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    All My Children CAST - Frankie Hubbard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Frankie Hubbard Played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Cornelius Smith, JR (ABC)

    Real Name: Cornelius Smith, JR


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    Kendall Gets Her Answers.

    Monday, March 28 2011

    Frankie brings Randi back to Fusion so she can pick up some papers, but they get sidetracked in the elevator with a make out session, which turns more passionate as they slink to the floor.

    Madison Asks How High.

    Monday, March 21 2011

    In their studio, Madison and Scott go over baby names, but come up empty. Frankie stops by and Scott leaves. Madison tells Frankie Ryan knows he's the father of the baby, but nothing changes. She will still raise the baby on her own. Ryan calls Madison to tell her Emma wants to see her and asks her to meet them at the hospital. Madison hangs up and Frankie notes she's still jumping when Ryan calls.

    Frankie sees Scott at the hospital and brings up Ryan always pulling Madison back into his life. He then sternly adds he doesn't want to see anyone else do a tap dance on Madison's heart. Scott assures him he and Madison are cool. It's all about her baby and he doesn't want anything serious right now.

    Our Hunky Has To Be Dory.

    Monday, March 14 2011

    The Hubbards, Krystal and Brot gather at Krystal's to welcome Angie home. Brot tells Angie Natalia couldn't get away from work. Angie understands but expresses how family is more important than any job. She is touched that her baby will be surrounded by so much love. Krystal corners Angie noting something is wrong, while Brot does the same with Jesse. Both expectant parents admit they are a bit overwhelmed about the baby, but don't want to confess the truth to the other. Jake and Amanda enter the restaurant and welcome Angie and the baby home. Angie informs Jake she won't return to the hospital right away and asks him to remain in charge until she feels ready. Jake agrees and then Angie and Jesse ask the Martins to be their baby's godparents. Angie expresses how much they love them and note how Jake has been there for her since the beginning. They readily accept. Once Jake and Amanda are gone, Jesse and Angie discuss baby names and Angie suggests Ellie, after his mother. Jesse is touched and talks to Angie's belly welcoming Ellie Hubbard to the world.

    Drive Carefully.

    Friday, February 04 2011

    Brot announces his love for Natalia to everyone at Krystal's, as Frankie, Randi and Jesse walk in. They toast to Natalia's new job and Brot gives her his medal to take with her. He says it will keep her safe when he's not there. It symbolizes merit, bravery and courage. That's her because she stuck it out with him when all the odds were against them. Jesse tells Natalia she needs to come back every chance she gets after Angie has their baby. Nataila would never walk away from the best family ever or the most wonderful man. Jesse gets a call about Kendall and he leaves with Frankie and Randi. Natalia tells Brot she wants a picture of him by himself to put in a frame, but he isn't big of taking pics by himself. He gives her a photo from before he was injured. She calls him handsome back then, but the way he is now is who she fell in love with. She pulls out a photo of them together and says she wants to see his face every day when she comes home to her new apartment.

    Tick. Tock.

    Wednesday, February 02 2011

    Tad prepares for a guy's night out to celebrate Ryan's impending wedding at ConFusion. Cara walks in offering to help with his case, but Tad isn't very receptive. Jake enters as Cara tries to change his mind. Cara leaves and Jake wonders what that was all about. Tad catches him up and Jake tells his brother to keep Cara out of it. Ryan joins them, as does Frankie, who makes snide remarks. Scott walks up as Ryan tells Frankie to come out with it if he has something to say to him. Scott intervenes and sort of smooth things over. Scott and Frankie head over to the bar and then Madison enters. She sees Ryan, Jake and Tad toasting to Ryan's wedding. Ryan gets a call from Greenlee and learns about Kendall. He says he has to go and Ryan tells the bartender to call him a cab. Madison overhears and offers to drive him.


    Thursday, January 13 2011

    Randi and Frankie dine with Brot and Natalia at Krystal's. Randi sees Madison sitting by herself reading a letter. She walks over to her and Madison tells her Scott wrote to tell her he wants to see her. Randi is surprised, but then invites Madison to join them at the table. They walk over as Natalia and Brot go back to work. Madison tells her friends she's going to work for Kendall at her house. They think it will put her right back in Ryan's path, but Madison thinks she'll be able to handle it and says she's doing what's best for her baby.

    Burning Up.

    Wednesday, January 05 2011

    In the hospital hallway, Madison sees Frankie, who, after a confrontation with Greenlee, warns her not to trust Ryan's girlfriend.

    There's Always Tomorrow.

    Tuesday, January 04 2011

    Elsewhere at the hospital, Madison cries as she thinks about leaving and thanks Frankie and Randi for being good friends. They tell her she doesn’t have to leave.

    The Past Doesn't End At Midnight.

    Monday, January 03 2011

    Erica and Caleb bring Kendall to the hospital. Once Kendall is settled in her room, Frankie and Griffin tell Erica and Caleb that Kendall has pneumonia, which is putting a strain on her heart making heart failure and rejection a possibility. She is on antibiotics and is stable though. Erica needs a moment alone and walks away. Erica prays to her mother for help as Caleb tells her she can see Kendall now. Erica tells a sleeping Kendall she is sorry for their argument, but she's trying to protect her. Erica is asked to leave but Griffin promises to let her know if there is any change. Erica and Caleb exit the room, as Caleb informs her he called Bianca and Jack for her. Caleb then deduces that Erica didn’t shoot David, but Kendall did. Erica denies it, but Caleb says he can prove it.

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