up his time in Iraq and asks why he couldn't talk to her or Jacob about it. "I get it, Ma, I get it," he says and asks about Cassandra. Angie tells him his sister is fine. Frankie has another seizure and Angie calls for help. Julia rushes in. Frankie stops breathing! Angie and Julia go to work on him; Angie finds that something is blocking his airway but she can't clear it. She does a tracheotomy on him! They stabilize Frankie and get a heartbeat. Julia and Angie officially introduce themselves. Angie asks about local viruses and blood screens; Julia says they haven't been able to connect Frankie's illness to anyone else in Pine Valley. Julia leaves to start on the blood work. Angie sits by Frankie's bedside and watches him sleep. Julia returns with the blood screen results. She found three similar cases but none are to the extreme that Frankie's case has been. Julia shows her one more file - Greenlee's! - and says her case is the only one they haven't been able to close. A while later Julia gathers her things to leave for the night; her wallet falls out of her bag and Angie sees a picture of Kathy. They talk about being moms and then Julia leaves. Angie returns to Frankie and promises him that she will fix whatever is wrong with him.

    Quinton is Frankie!!

    Monday, January 21 2008

    Julia comes into Quinton's room and Joe asks her to alert him when Dr. Hubbard arrives. They both leave and Quinton wakes up. He leaves the bed and gets dressed but before he can leave Julia walks in and makes him get back into bed. Quinton struggles with her and almost makes it out of the hospital room when he collapses. Joe returns and Quentin has a seizure; they manage to stop the seizure and Joe orders everyone to get out of the room; Julia won't leave. She asks Joe what is wrong with Quentin but Joe doesn't know. Joe calls Angie and asks her to come right over to the hospital. He then has Quentin quarantined and he and Julia are the only personnel allowed into the room. Joe says Dr. Hubbard is on the way and when Julia leaves tells Quentin that he has changed since Joe last saw him. He promises not to let anything happen to Quentin. Julia stays with Quentin while Joe goes to check on some other things. Quentin asks Julia about Dr. Hubbard.

    Angie arrives at the hospital and scrubs up. Joe tells her what he knows about the patient but she doesn't let him say much more and barges into the hospital room. "Oh my God," she screams when she sees Quentin in the bed. She rushes to Quentin's side, calling him Frankie! "Momma," he says weakly as Angie begins to cry.

    Tad and Krystal Renew Their Vows

    Friday, January 18 2008

    At the hospital Quentin asks why Aidan didn't respect his wishes to stay away from the hospital. Aidan says only that he needed help. Julia walks in and Aidan tells Quentin to play nice. Julia tries to get some answers but he isn't interested in telling her anything about his pain or his illness. Opal walks in. "Oh! It's you," she says, surprised. She thinks Quentin is a celebrity but he insists he is nobody. Opal is certain she knows him from somewhere, though. She leaves and Quentin has a severe stomach pain. He begins self-diagnosing himself and Julia wonders who he is. She pressures him to tell the truth but Quentin will only say that he picked up some medical lingo while he was in Iraq. Julia still doesn't believe him, especially because Opal was so certain she knew him.

    Joe arrives at the hospital, waiting for a "special colleague" to arrive. He chats with Opal for a second. His doctor friend calls and Joe sets up a meeting at the Valley Inn. He decides to see Quentin before meeting the new doctor at the Inn. Julia brings Joe a chart and he heads inside to see the patient. When Joe steps into the room he says, "I never expected to see you here!"

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